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Prayer is a very important part of our ministry at The JOY FM. We pray for your needs each weekday. Note: Prayer requests will be approved and posted within 24 hours on weekdays.

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Prayer Request

LORNA posted on 12/31/2014 2:30:20 PM

I am praying for a home. My landlord sold her home soon after being laid off. She told us we had to vacate her property immediately. She sold the home with the condition that there would not be renters in the home. She locked us out of the home. We do not wish to return there except to retrieve our items. We currently are in a hotel & need financial assistance moving into a home. We hope that someone can help us. We have tried several charities with no luck. Holy Family Catholic Church was able to pay for two days stay at the Extended Stay. We are grateful for their support. We covet your prayers for financial assistance, & in finding a home. Signed, a Christian mother who still believes in miracles.

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 12/31/2014 10:41:17 AM

I am a divorced single mother of four children and I have lost my home. The holidays for us were spent in prayer and worship, praying for me to have a better job and better opportunities to provide for my children. I ask that you join me in prayer and continue to pray for my children and I. I pray for those like my suffering working each and every day and still unable to make ends meet due to a lack of assistance. I pray that change comes for us all and I ask that we as people stick together to pray and help one another in any way we can. Thank you in advance for you prayers.

Prayer Request

stephanie posted on 12/31/2014 10:19:09 AM

Please pray for god's blessing on this new marriage... We need all the prayer we can get in this cold world full of hopelessness.. Please god keep our eyes fixed on you and help us to develop more compassion for one another. Please god protect our family and help us to never give up the good fight.. we need you to hold us together.

Prayer Request

Chad Leathers posted on 12/31/2014 06:47:37 AM

Future family member & her friend went missing last night in Peachtree City. She's 15yr. old Golf Cart was found in an apt. community been missing since 7pm 12/30/2014. Everyone is praying for her safe return to her mother, Amen!

Prayer Request

Jud posted on 12/30/2014 11:22:09 PM

My friend Carrie needs some prayer for her finances. She struggles to get by and wants to buy her son a late Christmas gift but cannot afford to yet. She has tried to donate plasma but her protein levels are too low. She really needs a financial miracle. She struggles to be able to afford gas and food. I appreciate all your prayers. Thank you and God Bless.

Prayer Request

Sheryl Butler posted on 12/30/2014 8:56:19 PM

Please pray for my grandson Aaron Butler. He was in a motorcycle accident 1 1/2 yrs ago. He still cannot walk or talk. We have seen slow improvements . We are trusting God to heal him completely. Thank you for your prayers.

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 12/30/2014 6:57:11 PM

Nellie in hospital with respiatory distress please pray for healing.

Prayer Request

crystal Edwards posted on 12/30/2014 11:16:48 AM

God Bless you all. We are the Robinsons and we are in need of serious help. We so scared and worried not knowing what to do. We are praying for a way out! we have lost so much. Our home and jobs and so much more. We do need help just a chance to get back on our feet. Our children had a very sad holiday and it like there is no one around to help. We pray someone, anyone can help with a home or any assistance.

Prayer Request

cedric white posted on 12/29/2014 12:05:28 PM

Lord I want a home I can call my own; prayer for my mom a new house

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 12/29/2014 09:35:54 AM

Please pray for Greg as he struggles with Alcoholism and depression. Pray for him to lean on the Lord for strength and that he is able to turn his life around and live a life that is pleasing to God. Please also pray for his wife and sons as they are at their wits end with the situation.