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New Prayer Time Page

To make it easier to find the scripture references we share every day during Prayer Time we've created a new page with links to each day's Prayer Time event. Just click the Praying Hands picture to the left to get there, or click HERE.

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Prayer Time References for Week of 04/04/16

To find the scripture reference we share with each day's prayer time, simply click on the date below.

Mon 04/04

Tue 04/05

Wed 04/06

Thu 04/07

Fri 04/08

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There have been some changes to the You Version App and "Live Events" function that we've been using for daily Prayer Time. Here are links to the information for upcoming Prayer Times, just click on day/date to go to that day's Prayer Time page which will list the scripture reference and what we'll pray about each day.

Tue 03/22/16

Wed 03/23/16

Thu 03/24/16

Fri 03/25/16

Mon & Tue 03/27 - 03/28 Rob Langer will be filling in for Jerry

Wed 03/30/16

Thu 03/31/16

Fri 04/01/16

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Jerry Interviews: Winter Jam Artists

Every day this week Jerry will talk with one of the artists who'll perform at Winter Jam. Listen for the interviews at around 10:45 AM. Here's the schedule:
Monday- Billy Goodwin of Newsong

Tuesday- Lauren Daigle

Wednesday- Matthew West

Thursday- Luke of For King And Country

Friday- David Crowder

And in case you miss any of them, Jerry has the audio on his website here.

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2015 Recap

Did you miss any of the artist interviews Jerry featured during 2015? Like tobyMac, Bart Milliard or Colton Dixon? You can hear them again PLUS see videos from those artists on Jerry's website here.


You can also catch up on The Curmudgeon Files here and Cawfee Tawk here.


Happy New Year!

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