Episode 15: Aaron Burke

Tuesday, September 22, 2020


Episode 15: Aaron Burke

Welcome to Season 2 of OFF-AIR with Carmen!!


We're starting this season off a little differently. Aaron Burke, Pastor of Radiant Church in Tampa,  recently joined us on The Morning Cruise to give us his 10 Reasons why it's to your benefit to be un-offendable.  Since Aaron is my pastor, when I heard this message a few weeks ago, I decided EVERYONE needs to hear this Top Ten list!  It had such GREAT response (first as a sermon, then on the morning show), and so many asked where they could get all 10 reasons together, that I decided to make it my first podcast of this season.


Given the climate we're in right now, don't we all need to become a little more like Jesus--a little more un-offendable?


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  • Choosing to be Unoffendable Message
  • Decade Defining Decisions - Release the Offense Message




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