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Our family is a Georgia Family, I was born in Macon and we raised our children in Columbus.  Now my wife and I live in the Fayetteville area of south metro Atlanta.  I'm the son of a rural pastor and was raised in church; however, it wasn't until I had a lonely, soul-changing experience on a remote highway between Macon and Savannah at 2 AM one morning that my true Christian journey began.  Since that time, God has supplied my testimony with one experience after another to draw me closer to Him.

At The JOY FM, I have the opportunity to share my testimony often in a non-threatening manner; but more often than not, you'll hear my passion when I talk about those who suffer so much more . . . our foreign brothers and sisters who face persecution and even martyrdom for their faith.

My work with The JOY FM has spanned almost 12 years, all of which has been focused on developing corporate support for the ministry and mission of The JOY FM.  I have over 20 years experience in radio and I've earned the Diamond Certified Radio Marketing Consultant and Radio Marketing Master certifications from the Radio Advertising Bureau.  My goal is to help businesses grow and I look forward to helping businesses just like yours.  I hope you'll allow me to do so!