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Prayer is a very important part of our ministry at The JOY FM. We pray for your needs each weekday. Note: Prayer requests will be approved and posted within 24 hours on weekdays.

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Prayer Request

Melissa posted on 05/18/2016 5:47:13 PM

I have a son that's wants to be transgender and was going to church now he doesn't believe in God, the devil is really working on and my family and I just dont know how much more I can handle, all I need is my child to be my son

Prayer Request

Marcy posted on 05/18/2016 09:25:33 AM

Please pray for my brother in law, Tony. He just found out he has tonsil cancer and will be going to Orlando next week for surgery. He does not know how extensive the surgery will be yet. Thank you

Prayer Request

Debbie Burnett posted on 05/17/2016 9:24:18 PM

Prayer for healing of my mind, and my body, and my strength to grow deeper in the Lord. Prayer for my kids Kiera 18, Galisa 27 Daniel 29. and Jahmel 33 that they would seek God and find Him

Prayer Request

Rebecca posted on 05/17/2016 8:01:38 PM

Please pray for me.. I'm really depressed about life. I am overwhelmed with so much stress and can't find the way out. I have had thoughts of not being here anymore. Thank you Amen

Prayer Request

Scott posted on 05/17/2016 12:21:24 PM

Please pray that God will heal and restore my marriage. That He will soften my wife's heart and open her to forgiving and loving me again. Please also pray that He will continue to mold me into the man He desires me to be.

Prayer Request

KIM posted on 05/17/2016 10:42:17 AM

Pray for my family, to help them find their lost faith in our heavenly Father. Pray for the hate and regret fear and confusion to be released from their spirits'... pray for comfort and peace to my family in South GA due to the loss of a very special them to understand that we should be rejoicing.

Prayer Request

Carissa Shuman posted on 05/17/2016 08:40:57 AM

I know a child who attempted suicide. I think that she and her family are in need of as many prayers as they can get. Please pray for them that whatever the cause will be revealed and that peace will prevail.

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 05/17/2016 07:21:17 AM

My sister's marriage is not doing well. She has three beautiful children that are getting caught in the fray. My parents and I are devastated. Please pray for God to intervene. He is the only one that can change her and her husbands hearts.

Prayer Request

Arnale posted on 05/16/2016 9:38:42 PM

I had my son who went to Air force basic training last Wednesday May 11 at San Antonio Texas, his name is Perry Exavier and he call to asked to prayed for him because it"s very hard.

Prayer Request

Rebecca Stewart posted on 05/16/2016 11:01:53 AM

Please pray for my 17 yr. old grandchild. She is troubled and in rebellion. It's been a really difficult year for she and her family and her mom, my daughter has been very sick. There has been tremendous loss and upheaval. She needs Jesus and direction.She is choosing wrong ungodly paths and people. Kristen and my husband are going on Appalachian Trail for 2 weeks in June. I pray that this gives her a "reset" and get away from her bad life choices and wrong people and get to Jesus, before she ruins her life.