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Prayer is a very important part of our ministry at The JOY FM. We pray for your needs each weekday. Note: Prayer requests will be approved and posted within 24 hours on weekdays.

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Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 04/13/2015 11:55:40 AM

May the Lord Jesus immediately & permanently bless, protect & strengthen Sarah & Cody's relationship together & future marriage together. Lord, let Sarah & Cody be united & 'one', in every way, now & for their lifetime. Let Sarah & Cody completely fall in love with each other, every day. Jesus, NEVER let Sarah & Cody forget the love & passion they've had for each other since day 1. Lord, NEVER let the devotion, romance, & agape love they have for each other die nor dull & by God's grace, let it grow daily, consistently & permanently, & be sustained & protected by Christ, both now & forevermore. Lord, deliver them from every evil, temptation, seduction, lie, person & thing not of You, God Almighty. Let them always & only have eyes for each other, bless them in every way, let them never be led astray from each other & let them never be led astray from God. Let Cody and Sarah actively,daily,consistently and permanently, pursue each other in love & devotion, through & in Christ our Lord, all of their long, healthy, happy, romantic, faithful, devoted, loving, cherishing, fun, wise days. Let Cody lead his wife, Sarah, & their future kids in Christ for all time. In Jesus Name, we pray, Amen.

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 04/12/2015 8:32:40 PM

I contact my supervisor about returning to work after extensive sick leave after being diagnosed with a serious mental illness. I am afraid....that i cannot do it and i really need the comforter's comfort. Also that my parents accept the person i have chosen to love.

Prayer Request

Lonni posted on 04/12/2015 1:03:19 PM

My husband and I have been trying to conceive unsuccessfully for a little over a year now. We are to the point where we are begging the Lord for the blessing of a child, or at least the confirmation that now just may not be the time but that we will be able to have a child.

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 04/12/2015 12:18:52 PM

Please pray for me. Today is my birthday and I am more depressed than usual. Depression has become the norm for me. I have been alone for many, many years and God doesn't seem to want that to change regardless of how much I pray or praise. I feel like God is requiring me to be someone other than he made me to be before he lifts a finger. I know I do not see or hear Him clearly but I am under constant attack and He seems to be OK with that. Maybe He will listen to your prayer for me. I want to be the man God wants me to be but I don't know who that is. I desire a true woman of God to be at my side and grow together in our relationship and be an example and encourager to others. I prayer God would help me find a new job that would meet my financial needs and grant my the time off I need for church and to develop relationships with other people. I am not in a good place, at all. Please pray for me that God would protect and encourage my heart, mind and spirit. Thank you so much and may God Bless you and your families.

Prayer Request

Peggy posted on 04/12/2015 08:29:30 AM

I am a nurse at PNH. We have an doctor in dyer need of a bone marrow transplant and without a match, he has just months to live. His name is Dr. William Dablah. His story has been featured on Channel 2 News, and in the Times-Herald. He has two children, and he is one of the best doctors I know.

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 04/11/2015 12:07:41 PM

please pray for my family there is a woman on facebook that keeps making up facebook profiles and messagening really hateful and madeup stuff about my mother its been going on since she remarried after 25 years of being single and raising her 4 girls now my mom is with after being on the road bc her husband is a truck driver her health is bad and now she is in the middle of loosing her house she has no car and im so worried and now her husband is not talking to her just dropped her off i dont understand we have no idea who this who is attacking my mother through all her friends list i dont know what to do please pray for us my mom was so happy she is 55 yrs old thank in Jesus name amen

Prayer Request

cedric white posted on 04/11/2015 11:30:40 AM

Lord let not my heart be troubled; prayer for myself and cousin J.C. let not his heart be troubled

Prayer Request

mdb posted on 04/11/2015 07:55:23 AM

Peace of mind and deliverance from fear.

Prayer Request

Panay Owens posted on 04/10/2015 11:00:35 AM

My husband Jack had a biopsy of a "mass" on his inner thigh yesterday & should receive receive results if it is benign or malignant in a couple of days. Please...please pray that their findings are benign and that our Lord Jesus heals him! He is also going through some other issues, i.e. knee & hip pain which the doctor is saying is not related to this unknown mass. Thank you and GOD BLESS all of you including the 93.3 radio station & Crew members which I cherish very much!

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 04/10/2015 10:26:46 AM

will be in court today for my divorce of 15 years. waited for 4 years to try to safe my marriage but now today its going to happend, so i ask for strenght and like a bandaid a "fast" procedding in court today in my favor after all he was the one that left me for another women.