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Prayer is a very important part of our ministry at The JOY FM. We pray for your needs each weekday. Note: Prayer requests will be approved and posted within 24 hours on weekdays.

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Prayer Request

ruben posted on 07/14/2015 10:07:20 PM

If you would please pray for me I would be greatful. I am in deep darkness, demonic bondage, living in the flesh, back in the world, and severly backslidden and in all manner of ungodliness and willful sin. Please pray for my return to The Lord and for my repentance toward God and faith toward The Lord Jesus Christ. Please pray for my deliverance from all satanic bondages and strongholds (Idolatry, unbelief, homosexuality, carnality), for humility, faith, godly sorrow, healing and restoration to The Lord. Thank you and God bless you.

Prayer Request

Paul posted on 07/14/2015 08:53:46 AM

Lord Jesus, I come before you this morning to humble myself before you in prayer. I seek your face and your will Jesus. I thank you for your many blessings to my family and I. I come before you needing your devine intervention in the area of full time employment to pay bills due here. I want to work and please you in that work. Lead me Lord. Guide me. Show me the path set before me. I pray for each family member this morning, protect them from the evil one, show your love and compassion for them so that they will know that You are almighty and sovereign in all things. Thank you for answering prayer Lord Jesus. I ask this in your Holy name Jesus, amen.

Prayer Request

Rick posted on 07/14/2015 03:14:35 AM

Dear all, please continue to pray for me. I am desperately needing a huge financial miracle. Life is so tough for me and it is so meaningless, my wife, family members are blaming me for not able to provide for the family. I tried very hard but still can't get a job, and creditors are after me day and night. Please pray for me, I really appreciated it! Thanks!

Prayer Request

jackson posted on 07/13/2015 4:26:22 PM

I pray dee to join me in prayer on the area of financial and business breakthroug and also the grace to study Gods word and to serve him the his grace I will share my praise report very soon in Jesus. Amen

Prayer Request

Jackie J posted on 07/13/2015 4:16:27 PM

Please am in need of a pray, am facing financial difficulties, I have been looking for a job for months and nothing, it's seem like is not what you know is who you know, it's so hard and on top of it all my family turn theirs backs on me I feel so alone please I am in need of a breakthrough pray for me ,thank you

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 07/13/2015 1:06:03 PM

I need prayer, I am a Christian and I have been saved by Jesus and he is my lord and savior. I'm in a stateof hopeless and dispare. My husband is seriously depressed and he has PTSD. He does things that emotionally traumatized me. I am lost, broken and I don't know what to do.

Prayer Request

Rick posted on 07/12/2015 10:09:54 PM

Please pray for me. I am in very difficult financial situation, I am also looking for a job, creditors have been coming after me, threatens, stresses me everyday. I need a financial breakthrough. I also need a job urgently. Please pray for me that all needs will be met and God bless my family . Thanks for praying

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 07/12/2015 6:06:36 PM

Please pray for my financial situation, my desire for a family, my job, and to remove my unbiblical desires.

Prayer Request

Scott posted on 07/12/2015 3:53:49 PM

Recently i have been married to my best friend in the whole world. We got married in 2008 she is a minister and her dad is a paster of a assembly of god church. So during the 7 yrs together we grew up with jesus together the lord blessed us with 3 beautiful kids. On June 3 2015 she called me asking for a divorce. Im puzzeled why? I have asked god to show me ive cried out I dont know what else to do? She has hidden my kids from me for 1 month now. Havent seen or heard from them. She is a preacher and minister but i know my bible talks against what she is doing. Her paster which is not her dad, is backing everything she is doing. Im not mad at god or jesus for doing this butim hurt so bad to the point i dont want to go back to church. She doesnt know or anyone how this really feels. Im to my breaking point. please help me pray thanks all love the station...

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 07/11/2015 11:19:45 PM

Please help lift my heart up in prayer. The guy I was seeing abruptly left me for his ex and I am feeling heartbroken. Please lift him and her in prayer as well I really do care for him and hope God brings us back together but until then please help me be strong and heal my heart thank you