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Prayer is a very important part of our ministry at The JOY FM. We pray for your needs each weekday. Note: Prayer requests will be approved and posted within 24 hours on weekdays.

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Shonda McIntyre posted on 08/28/2015 07:40:40 AM

Morning, my name is Shonda McIntyre. My island of Dominica was hit by Storm Ericka. Please help me pray for the restoration of my country, my people, and my family. There are thousands of people we are in need of help. This station has blessed me over the years and I listen to it daily. Thank you. Sent from my iPhone

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Dona Banks posted on 08/28/2015 06:51:27 AM

I am a missionary teacher on the island of Eleuthera in the Bahamas but I am from Hiram, GA. (I listen to 93.3 online to get a home-fix!) We re in the path of Tropical Storm Erica. It looks like she will arrive around Sunday sometime. Pray for Erica to decrease in strength or just move away. Pray for the people who have already had to deal with Erica's destruction, pray for safety of those who are in her path.

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cedric white posted on 08/27/2015 10:23:09 PM

Lord I demand let not my heart be trouble; Prayer for Mother Angela I demand let her heart be troubled

Prayer Request

Sean posted on 08/27/2015 2:35:11 PM

08/27/15 Request for prayer from Sean in CA, USA Please pray for the Lord's grace / mercy / love, full household salvation, complete healing and good health (even His quick physical healing), good quality / enjoyment of life, peace / rest / comfort, financial help and support, safety and protection, and all that's good from God for: Israel, Jerusalem, the USA, the Body of Christ (all who belong to the Lord), and me (Sean) and all my family / relatives / loved ones and all who are with us. Pray that the Lord would physically, mentally, and spiritually heal and restore us all; forgive us of all our sins, write our names in His Book of Life, remove from us all our pain, sicknesses, infirmities, and afflictions; grant to us all our prayers, needs, and desires of our hearts according to His good will; deliver us from oppression, distress, fear, anxiety, all evil, and the Evil One; draw us to Him, and keep us safe and free in Him. Thank you.

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Anonymous posted on 08/27/2015 08:39:55 AM

My husband was feeling ill and we went to the clinic. They found that he was severely dehydrated and told us he needed to go to the hospital. A week later and multiple tests later they said it was caused by a nasty virus. We just received our first bill and insurance is saying they owe nothing because it wasn't "medically necessary" . The bill for the hospital bill alone is $43,000.00. We would appreciate prayers for guidance and for our Good God to show himself mighty!! Thank you.

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Anonymous posted on 08/27/2015 03:10:49 AM

Back on the night shift. Makes it alot harder on marriage that need's repair. Don't sleep much about 3 to 4 hr. And Lord I miss spending time with my kids.

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Misty posted on 08/26/2015 3:02:02 PM

I'm trying to get custody of my son. And my sons dad has tried to split up my marriage and tried to put my daughter in juvenile as well on false accusations. His dad was very abusive to me and I'm afraid he might try to hurt my son. So, now I'm trying to come up with 1200.00 for my lawyer in order to go to court so i can get my son. And i also have kidney problems as well and I've had surgery and my kidneys still give me problems. I pray every day about this. 9 years I've had these problems and it seems to get worse.

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Shelsea posted on 08/26/2015 1:54:18 PM

Healing on my right knee. Had surgery last Thursday and need all the prayers that I can get.

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Anonymous posted on 08/26/2015 07:16:03 AM

My family and I are losing our home and could really use some prayer. We have no where to go or even enough money to go if we had secured a place. My son is autistic and is getting assistance at his school so we're trying to keep him there. Thank you so much! God bless!

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 08/25/2015 4:59:22 PM

I am 20 years old and currently starting my sophomore year at UWG. I met this wonderful freshman girl at a family's ministry event. I have been talking to her every day for about 2 and 1/2 to 3 weeks now and just doing EVERYTHING I can to pursue her the way God would. I live in a men's ministry house so I have been able to get a lot of good advice and I have been fervently praying for favor if she is in God's will and seeking advice. I just have this ongoing struggle of all my past failures with relationships plaguing me and my on and off porn addiction. I get so easily discouraged with the slow progress of this pursuit even when things seem to be going well. There is always uncertainty and I feel like I am walking on eggshells because I don't want to scare her with my feelings, but I have not had someone to talk to for closure and advice for awhile. She is a godly girl, I have been getting along with her and her friends great! I am continuing to find out things I like about her. I am careful to not say I love her and not get my hopes up. I just want to get a chance to be with her without my addiction caused by negative emotions ruining my chance. I am trying so hard to be the best Godly man for her it is just so hard when no one else knows my complete struggle all the time. I have never had a successful relationship for varying reasons usually ignorance of some kind like how to be my best self around girls. I am going through this LONG process of pursuing the Godly way and hoping my addiction or ignorance or some kind of misled feelings doesn't make me fall flat on my face again when I get so hopeful.