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Show Highlights


The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: The Series

Yup, we have nearly enough videos of The JOY FM staffers taking and issuing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to sell the series to a cable TV network! Here are all we have (so far) in one convenient spot.

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The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Part 3

If we can keep this going through a few more employees of The JOY FM we'll have enough videos to sell them as a series to a cable TV network! Here's the latest, Sherry Cooper reacts to Jerry nominating her to take the challenge.

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The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, Part 2

Rob Langer nominated Jerry to take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, and Jerry accepted. Now Jerry has challenged three other employees of The JOY FM to dump a bucket of ice water on their heads to raise awareness of ALS. Those three are:

Dan Brodie

Benji Shepherd

Sherry Cooper

Here's the video of Jerry taking the challenge

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All Pro Dad Live

Today we had special guest Mark Merrill from All Pro Dad. The Atlanta area is coming up Saturday. Details are here:

All Pro Dad is part of Family First, which also has programs designed for Moms. Find out more at

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The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, Part 1

Bill Martin of The Morning Cruise took the challenge (along with Dave and Carmen) and then he challenged Rob Langer. Rob accepted and then he challenged Jerry Williams. Will Jerry accept? Keep watching this space.

Here's Jerry's initial reaction to being called out.

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