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Friday Funnies

This week we feature a bit from Thor Ramsey. Thor manages to tie most of his comedy routines back to a spiritual message, and this bit, "Hurry Up," is no exception. The video is below. We're not real sure what kind of fashion statement Thor was trying to make on this video, but it kind of looks like it may have been, "Help me!"



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Throwback Thursday: Rich Mullins

Today we feature the late Rich Mullins. In his too short life, Rich wrote some of the best loved, most literate songs in Christian music. We feature Here In America, from the 1993 project A Liturgy, A Legacy & A Ragamuffin Band.

Rich is perhaps best remembered for his songs Awesome God and Step By Step. For more information on Rich, check out Jerry's blog here.




Here's the video version of Here In America

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Grammar Police

Jerry launched a new series on his blog (and You Tube channel) just in time for yesterday's Dictionary Day. It's Grammar Police. Episode 1 is below. (It sort of takes the place of this week's Friday Funny, since Jerry has the day off.)

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Throwback Thursday: Steven Curtis Chapman

It may seem a little odd to be featuring an artist who is still actively recording and touring and experiencing substantial success as "throwback Thursday" artist. But Steven Curtis Chapman was around before many other artists who have already flamed out. His first project, First Hand, came out in 1987, 27 years ago! We didn't go back quite that far for the song we feature today, mainly because there weren't any video versions of those earlier works. So we present the video of the title track from the album The Great Adventure, which was released in 1992. 

Read more about Steven on Jerry's blog here.

Here's The Great Adventure video.

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Thursday Throw Back: Out Of The Grey


The husban/wife duo of Scott and Christine Dente, best known as Out Of The Grey, were Christian music's "It" couple of the 1990s.









Here's the video version of the song we featured on the air today. From the 1994 CD Diamond Days, this is All We Need.

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