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Prayer is a very important part of our ministry at The JOY FM. We pray for your needs each weekday. Note: Prayer requests will be approved and posted within 24 hours on weekdays.

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Anonymous posted on 08/15/2013 12:12:25 PM

Help me pray for a new start of a school year so that I could pass all my classes and to get more in touch with God.

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Peggi posted on 08/15/2013 11:59:55 AM

Please pray that God brings a job soon. I feel like giving up hope.

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Michele posted on 08/15/2013 11:38:20 AM

Please pray for my family as my fiancé is having a hard time finding steady work he gets odd work but we have a family and need stable work. It is causing our finances to get hard and I am trying to stay positive and not get upset I am looking to God to hold my hand through this and keep my heart soft. I know he has a plan and I am hoping he shows us soon.

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Anonymous posted on 08/15/2013 12:10:36 AM

Please help me praying for God's guidance to lead me to the right source to gain employment soon at my new location. Thank you.

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Caullin Frey posted on 08/14/2013 3:17:36 PM

Well my best friends brother died. He died by drowning and they found him in 15ft of water. And please pray for Kennidi, so please pray for her....

Prayer Request

Callie posted on 08/13/2013 1:49:43 PM

Please keep my family in your prayers. My 17 yr old cousin was killed by a drunk driver last night. His parents and brothers need prayers. Also prayers for their financial situation with all of his final expenses.

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 08/13/2013 10:33:06 AM

My son has a social security disability hearing today in downtown Atlanta. He is 100% unemployable disable with the military but social security has turned him down 3 times. He has had to hire an attorney.

Prayer Request

Terry Lewis posted on 08/12/2013 10:09:40 PM

hi,ive never done this befor,but here it goes,i need prayer for me and my family,weve been striggling along time now financialy and it seems like its just getting harder and im affraid where about to loose our home,im looking for a job,but its hard to find one,and here lately i feel like i have the weight of the world on my shoulders,i feel like i cant even breath,like my heads in a vice and someone keeps turning on it,and,to be honest its realy been stretching my faith very thin,thing is,i havent been praying and talking to god like i should,and i know i need to,but its just been very hard on me,i feel like im falling apart inside,but i just keep it to myself,but it is just so hard,so,i ask you guys if you will,please pray for me and my family,im mmarried with my wife cindy and our daughter emily,i would greatly apreciate your prayers,i need my strentgh renewed and hopefully i can keep hanging on,

Prayer Request

Becky Vallery posted on 08/12/2013 7:32:07 PM

I am asking for prayer for all my kids. I have several kids I "adopted" as my own, and love them so much. I wish I could do more for them, but God knows with my job situation, it only allows for so much. I have a job, and I thank God, but it does not always pay all the bills. I am about to go back to college to pursue more classes towards my degree to enable me to support all my kids. I get stressed out sometimes because there is so much on me, and I know God will not give me more than I can handle, but sometimes it feels like the world on me, and I feel so overwhelmed by it all. I realize that once I get my degree, I pray I get a job in the field I go into. I am a CNA, trying to get a nursing degree. I work all night and will be taking online classes, and God also put on my heart some time ago to be a Youth Pastor. It is so hard to do all of this with so much on my plate. I pray for strength to endure the struggle, and my health will hold up for me to get done. I was diagnosed hypothyroid many years ago, and also have high blood pressure. I have to work on my health in the middle of all of the stress from everything. I want to do so much in this life, but stay so tired from having thyroid issues, and working all night. I pray and sing to help me cope and it helps a lot. I just pray to get through this difficult season of my life.

Prayer Request

Rob posted on 08/12/2013 3:17:02 PM

We are a family of 3 and are struggling financially. We make too much for assistance, but not enough to make it, much less save for retirement or college for our 2 year old. This struggle has been ongoing for about four years now, and is starting to take its toll on our marriage. Please pray for us, that the Lord provide much needed relief.