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Prayer is a very important part of our ministry at The JOY FM. We pray for your needs each weekday. Note: Prayer requests will be approved and posted within 24 hours on weekdays.

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Prayer Request

Heather posted on 08/05/2014 1:05 PM

Please pray for God's mercy on my family and to allow my husband to return home quickly to me and our children. Please pray for God to protect our children's hearts while their daddy is away. In the name of Jesus we ask that our family be restored and that God's will be done in our lives. Thank you.

Prayer Request

David posted on 08/05/2014 12:59:51 PM

Calling ALL PRAYER WARRIORS! Baylee Dunn needs are prayers, she visited our Park, I know her Grandmother. She is about 800 miles away in a hospital, please STOP for just a moment and lift her up, let's be Spiritual Hero's for her. They don't know what is wrong with Baylee. -David 👼

Prayer Request

Jane and grandsons posted on 08/05/2014 08:53:27 AM

pray that I can keep my grandsons in Lafayette Christian school. I can't can't can't put them in public school....for every great teacher there is 5 who could care less in public school. They have been at LCS since pre-k and my husband and struggle so hard to keep them there. Also pray their mother finds a job, she hasn't worked in over a year. We have custody of the boys since they were born. Biggest request is that she finds the right road to Christ instead of this meandering around she has done for the last 6 yrs. Christ's blessings on all of you thank you. Amen

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 08/04/2014 7:13:08 PM

Please pray for my brother and my friend my parents and me.... We are under major spiritual attack. please pray for deliverance and for spiritual and whole healing and restoration.

Prayer Request

Leonard posted on 08/04/2014 6:39:40 PM

Please pray that "Gods Will" be done in our marriage,and that my wife finds peace and happiness in her heart as a result of His Will!

Prayer Request

Jodi posted on 08/04/2014 1:34:16 PM

Please pray for my son and me. I lost my job in March I haven't been able to find a job and the unemployment is about to run out. Also my son is going through many changes and is about to enter middle school. Please pray for him as he goes through this stage of his life.

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 08/04/2014 11:06:30 AM

PRAISE! I have submitted a couple of requests because my husband lost his job about 3 weeks ago and I was in complete panic. He got a good job offer this morning! Thank you so much to everyone who prayed for us. GOD IS GOOD!

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 08/04/2014 10:30:22 AM

I am considering a new job offer. I need guidance and peace with making the right decision. I know I have to give an answer soon and I am going in circles.

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 08/03/2014 10:53:56 PM

Greg is a loving, sweet hearted husband, father, grandfather, brother and son. He has had a drinking problem for years but has never been able to make changes that he so desperately needs to make in his life. Last week he passed out and hit his head. He woke up in a pool of blood and was transported by ambulance to the ER. The ER doc just treated the cut and released him and nothing was done about the fact that his blood alcohol was three times the legal limit because he wasn't driving when it happened. However, he is finally admitting that he has a problem. PLEASE pray that he will have the strength to seek treatment before something worse happens.

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 08/03/2014 6:08:11 PM

Requesting prayer for my stepmom,my dad, and our family. We found out Friday that she has cancer, bone cancer, and has lesions in her spinal cord. She's young, early 50s, and this has floored us. She is unable to walk now. She is in the hospital and will go to a short term rehab in a couple days to see if she can walk again, or at least be functional. At this point, it doesn't look like any treatment will take the cancer away, it may slow it down though. My hope is that she is able to come home at will at least be able to function well enough to be home. My poor daddy is trying to hold on and keep going but he is about to break down, and has moment of doing so. I just want him to keep his best friend by his side. Please pray for her and my dad.