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Crazy Faith


I had John Waller on the show today. His latest song, Crazy Faith, is featured in the new movie War Room, which opens on Friday 08/28. Be watching for a movie-clip version of the Crazy Faith video soon. Meantime, here's the official video version of Crazy Faith. 

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The Great Cawfee Taste Test


The Cawfee Tawk Crew is putting their money where their mouths are, sort of. It's the Great Cawfee Taste Test, pitting 3 different brands against each other in a blind taste test. You may be surprised at the results.

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Cawfee Art

It's the latest episode of Cawfee Tawk. Watch for our Cawfee Art to be available for sale soon.

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The video version of Storyteller by Morgan Harper Nichols with a little help from her sister, Jamie Grace.

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This is the official video of what is my current favorite song The JOY FM, Flawless from MercyMe.

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