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Prayer is a very important part of our ministry at The JOY FM. We pray for your needs each weekday. Note: Prayer requests will be approved and posted within 24 hours on weekdays.

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Anonymous posted on 07/03/2016 11:48:17 AM

Please pray for my daughter she has move to a new city. She has a job working 3:00 to 11:00 at night. The person that has been watching her son said that she couldn't watch him no longer. She needs a job Monday thru Friday working 9:00 to 5:00 so she can put him in daycare. Thank you so much for your prayers. I know God can open the doors for her.

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Terri Lira posted on 07/02/2016 7:01:57 PM

Still needing prayers for my son, he has blocked me now, I had just bought him a new phone that I have to pay for it's so inconsiderate and disrespectful. He is 25 and acts so immature. God please help me.

Prayer Request

LaTorris Carter posted on 07/02/2016 12:41:39 PM

Hello, I am LaTorris Carter. I'm unemployed. Just recently I have applied for a job position with this company below: Division of Family and Children Services - DFCS Please pray with me that this position opens for and hires me. Thanks, With all my Love. LaTorris Carter

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Anonymous posted on 07/02/2016 11:01:18 AM

Personal request

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Terri Lira posted on 07/01/2016 11:16:08 PM

Praying for my son's safety. He lives in Ca me here in Ga. haven't talk texted or heard from him in two days. I wish he could be more considerate being his mother he shouldn't make me worry so much with cancer, MS, diabetes, PTSD and anxiety disorder. I wish God would touch his heart and let him see what he is doing to me every time he does this. I have called all the hospitals, the jail nothing and he won't answer or text back to let me know he is ok. Please lord keep him safe wrap you arms around him and protect him, keep him from evil and evil away from him in Jesus name I pray..Amen

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 07/01/2016 9:45:27 PM

My family is being torn apart by past conflicts inflicted by me. I have went to therapy and was diagnosed with ADHD. I am so much better now. I am asking God to bless me with another chance to prove I have changed and am getting better everyday. I love my family with all my heart. To lose them is tearing me up inside. I am asking for healing, restoration, forgiveness, and one last chance to prove my love, dedication, and commitment. In Jesus Name.

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Michele posted on 07/01/2016 8:47:30 PM

Prayer for healing for Nicole recently diagnosed with breast cancer. She is a young Mother on her own. Give her peace,relief from pain and hope for a miracle.

Prayer Request

Candace Cochran posted on 07/01/2016 4:35:56 PM

Hi I am pregnant with my second child it's a girl! But she has 2 holes in her heart and other problems with it. Pray that everything will be healed before she is born or before she needs! Pray that God's will be done I know he is still in the healing business thank you

Prayer Request

Matt posted on 07/01/2016 1:21:45 PM

Our marriage is currently going through the roughest time we have ever been, but I still want it to last. I still want God to turn it around and make it something amazing! I messed up, said things I didn't mean and "checked out" of our marriage before when she was struggling and now everything is reversed. She has"checked out" and I just want to fix it, but I can't... God is the only one now and if he decides to fix our marriage it will truly be a miracle... please pray that God's will be done in our lives as I continue to pray for our marriage (prayers for our marriage are greatly appreciated as well) thank you in advance

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 07/01/2016 12:15:45 PM

Please pray for healing of Barbara D. from eye surgery; God to restore her vision back to perfect; and she will never go blind. Give her financial backing, abundance.