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Friday Funnies


Two weeks in a row Jerry has remembered to play a Friday Funny. He must going for some kind of a record here! This week's funny is especially for anyone who has, or has had, a mom! So we figure this funny is for you. It's from Christian comedian Tim Hawkins.




Here it is, Have You Eaten?

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Throwback Thursday: Susan Ashton

She was all over Christian radio through most of the 1990s. Today we feature her 1996 hit You Move Me.

Read more about Susan on Jerry's blog.


Here's the video of You Move Me

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Friday Funnies


We kicked off a new feature on the air today; "Friday Funnies." And if Jerry can remember, we'll try and make it a weekly feature (no promises on his memory though). It's little comedy snippets by some of the funniest Christians we know of.

We kick it off with Jeff Allen and his classic "Happy Wife, Happy Life." You can learn more about Jeff on his website.


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September Saturdays In Douglas County


Saturday 9/20 and Sat 9/27 it's the annual September Saturdays Festival. We talked with Douglas County Director of Communications and Community Relations, Wes Tallon on the show on Thu 9/11. We'll have Wes back on the air as we get closer to the festival.

Get all the details on September Saturdays here.

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Don't Miss Jerry's Blog

The feed for Jerry's blog is on the lower left hand side of this page. We've also included it here for the time being.

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