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Prayer is a very important part of our ministry at The JOY FM. We pray for your needs each weekday. Note: Prayer requests will be approved and posted within 24 hours on weekdays.

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Prayer Request

Lori Foss posted on 10/05/2015 9:31:38 PM

My twin sister is early pregnant and having complications! She has had a previous miscarriage and one that went to term! Please pray for this peanut in her belly and for peace like a river no matter what happens!

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Linda posted on 10/05/2015 4:32:07 PM

Healing prayers for friend in ICU with pneumonia .

Prayer Request

Rose Gaskins posted on 10/05/2015 11:49:21 AM

Hey, I really need and want prayer for myself and my husband. For myself I just want our GOD to send me in the right direction of a career for me. For my husband he needs prayer in his whole career state test studying, and passing. I also need prayer for our marriage all together. If you could please add me to your prayer list that would be wonderful. Hope that you have a fantastic day, and thanks...

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 10/05/2015 07:32:38 AM

Lamont and I have not spoken in a couple of days. I just want to talk to him again. Please pray.

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 10/05/2015 06:48:25 AM

Could you ask the Lord to please help anonymous, she has had her car towed after being pulled over for not having car insurance. She's unprivileged and broke and she needs help paying her car note with deadline being this week. Also, she needs shoes to have chance at securing a second job. Pray she wins big at the lottery as well.(I don't believe this request is wrong. He answered before 5 years ago and I changed two of the numbers/originally had 5/5. I only play when He lets me know when like He had that one time. I still can't believe He answered.) She rededicated her life this year and she's a good servant although she sometimes struggle with temptation. She deserves better and needs help out of the financially-troubled life. She loves God and needs a righteous-person's prayer. God willing, she'll survive and overcome. Thank you, be blessed (:

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 10/04/2015 9:52:21 PM

Father, I pray that you will go to Travis tonight and let him see how much I miss his friendship. Lord, take away all the hate between us and guide us back together. Lord, please talk to him tonight. I pray that we will talk again either thru a phone or a text. Life is to short to be angry with one another. Everything, is according to your will. Amen

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 10/04/2015 3:21:43 PM

for my son in law Cody to love & be devoted to my daughter, his wife, Sarah, like Jacob loved and was devoted to his wife, Rachel, in the bible. its says in genesis 29:20 that Jacobs love for Rachel was so great, years of pursuing her felt like days and in Song of songs 6:3 it says: I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine.- I pray this kind of love and devotion over my son in law Cody for his wife, my daughter, Sarah, for all of their days together. may they be long, healthy, happy, faithful, devoted, loving, united, selfless, giving, romantic, fun ,happy, prosperous,pursuing, whole, sound together, by God's grace. May they always be delivered from EVERY: evil, snare, temptation, ex, unholiness , adultery, liar, harlot, division, divorce, doubt and also delivered from: everyONE and from everyTHING that is NOT from our Lord God Almighty. Lord protect them in all their ways and may You always be at the center of their love and life together. Let Cody always actively , intently, lovingly, faithfully, joyfully, purposefully, continuously, permanently pursue Sarah, now and for good. in Jesus our Savior and King of kings Name, we pray, Amen. Hallelujah!!!

Prayer Request

Heather posted on 10/04/2015 10:58:53 AM

Please pray urgently for my family to see redemption win and our family to be reunited in the next month. We claim victory in Jesus and declare defeat over the enemy. We are thankful that God is in control and we trust His perfect plan. Please reunite our family Lord. In Jesus name, Amen.

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 10/03/2015 10:02:07 AM

Lord Jesus please grant N favor with the judge,public defender,DA to let go to a drug rehab of your choice, for a miracle and a divine intervention on N life. for the doors to open for N to let her roommates and other in the facility to lead them the Lord Jesus. for your word to be spoken by N to those who need it. In Jesus name Amen, Amen, Amen

Prayer Request

Julie Jones posted on 10/02/2015 08:52:29 AM

My dear friend Maria Matheson lost her husband to Cancer earlier this week and the funeral is tomorrow. Please pray for her and her family for strength, peace and comfort in the coming days.