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Prayer is a very important part of our ministry at The JOY FM. We pray for your needs each weekday. Note: Prayer requests will be approved and posted within 24 hours on weekdays.

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Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 01/07/2015 4:01:31 PM

My husband has an injured back, he is having to do work that strains his back further and it constantly aches and hurts. I have lost my job, so that makes matters worse. We desperately need God to intervene in our situation and would greatly appreciate prayer warriors. Thank you and God bless you.

Prayer Request

Raphael C posted on 01/07/2015 2:50:20 PM

1) Need direction from GOD - YHVH, to either move back to Atlanta, GA or stay in Florida. 2) Need careers/employment since my wife and I recently married. 3) Bless the United States and Israel.

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 01/07/2015 10:27:53 AM

I am praying for a little girl who is 12 years old and had a brain aneurysm a few days ago. This little girl is amazing but still has a long road to go before fully recovering. I am asking that anyone who reads this up lifts her and the family. Jesus was already there by allowing this little girl to open her eyes and seeing her Mom before falling asleep. She has to be heavily sedated until she has the surgery next week. Uplift and allow our healer above to do this rest. In Jesus name...AMEN!

Prayer Request

Heather posted on 01/07/2015 09:57:35 AM

Please pray for Jesus to intercede for my husband. The devil is attacking him viciously and we need prayer for Jesus to be victorious and deliver us. Please pray for God's mercy and protection over our family and that the devil is stopped from hurting us any more. Let God's will be done. In Jesus name, Amen.

Prayer Request

Andrew posted on 01/07/2015 08:48:28 AM

Heavenly Father, if it be Your will please restore my marriage. Guide our paths, words and actions. Change our hearts! Please show yourself... save our marriage! Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven! Andrew & Brenda

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 01/07/2015 05:46:35 AM

Please pray for my sisters salvation, and that they are set free from any addictions, unforgiveness, and bondages. That they know and receive Jesus and are filled with his love and peace. In Jesus name amen.

Prayer Request

C posted on 01/06/2015 1:51:22 PM

Thank you all for the prayers, they are truly comforting and a blessing. On Sunday service I felt was directed at me and what I truly need to do. Honestly I have held onto the hurt from the past and in order to move forward in faith and for God to work I need to let go and let God. Church gave me more hope than I have felt lately and knows what I need to do in order for God to deliver my prayer. I still ask for prayers that God continues to break open her heart and pour my love and his love in her heart and show her we haven�t given up and here waiting for her return and loving her unconditionally. Ask for prayers that God brings out her love for me that I know she has but is buried by a lot in her life and to embrace that love. I ask for prayers that the negative influences and people in her life who say they love her and care but don�t push her daily and make her feel beautiful like she is daily to be taken out because she doesn�t deserve that. People may think I am crazy for believing what I do but that�s my Gift in faith and will continue to hope and believe God will bring us together. I thank everyone for the prayers and I will prayer for your requests and ask for God to answer them. God Bless you all!

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 01/06/2015 08:23:18 AM

Please pray for my 16 year old son as he begins to drive on his own. Please pray that he will always use good judgement and stay responsible when behind the wheel. Please pray that God will keep him out of harm's way and protect him from other drivers as well. Thank you for praying for him!

Prayer Request

Tammie posted on 01/06/2015 08:15:55 AM

Prayer for my friend Kenny. He will be going in for 2 back surgery's this month. He is in a lot of pain and depressed.

Prayer Request

Andrew posted on 01/06/2015 07:53:21 AM

Father, please end this storm within our marriage. The enemy has taken control for too long, I ask that you intervene and give us a season of peace, healing, growth and restoration. Reconcile our marriage, our love, our family and our home... give us back our happiness. Father, in Jesus' name please give ear to my prayer and end this trial today.