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Prayer is a very important part of our ministry at The JOY FM. We pray for your needs each weekday. Note: Prayer requests will be approved and posted within 24 hours on weekdays.

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Chris Hamilton posted on 08/25/2014 9:57:22 PM

My best friend and I had a two month time frame where we didn't talk and whenever we were around each other it was awkward for everyone in our youth group and then last night, our youth pastor, another adult guy and me and my friend all talked and God was there in a huge way then we finished with prayer and now me and my friend are rebuilding our friendship so that we can work together for God. My friends name is Logan, pray that we will be able to take the responsibility of being leaders in our youth group and that the things that will hinder us and all Christians we will be able to seek God

Prayer Request

MIke Cantrell posted on 08/25/2014 06:55:13 AM

Heavenly Father, I lift each and every one of these requests and place them at the foot of the Lord Jesus for justice, healing and the people for salvation. I ask for physical, financial and spiritual healing of each one. I ask that each one know this comes direct from You, and in order each one turn back to you and walk as the Lord Jesus walked, that unerring faith and loyalty be turned back to you Heavenly Father. Praise God, Praise His Heavenly Son, He was there in the beginning, He did not have to be born a man, he did it because he loves us, he spilled water and blood in kapporah sacrice for us. He is now at the right hand of God interceeding for each one of us. I pray for everyone on this list in the name of Jesus Christ, Lord, King, Savior, The Son of the only Holy God. Amen

Prayer Request

Lisa posted on 08/25/2014 06:25:03 AM

I have a lot of mistakes this year. I am a newly married woman of five months. I'm used to being independent and am having difficulty sharing the responsibility of decision-making. I know my husband is supposed to be the leader. The decisions I made without regard to my husband has put a wall in our relationship. I went to confession and I have been forgiven by God and spoke openly to a priest, but I have yet to be fully forgiven I love husband. My husband has openly told me that he no longer trusts me at this time because I have not shown trust in him, that I've taken him for granted. I ask for prayers to heal my relationship & to assist me in looking to God & my husband for guidance. It was never my intention to take someone so special for granted and must find ways to adapt or lose the love of my life. Again, please pray for guidance & healing of my relationship along with learning the roles of a wife.

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 08/24/2014 10:07:37 PM

This may seem like a silly prayer request but about this time last year I fell in love with the most amazing girl I've ever met but in April she broke up with me because she said she had to focus her life on God and I know it might be God's plan for us to meet again one day or he might have somebody else for me please just say a prayer for me that somebody would come my way because I'm honestly having a hard time dealing with it even 6 months later...

Prayer Request

karen posted on 08/24/2014 3:38:50 PM

Please that god will answer my prayers,pray that he will provide me with ssi and place to live and everything me and my kids need,so the kids could live with me

Prayer Request

Toby posted on 08/24/2014 2:13:52 PM

My friend Don is having back surgery to correct a "wrong surgery" according to an Emory spine surgen. The procedure starts at 5:45 AM and the doctor said he will be on the table 10 hours. Pray for a successfull surgery, speedy recovery, and strengthen his family.

Prayer Request

Melissa posted on 08/24/2014 10:30:27 AM

Prayers for a mothers broken heart, her son was murdered a few weeks ago by an officer and father of a girl the boy took in to protect. Bring forgiveness to the hearts of our family, a lot of hurt and pain for the loss of 19 year old Jeremey Lake of Tulsa Oklahoma. Bring mercy to the officers family, bring love in a changing of hearts. Soften all of our pain. Bless us with peace in this time. Mostly the parents Bojo and Sherry, aunt Pamela. The pain is making there souls cry out!!! In Jesus name amen

Prayer Request

Heather posted on 08/23/2014 11:27:57 PM

I recently graduated from graduate school, and I am in the process of looking for a job. The search has been more difficult than I thought it would be - - what I thought I would be doing just turned into a dead road. Please pray that I find a job. Not just a job, but the job that the Lord wants me to have. Thank you so much.

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 08/23/2014 10:20:52 PM

I would like to request prayer for my boyfriends mother who has found out she has cancer. I would also like to request prayer for my boyfriend who has lost all faith and turned to anger as his constant companion. Also, please pray for me to keep my faith strong for their family.

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 08/23/2014 5:37:21 PM

For reconciliation and restoration with my son. God knows the rest. I am his mother.