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Prayer is a very important part of our ministry at The JOY FM. We pray for your needs each weekday. Note: Prayer requests will be approved and posted within 24 hours on weekdays.

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Prayer Request

Jason posted on 01/12/2014 4:33:42 PM

God, please save my marriage, soften Mindys heart so that she can see me for the man I am becoming, please let her see me as the man I am striving to be, God please restore her love in you, our family, our marriage, and in me, please lead us to reconciliation, and restoration, please open a line of communication so that we can talk, and work on us. Please encourage her to go to some sort of intense counseling together to rebuild our marriage, God please draw us together. God please give me direction in how to fight for our marriage, and what I need to do, god please lead us down a positive path, please drown out the negative feeling she has, and the negative people that are talking to her with people who are positive, have a positive outlook, and people that want us to save our marriage, please watch over mindy and my girls, please make sure they are safe and healthy, please continue to fill my life with good people, please guide me in being a better father and husband, please lead me god in doing your will, please god help me with all of this, please tell me what I need to do to fight for my marriage, I cant do it on my own, god please deliver a Miracle to save our family. In Jesus's name I pray Amen

Prayer Request

The JOY FM posted on 01/10/2014 5:57:33 PM

A reminder for anyone struggling and in need of someone to talk to. We care about you; and most importantly God cares about you. We want to talk to you and we encourage you to call The JOY FM Prayer and Crisis Referral Hotline, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, at 877-800-PRAY (7729).

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 01/10/2014 3:30:36 PM

Please pray for Mark and Sciobhan, who lost their precious baby girl on December 11.(She was one month old) This is a difficult time of grief. Please pray for God's Love to be evident to them.

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 01/10/2014 2:54:59 PM

For Chris who posted last night about not wanting to live....PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE call the suicide hotline at 800-273-8255 or call 911. You may not realize it but there are more people out there than you think who care for you. God bless you.

Prayer Request

chris posted on 01/09/2014 8:03:41 PM

I have a real cry out for prayer, my dad died when he was 44, my birthday is in 9 days, I DO NOT WANT TO LIVE ANYMORE! I would turn 45 on the 18th of January. Ive been ALL ALONE for over 5 years. I grew up in church and have always been a Christian and believer but now I give up. ive been praying for all the hurt and emptiness to go away. I listen to focus on the family every morning and think its a great show but it just hurts me because I have no one and I will never have anyone, I give up and will probably kill myself on or before my birthday

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 01/09/2014 09:16:37 AM

Continue to pray for me and my family. I don't have the gas or money to get gas to get to work. Now I have a company who is issuing a bench warrant on me if I can't come up with $100. by tomorrow. Everything I had listed on the loan has been pawned. Jesus is my strength and I am holding tight to him.

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 01/09/2014 08:52:11 AM

Lord God I come before you today seeking forgiveness where I fall ever so short of your grace. Thank you Lord for all you have blessed me with on a daily basis and Lord I praise your holy name for your undeserving love you so graciously provide me. Lord I pray for all who may be going through heartbreak, illness, financial situations that are distracting them from you and seeking your perfect will to be done. As I see daily so many hurting from something I pray for your peace and joy to fill each heart!! Lord please help us to daily seek your face and be the light that you called us to be . Help us Lord during our weakness to do the best we can to reach out to others , forgive others, and to love as you loved us with the birth, life & death of your son Jesus Christ. Please remind me Lord to praise you under all circumstances for all I am and all I have belongs to you and you alone. In your most holy and precious name I pray amen.

Prayer Request

Brittany posted on 01/08/2014 11:13:12 PM

I need prayer because I start training for my job Saturday and for my dad who will be going on the Emmaus Walk in a few week. Also, my mom she is got a really bad cold and its gotten worse. My sister is in a terrible situation and she needs prayer right now for what she is in. I appreciate it all.

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 01/08/2014 7:19:47 PM

I'm in desperate need prayer for myself and my family. I'm the only one working and trying to keep the home together and make ends meet. Both my husband and son are on service connected medical disability. I have almost come to the end of my rope with their pain medication addiction. They run out of their medications well before time and have started purchasing off the streets. I can't believe that God wants me to live in these conditions. I want to just walk out but I have no car, no money, no gas and no other place to go. I'm trying to keep our home out of foreclosure by working with the mortgage company. I have had to bail my son out of jail several times and his bonds are being payed every two weeks and are up to over $1000. this past year. My husband doesn't see that our son is going through the same PTDS that he went through 15 years ago.

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 01/08/2014 1:24:01 PM

For COMPLETE VICTORY over my battle with anxiety. God has been faithful to show me through this time but I ask for complete restoration.