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The video version of Storyteller by Morgan Harper Nichols with a little help from her sister, Jamie Grace.

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This is the official video of what is my current favorite song The JOY FM, Flawless from MercyMe.

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Announcing Christmas In July:

Beginning Monday 7/20 Jerry will feature a "Christmas Song of the Day" every weekday between 10 AM - 3 PM. That's your cue to call in and win a JOY FM Christmas Music Prize Pak. And if you have The JOY FM smart phone app you'll get bonus chances to win. And listen all weekend, beginning just after 7 PM on Friday 7/24 for our Christmas in July Weekend. All the details are right here.

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Cawfee Tawk (Coffee Talk): Blue Mountain Coffee

Rob Langer recently returned from a mission trip to Jamaica, and he brought back some 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee. We had to shoot another episode of Cawfee Tawk featuring this wonderful brew!

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It's MLB Jersey Day

Today you're supposed an official Major League Baseball team jersey. Rob Langer and Jerry were only too happy to comply. Benji Shepherd on the other hand...let's just say that Benji is something of a non-conformist.

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