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Hello there, I’m Kris .. (a.k.a – Kris P. Kreme).  I was born and raised in Florida. Enjoyed everything from surfing on the weekends, skateboarding every evening, and Music every Friday-Saturday night, to Fishing , going to baseball games, and just being a guy! For the most part I’m pretty normal. I have an addiction to coffee and nachos (not together) and playing guitar. I love to sing, dance, play guitar, and work at The JOY FM … truly they’re a second family.

I’m married!! Her name is Elisha Noel and she is by far the most amazing woman I have ever met. 

My favorite JOY FM artists: Jars of Clay, Shawn MacDonald, and Sarah Groves

Favorite TV show: NCIS, SYTYCD {figure it out ;) }

Favorite Colors: Purple, Brown, Teal, Maroon, and Black (even though it’s not a color)

Something I've never done: Never been tazed …

What I've been learning about God: His love, word, grace, mercy … never fails, and if we try don’t get Scripture, we might be complicating it ;)