Beware The Snakehead Fish!

Friday, October 11, 2019

A Northern Snakehead fish was recently caught in a private pond in Gwinnett County. These fish are native to China and have no business in our fishing waters as they prey on bass, especially younger ones. The Georgia Department of Natural Resources has suggested the following:

  • Learn how to identify northern snakehead.
  • Dispose of aquarium animals and plants in the garbage, not in waterbodies.
  • Dispose of all bait in trash cans, at disposal stations, or above the waterline on dry land.
  • Dump water from boat compartments, bait buckets, and live wells on dry land.

If you believe you have caught a northern snakehead:

  • Kill it immediately (remember, it can survive on land) and freeze it.
  • If possible, take pictures of the fish, including close ups of its mouth, fins and tail.
  • Note where it was caught (waterbody, landmarks or GPS coordinates).
  • Report it to your regional¬†Georgia DNR Wildlife Resources Division Fisheries Office (

For more information about the northern snakehead, or other aquatic nuisance species, visit

This document has more information about the Northern Snakehead

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