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Sunset Hills Baptist Church is a small but growing bi-racial church that strives to prepare the believer to follow Christ - by worshipping in "Spirit and Truth".  To lead the believer to worship Christ through the Spirit in music and to feed the believers spirit through the teaching of the Truth of God's Word.

Our Mission in our Sunday Morning Worship Service (10:30am) is to:

  • Worship Christ through God's Word 24/7/365
  •  Apply Christ through God's Word
  • Teach Christ through God's Word
  • Exalt Christ through God's Word
  • Relate Christ through God's Word

Our Mission in our Sunday Morning Life Groups (9:30am) is to equip believers to:

  • Live for Christ in spite of circumstances
  • Tell about Christ in spite of feelings
  • Instruct your children in spite of weakness
  • Prepare families & individuals in spite of Satan's attacks

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