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Jason Jamison Interview

Jerry interviewed Tenth Avenue North drummer Jason Jamison today. If you missed it you can listen to the interview on Jerry's website here.

Tenth Avenue North will be in concert on Friday 11/6 at Variety Playhouse in Atlanta. All the details are here.

Here's one of the band's latest videos:

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Our Final Pastor Of The Day

Pastor Randy Robinson of Steadman Baptist Church in Tallapossa, nominated by Kelly Chandler

Here's some of what Kelly wrote about Pastor Robinson, “Our church family at Steadman is truly blessed to have Randy Robinson as our pastor. Randy is passionate about seeing souls saved and encourages us to step out of our comfort zone and let God work in our lives. His sense of humor and enthusiasm for God's word is a delight to all who know him. He is the type of person who would literally give away the shirt off his back. I once saw him take off his own necktie and give it to someone (my son) who admired it. That sweet gesture is just one example of his kind, generous nature. Randy, his wife Lori, and their twin daughters Hannah and Brenna each sacrifice so much for our church and the entire community as well.” 

Special thanks to Peachtree City Eye Center and Cohutta Springs Conference Center and Resort for making our Pastor Appreciation Month possible.

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Our Pastor For Today

Pastor Allen Robinson from Evangel Temple in Lanett, nominated by his daughter, Elizabeth Robinson.

Here's some of what Elizabeth wrote, “My dad was called to be a pastor 11 years ago. He packed up our family, and we moved all on faith in God. Since we have been here, both of my parents have worked 2 jobs each to support themselves financially. They started a ministry called "Next Generation" for the less fortunate kids in our area to be able to learn about God and be fed and shown true love. No matter the financial situation, my pastor and father has shown nothing but faith and love. I believe that is what a good pastor consists of.”

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Tuesday October 27th

Today's Pastor- Randy Harris of Little Bethel Freewill Baptist, Ideal, GA

Nomination submitted by- Angela Hinton

Pastor Randy's story- Our Pastor is awesome!  Stands strongly on the Word of God and does not move.  Supports everyone he can.  He and his wife have taken in a child while mom got back on her feet.  Randy also gives his time.  No matter time of day you can always depend on Randy to be present.  Randy was the Lord and has a HUGE desire for the Word to be spread and lived.  Our family and church loves Randy and his mom, Connie.  Randy has had a lot on his plate this year, lost of his mother, father-in-law diagnosed with cancer, and so much more.  Randy desire a day of rest!

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Monday's Pastor-

Earnest & Dr. Sandra Tyler of Lovingkindness Ministries, Columbus, nominated by Keia Medlock

Their story- Our pastors are founders of our ministry and was asked to start a sister church. They have not received salaries in the 13 years they have been there. They bought the church van with their personal income and started the church with children in the inner city who were unchurched. They picked them up themselves and helped them get ready. They also took them to places and paid for the meals. They also had to teach them the fundamentals like sitting up and listening during the service. These children are grown with babies and they still come to worship occasionally and those who have joined the United States Armed forces always visit when in town. They look to our pastors as spiritual parents in the real sense.
The pastors never had an appreciation program or service, nor do they have a pastor’s aid committee. When a member asked years ago, they expressed that they did not want the focus on them. They take the homeless and mentally ill that are housed next door to McDonald’s each Sunday after church (Those who wish to go). They have loaned the church van to members to go to work and back and assists with electricity payments. While many churches do this, our pastors minister a small group of needy people and although they say assistance has come from the church, most of us figure it really came from them pitching in. There have been a couple of times, after service, the pastors told the members to follow them. It would be realized later that the field trip was to the ATM as they passed out $20.00 to each one just to be a blessing. They deserve this getaway.

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