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Prayer is a very important part of our ministry at The JOY FM. We pray for your needs each weekday. Note: Prayer requests will be approved and posted within 24 hours on weekdays.

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Prayer Request

Blaine perkins posted on 03/31/2016 4:15:52 PM

I'm just following up with my testimony I wrote. What if we knew as a kid what we would be as an adult, would we have better since, or a greater jolt, like life in the future, a flash, a lightening bolt, I don't wanna dash, but I have been told, a preacher I would be, a preacher I would become, if this is God's will then let it be done, I might be scared but I'd be sure not to run, for if he wants to use me I'd do it like his son, first thing first forgive me for everything I've done, because I've been there I was once young, doing things with friends not being strong, now I have a wife thought nothing could go wrong, cancer has hit, people tell me she doesn't have long, believing harder and harder as God pulls me close, whispering in my ear I tell you I froze, my dad by my side as I clean up my nose, cuz tears keep on flowing and God has chose, to put me thru a test on the day his son rose, my wife still lays here in a bed I'm asking him for help, could he be waiting on me its hard to tell, there's been so many times where I have fell. I ask God now to clear her pain but not to take her away from our family frame, but to be here with her kids and run and play, I trust him so much you'd think my tears were from pain, but it's cuz I believe he can raise the lame, it's been done before why not now, I'm on my knees to my master I shall bow, and keep praying that he'd cancel this cancer I shout, being told that the tumor couldn't be cut out, this is my story and I have no doubt, that this testimony is what its all about she'll be lifted up and on vacation in the next couple months you can call it recreation. The words keep flowing they keep coming out like going outside to turn on the water spout and in the name of Jesus I shout. Heal my wife she's my only spouse.

Prayer Request

Kari Meckling posted on 03/31/2016 10:08:06 AM

My mother needs some divine intervention in her life. She and my dad have been in a long, drawn-out custody battle, for their grandchildren, with my sister, Tauhni for what seems like our whole adult lives. To put it gently, my sister nor her husband are good people, and they are without God. My mother has a hard time with faith because she has been burned so many times. First, I ask for prayer over the horrible custody situation. But more importantly, I ask that my mother be truly saved by our Savior so that she might believe once again. Thank you, in advance, for your prayers.

Prayer Request

Monica Little posted on 03/31/2016 08:55:13 AM

My car motor blew up on my way home from work and I now have no car and maybe no job because of my car situation. I am trusting in that the lord will see me thru, but the worry is affecting me mentally and its hard for me to think.

Prayer Request

Julianne Mewborn posted on 03/31/2016 06:53:21 AM

A young man (20 years old) from my mom & dad's church has been missing since last Thursday. No one has seen or heard from him. He is here from West Virginia going to college and was getting ready to go on a mission trip with the pastor & another young man to India. Please pray that he will be found safe and that the Lord will be the comfort and peace, as only He can be, that his parents need right now.

Prayer Request

Cameron posted on 03/30/2016 9:39:17 PM

Please pray for me as I struggle with pornography. I've been struggling with it for 8 years now and I am battling for my freedom over sin.

Praise Report

Sheila posted on 03/30/2016 8:04:43 PM

I asked for prayer for my husband Richard as he was going through hernia surgery on March 29th. Praise the Lord, you did it!!!! He went through the surgery fine and is doing well at home. He has a good ways to go but with your continued prayer we know he will be fine. Thanks!!!

Prayer Request

Yvette posted on 03/30/2016 7:32:32 PM

Please pray for my family. I have two daughters and a grand son. My daughters are great. One is getting married in Oct. and the other is going to school the first of April. I need a financial blessing and really have no right to ask God for it I havent tithe for it and slip in my faith. But i listen to the Joy in the morning show and i love God I just don't know how to get back what He and I once had. I love him but I feel far from Him.

Prayer Request

Blaine perkins posted on 03/30/2016 3:37:39 PM

Hello Joy, my name is blaine perkins and I'm currently in heritage hospice on Marietta with my wife deidra perkins she is 34 and we've been here for 5 days she had 3 kids before I met her and we have 1 together, 3 years ago she was diagnosed with brain cancer she's had 2 surgeries and we took it for granted her cancer was in remission but it came back again and is inoperable, my dad has been driving back and forth everyday supporting us and we've been praying everyday. She has lots of friends and family who visit daily but I haven't left her side, i've been here night and day reading the bible to her and praying for a miracle, the nurses say their trying to keep her comfortable but I know she is in God's hands. I've been listening to yall for awhile the music keeps me going and helps my wife rest, she is still coherent and talks but they don't let her eat or drink much cuz she is aspirating at the moment. She needs all the prayers she can get. She is still young and she is a fighter and she is so awesome. If yall could announce this to all your viewers everywhere that would be awesome. I love you guys and keep doing what your doing, I wrote my testimony into a poem and if you don't mind imma send it in another text cuz its kind of long.

Prayer Request

Marcy Marlow posted on 03/30/2016 2:52:12 PM

Please pray that my son, Alex, gets the job he will be interviewing for on April 15 @ 3:00. Thank you.

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 03/30/2016 1:22:06 PM

Please pray that my young adult children and ex-husband's relationship will be restored. No one is speaking at this time and my heart aches for these relationships. Also, I'm returning to school to become a Physician Assistant and I have a lot of prep work to be done along with my daytime job. I need strength and wisdom to get the job done. Release the desires of things that are not of God because I don't want to be lost and I know God loves me. I want a hear like Christ. In Jesus Name, Amen!!