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Prayer is a very important part of our ministry at The JOY FM. We pray for your needs each weekday. Note: Prayer requests will be approved and posted within 24 hours on weekdays.

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Prayer Request

Pete posted on 10/07/2014 7:24:55 PM

Please pray for a miracle: the romantic reconciliation of Aubrey and Pete. Please pray that God restores the love and happiness they once shared and brings them back together as a couple soon. Thank you!

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ronna reese posted on 10/07/2014 11:54:43 AM

I am afraid that I will lose hope, belief, and I am still hanging on to the edge as best as I can. 93.3 is what is keeping me there.

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 10/07/2014 12:17:11 AM

Please pray for this girl names Megan. She goes to my school and is a freshman and she plays volleyball. A couple days ago she was in a bad accident with her mother and has been in critical condition since. She has been through many surgery's and Doctors say she paralyzed. They don't know exactly what is going in because she is still in a coma. The just told us that if she doesn't show any signs of improvement by tomorrow they are going to take her off of Life Support. She is in the hospital in Atlanta! I know that Doctors are very smart and knowledgable but only God knows the situation. I just want you guys to pray for the family, friends, and the doctors during this time. We are praying for a Miracle!! Thanks!

Prayer Request

beyond stressed posted on 10/06/2014 8:34:03 PM

Please pray for my family. Struggle on so many levels. I know we're blessed. I just wished things was better. I work two jobs , take night classes to try to better our selfs but it seems like every time we take a step forward we take 2 steps back. My husband is great with the kids but isnt very supported of so stressed. It's like there no way out. I feel as if im working for nothing.ive been teaching my 4 children about God. But my husband I dont feel he's ready for heaven so ive been really pushing God on himband he gets mad if I keep talking to him about God. So im stressed in all the ways possible. Please praybwe get up on our feet and for my husband to find God in his near future.

Prayer Request

ronna reese posted on 10/06/2014 5:35:22 PM

My little sister is starting to be a "selfish brat",which my mom calls her.I hope you pray that she would not be that way and that she wouldn't be a kinda girl that thinks she needs all the attention, and stuff like that.

Prayer Request

ronna reese posted on 10/06/2014 09:23:42 AM

I am having trouble with a mission that God gave me,and I've been asking for help, but I don't get an answer. I'm losing belief and I hope you pray that I keep believing because I want to follow Jesus.

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 10/05/2014 9:35:56 PM

Please pray for my husband and me. We have not been married three months and he is speaking of a divorce.

Prayer Request

sherry posted on 10/05/2014 5:15:57 PM

I need to find a way to break away from a violent relationship.Please pray God protect me and my children. I need strength, wisdom, provision and a support system to help me and my children get away before we are completely destroyed...Please pray.

Prayer Request

troubled posted on 10/05/2014 02:53 AM

Please pray for my son, he is bipolar and has gotten his self in trouble, please pray that he will get a second chance because he was in the process of changing his life around. I recently found his dad who has not been in his life, they both need prayer. thanks to those who will pray for them both.

Prayer Request

Colista White posted on 10/04/2014 6:46:25 PM

Mrs. Freida Davis pain in her legs.need healing.