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Prayer is a very important part of our ministry at The JOY FM. We pray for your needs each weekday. Note: Prayer requests will be approved and posted within 24 hours on weekdays.

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Prayer Request

Stephanie posted on 06/20/2016 1:36:44 PM

My husband and I have been married for going on 2 years. We are both Christians but we are now going on 6 months of being separated... He doesn't put me first. And still doesn't to a lot of things. We are at a cross roads of divorce or making it work. I have given in so many time I must stand my ground this time. I need prayer for Christ to direct my path. I have been caught in this middle ground too long. We both need to be broken and put back together. Please pray for God to reveal to me and give me peace about direction for my life. And to quit calling my husband and telling him what I want and let God handle him. Amen

Prayer Request

Ashley posted on 06/20/2016 07:39:45 AM

In need of prayer for broken relationships. Prayer for a mom who needs Jesus..for children whose mother tells them untrue things about their father and his family...for a single father who is learning how to be a parent to his two children who he only sees every other weekend....for a boyfriend/girlfriend situation who need to be brought back together to Christ....for me to learn to be strong for my boyfriend who is going through a mess with his be patient and understanding of his situation...for his ex-wife...himself...myself and others to all be able to get along...for my boyfriend and his ex-wife to learn how to be good co-parents to their 5 and 6 year old boys.... and all the other things that the Lord knows that is going on in my life.. that I cant figure out how to put into sum everything up I guess I would say I am asking for prayer for broken relationships to be mended...for everyone to get along...and for everyone to be happy..for love...for joy...for peace...and for understanding...

Prayer Request

Terri Lira posted on 06/19/2016 10:27:11 PM

for my son Matthew out in Ca. He has gone through so much and we thought it was all over God has blessed him so much and things were finally becoming great, well the enemy is back the guy that got him in so much trouble (my son did nothing but because of the guy he got a felony and his record was clear)This guy got off completely free,. My son wouldn't talk against him because he was scared for me. So he was told if he didn't plead accessary after the fact he would get 35 yrs. So he plead and got the felony he did his 120 days and is starting his 16 months probation, while this guy is free nothing he has to do, Well they are still picking on my son now they say he has to go too court on July 6 because they forgot to add something to his mandatory supervised probation. he is doing everything they ask of him why can't they leave him alone. They can even come at 2:00 am and wake him up and search him and his house even though he works. It's horrible. God please help him, I will take all the sickness or whatever you want to give me just please protect my son. I have to have my 10th surgery Wed. I can't take this. MS diabetes, cancer twice and surgery after surgery. I will take it all for my son please I am begging you Lord Jesus please protect my son so I can see him again before I die, he can't come back till Sept.2017, in the name of Jesus please amen

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 06/19/2016 08:29:52 AM

After years of dating boys & young men as she's gotten older, my daughter has told me she is gay. I ask for prayers for her that she will see that this is not the life that God wants her to have. I pray that she finds within herself & what she knows is right and will leave this relationship she is in. I am praying that there is a godly man waiting to meet her & will find her & change this life she thinks she wants.

Prayer Request

Harry Greene posted on 06/18/2016 1:45:02 PM

I was diagnosed with an infection of my right arm bone which was told that bone is fractured. Because of the amount of pain I am in I won't be able to pay off the debt I have to receive my B.A. in Social and Criminal Justice. On July 5th I am going for surgery where they will have to remove the prosthesis. This will likely result in total use of my right arm.

Prayer Request

Gloria Barrett posted on 06/18/2016 09:44:31 AM

Lord Jesus daughter N needs a miracle,please intervene on her situation,grant her deliverance,healing with the drugs/alcohol addiction, and incarceration. go before her and provide the right people to help her. protect and keep her safe, open her eyes to see what she is doing to herself and to take responsibility for her actions. In Jesus name Amen,Amen,Amen

Prayer Request

a praying mother posted on 06/18/2016 03:49:32 AM

im a mother with a heavy heart my oldest son is married and expecting a baby he is truly blessed but i dont think he cares or sees it there is something thats turned him to a cold hearted person nothing seems to touch him i think the devils found a crack to get in and if my heart and gut are right he'll lose everything he has i myself lived with a cold hearted husband and there was someone else in the picture i dont know what to do or say and i know i cant fix it but i do know the man who can and im pleading for everyone to pray with me im so hearted broken and in need of answers please help me pray thank you to all those who will pray we need them desperately

Prayer Request

Mary posted on 06/17/2016 2:20:23 PM

Please pray for me for my business for God's blessings upon it in a mighty way; Very not good week so far; need major turn around in sales. God send the customers that will buy our things. Thank you

Prayer Request

ruth posted on 06/17/2016 2:08:53 PM

On April 25, I left for work and never went back home. I had been living with my then fianc´┐Ż who abused me sexually, verbally, and emotionally the whole time I lived with him. Now I am trying to finish moving out of his house today and face him in court on Monday when we have a hearing to grant or deny me a full protective order against him. I just pray for peace and comfort as I face the move, him being served with court summons and court on Monday. I feel so guilty about doing all of this.

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 06/17/2016 09:21:05 AM

God says be specific in prayer and I am asking that God provide for us $800 to cover our financial hardship right now with my bank overdrawn and always trying to catch up, please help us to sustain our financial status. I pray in Jesus Name. Amen