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Prayer is a very important part of our ministry at The JOY FM. We pray for your needs each weekday. Note: Prayer requests will be approved and posted within 24 hours on weekdays.

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Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 04/28/2016 06:37:20 AM

Please pray for my father, my sister, and my stepmom. My sister is 21, has a 1-yr-old son, and has been living with my father & stepmom since the baby was born. She's not getting along well with the family and emotions are high. Dad went to our church for counsel yesterday and it was decided that it was time to nudge my sister out of the nest and have her take on independence, as well as move out by Oct. 31st. The staff member at church offered to help present this information to her, and I strongly recommended that all three of them meet with him and just put every hurt and emotion out on the table so they can re-build the relationship and start to move forward. Please pray for wisdom and protection for all involved. We fear that my sister may make a decision out of anger that will push away those that love her and possibly put herself and her son in a bad situation. Thank you!

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 04/28/2016 05:47:57 AM

Pray for my Daughter that she will get a transfer from Walmart in Alabama to Walmart in Mississippi so her & her son can be close to family.

Prayer Request

Lita Taylor posted on 04/27/2016 8:14:47 PM

Prayer request for my daughter Meagan...who is detoxing herself from meth addiction...may God see her thru this one day at a time as she becomes clean from this awful disease & the power of God & in the name of Jesus..may she be healed & follow the path God has planned for her life

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 04/27/2016 1:51:34 PM

asking for prayer for the out come for my son. He has been punished for 11 years for something he didn't do. It is in the hands of the supreme court . We are trusting the our Lord Jesus for his freedom. This has been so hard my heart aches for my son. depression is real. Thanks God Bless you all.

Prayer Request

bmr posted on 04/27/2016 1:33:12 PM

Pray with me that CODY will keep his commitment to remain here and not to be swayed by a manipulative friend to move to Texas. I pray for God's will for Cody in the name of Jesus! Cody is now hedged into God's will, Cody is strong & courageous, Cody will speak in The Holy Spirits FIRE, WITHOUT fear, WITHOUT HESISTATION, WITHOUT being shaken or moved, in Jesus Name! I DECLARE IMMEDIATE INTERCESSION FROM JEHOVAH EL QANNA IN THIS NOW! and I have faith ITS DONE NOW, in Jesus Name, I proclaim this done NOW!, Amen , all glory to God!!!

Prayer Request

Johnny Rooker posted on 04/27/2016 01:30:03 AM

My sister Charlotte is in the hospital on oxygen and she has COPD. Asking for God,s healing and a complete recovery.

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 04/26/2016 7:03:41 PM

Prayer warriors, please pray.One of my students found a gun this morning and accidentally shot himself. He did not survive. His parents are devastated. They need prayers of peace and protection!!

Prayer Request

January Collier posted on 04/26/2016 4:36:50 PM

I am asking God to forgive me for my sins and wrong doing. My family is growing apart because of me and my husband not getting along. I love my husband even though I feel that he doesnt love me back. we have been together 14 years and married going on 12 we have three beautiful children two boys and one girl 5,7,and 8. My husband is so disrespectful and says ugly things to me on a daily basis so we decided that we couldnt continue to be married and that we need to be co parents in two different location. I applied for an Habitat home so that my children could have their own room and a back yard to play in. I dont make alot of money working in retail so I ask my husband if he could help me financially because I dont make enough money for me to qualify for the home on my home he told me that he would mot help me because I wasnt going to hold up his life anymore. I put in a request at my job to work over night so that I could work enough hours to meet the qualification for the home and that request have not went through as of yet. I am asking God for favor to open up door so that I can be independent and be a good mother to my children and give them a good child hood and to provide me with more than enough to take care of me and my children. I also ask god to forgive my husband for his wrong doings and change him for the better and make him a better person and father. Only God can open up the door I just need some help. Thank you father for everything that you do for me everyday and that you are a blessing in my life. Thank you

Prayer Request

Michelle Abney posted on 04/26/2016 12:54:24 PM

Some very close friends of ours lost their son, Matt, last night in an accidental overdose (he leaves behind a wife/daughter). Please pray for the family! His parents are in their late 70's & early 80's so I am terrified what this is going to do to them. :( He also has three brothers and a sister who are in mourning. Thank you.

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 04/26/2016 10:47:50 AM

Please pray for 15yr old and his 2 sisters. One older and one younger. Their mother is wanted in Georgia for credit card fraud. They home has been seized and mother moved to Florida with a man who is also wanted. The kids father is unemployed and lives with a fiancee that doesn't want the kids. The mother came up from Florida a couple weeks ago and took the kids to Florida for supposedly a short visit. She now has them enrolled in school there and won't bring them back. They are in a very bad environment, mom is still doing the credit card thing and the man is a convicted felon out on parole and is using the mother in a bad way. Her son is my granddaughter's friend from school and is a sweet, sweet boy. He and his sisters are very upset and confused. There is his mom, her boyfriend, my granddaughter's friend and his sisters and a couple others in a one bedroom apartment in Florida. Please pray for God's mercy and provision for those kids.