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Prayer is a very important part of our ministry at The JOY FM. We pray for your needs each weekday. Note: Prayer requests will be approved and posted within 24 hours on weekdays.

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Prayer Request

Rick posted on 11/30/2014 9:56:19 PM

Dear all, this is Rick! I need all of you to pray for me urgently. One of my creditors, namely YY Joeline made a police report against me as I failed to make payment to her, the police officer is giving me a chance to discuss with YY Joeline for a private settlement and convince her to drop the case against me, I will be meeting YY Joeline later, please pray for miracle, I need God to soften her heart and willing to give me more time and also drop the case, and also the police Inspector is willing to close the case against me. Please also pray that my other creditors: Benson, SF, AY, Ivan will give me more time to pay them instead of threatening, harassing and stressing me. I need a Huge financial miracle. Please, I beg all of you to pray for me. Thanks!

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 11/30/2014 12:48:31 AM

I need prayer for my back issues. My back is bothering me real, real bad right now. I cannot have surgery right now because my husband is getting over bypass surgery, and i am his care giver.I just need God to calm it for me and strengthen it so i can get my husband well. Thank you for your prayers.

Prayer Request

stephanie posted on 11/29/2014 12:33:02 PM

Please pray for my bf and i. We are trying to move forward in our relationship and seek god. We messed up on the purity thing, which has opened the doors to so many insecurities for him. He has been hurt so many times and lied too he has taken a step back and i'm hurting so bad from it. I need god's peace and will in my life... whether it be with him or not. We need prayer for peace and clarity. If we stay together I know we need to get married and make it right. PLEASE PRAY FOR US! WE NEED IT SO BAD.

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 11/29/2014 04:34:14 AM

For God to bless me and my family with financial breakthrough and provisions. To bless us with his glory, prosperity, favor, grace, love, joy, peace, unity and happiness. For God to dwell in our midst.... to restore, rebulid and make all things new in our lives according to his will. In Jesus name. Amen!

Prayer Request

Robin posted on 11/29/2014 02:38:13 AM

I'm a recovering addict and I'm getting the urge to use again during these holidays. I just need y'all's Preyer to see me through this so I don't relapse. Thanks

Prayer Request

Teresa Payne posted on 11/28/2014 08:40:38 AM

My father has congestive heart failure and basically dying. I moved in with him to help. Daddy has always been there for me. We do not have heat..we use space heaters but if we turn on more than one the fuse box trips and everything goes out. He is on an oxygen machine so this is very hard. It stays very cold. I just want prayer that I can find a resolution ..either rewiring the house or whatever I can find that helps. I fear this is the last Holidays for us together ...and I just want it comfortable for him....I know God will answer my prayer...Thank you...

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 11/27/2014 12:30:30 PM

Lord You know I need to pass this nursing board so I can work . A lot if things rely on it . Please allow me the grace, wisdom and ability to pull it through. To answer the questions correctly, guide me towards the right answers.

Prayer Request

Katie posted on 11/26/2014 10:58 PM

Please pray that my husband Mark will move back home and restore our marriage .. Thanks , Katie

Prayer Request

jennifer posted on 11/26/2014 11:43:47 AM

Please pray Steve will have clarity through sin and the Holy Spirit will speak to him and he will hear, for him to submit to God's will and repent fully, that anything not of God will flee from his mind, that he will walk with the Lord sober as a believer. Please pray for Chandler for addiction to be remove, please pray for my son Justin to have favor at work for a permanant position with his employer. Please pray my married be healed and that I will no longer have anxiety and emotional breakdowns while waiting. Please pray for my girls that they are protected during this time.

Prayer Request

Roland posted on 11/26/2014 03:41:02 AM

please pray for my girlfriend Stephanie and I that God would bring us closer, we have come together from difficult backgrounds. Please pray for God to speak to Stephanie and I to be the couple that pleases him. I want to marry Stephanie. Im trying to love her like Christ loves the church like Eph 5:32. please pray for her heart. We are getting stronger, loving more, but we are being attacked spiritually, mentally from our past, past Xs please pray for us.