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The most important thing about Jerry is that he is a Christian. He asked Jesus into his heart when he was 11-years-old. Raised in a Christian home, his dad was his pastor (and baptized him) until Jerry married and moved away from home to attend seminary.

That’s the second most important thing about Jerry; family. He’s been married to Teri since 1978. Together they have a son, Caleb, and a daughter, Kelsey. Caleb is married and has three boys of his own.

As far as professionally, Jerry has been a radio and television programmer for well over 30 years. The radio bug bit him way back in the 8th grade (which is longer ago than we’re willing to admit to). He played records and dj-ed on the school’s intercom system to a captive audience in the lunchroom at Memorial Junior High School in Fair Lawn, NJ.

He landed his first job in radio in 1979 in Wheeling, WV. Since then he’s worked at Christian and mainstream stations in Louisville, KY, St Louis, MO, Long Island, NY and here at The JOY FM in the Atlanta area. Jerry was also the first programming executive at what was then the Gospel Music Channel cable TV network.

When he’s not at The JOY FM or hanging with the family Jerry can usually be found on his motorcycle, probably on the way to a coffee shop.

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