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Prayer is a very important part of our ministry at The JOY FM. We pray for your needs each weekday. Note: Prayer requests will be approved and posted within 24 hours on weekdays.

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Prayer Request

rick s from sharpsburg ga posted on 08/16/2016 12:13:07 PM

I recently had surgery to my left arm bicep tendon. I ask for pray that my follow up dr appointment on Monday 8/22 shows the surgery was successful and that I have a quick recovery. in Jesus name Amen thank you

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Anonymous posted on 08/15/2016 5:24:13 PM

Please pray that my loved one gets the answers he needs. May the Lord's will be done, and may He make my loved one's path clear and straight. Please move, Lord. Amen.

Prayer Request

jenny posted on 08/15/2016 1:55:15 PM

Please pray for my cousin she was in a serious motorcycle accident Friday night and is in critical condition at Grady hospital in Atlanta and she's not moving her left side and has bleeding from the brain and is severally beat up. God bless

Prayer Request

Christy posted on 08/15/2016 12:55:48 PM

I normally listen to the Joy FM only but my daughter asked to listen to another station for a few minutes this morning. Just after I turned it on the morning radio host for that segment began telling about the other radio host that is normally on air with him. She found out on Friday that her 10 month old daughter has a tumor on her spine. I know I can pray for her individually but my prayer request is for this baby (her name is Reese) and her parents to be lifted up to our Father. That He heals and takes away this cancer but more importantly that as His word tells us He uses this bad to make things good for His glory, that not only for physical healing but spiritual healing within this family wherever it may be needed. I do not know these people personally but could not resist His calling to pray for this family corporately. Thank you!

Prayer Request

Johnny posted on 08/14/2016 11:30:49 PM

My 21 year old son John has cystic fibrosis. His finger tips and arm are blue. Praying that God restores his oxygen and blood flow to his body and heart. Asking for Jesus healing. Restore his body in Jesus name we ask. AMEN

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 08/13/2016 6:30:38 PM

Please pray for my sweet friend and co-worker who just found out she has a very rare and aggressive breast cancer. Pray for the right decisions to made about doctors and treatments and for wisdom of those. Pray God leads her in the direction she should go and pray for healing. May Jesus Christ sustain her and her family during this devastating time.

Prayer Request

Cheryl posted on 08/12/2016 9:53:51 PM

My husband died 3 years ago leaving me to raise my 20 month old son alone. I have since been subjected to literal demonic harrassment, and have not been able to be delivered from it. And now my father's health is rapidly failing, and I have been unable to find a good assisted living place with an opening.

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 08/12/2016 10:11:15 AM

God, please let today be the day You move Michael to break through. Show him Your way and Your provision. Help him embrace what You are trying to give him. Throw any fear, selfishness, doubt, or anything not of You into the pits of hell where they belong. Please don't let the sun set without Michael being back where he needs to be. Please show your limitless power and restore today. In Jesus' name, Amen.

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 08/11/2016 3:23:56 PM

deliverance from panic attacks and fear been dealing with for 25 years please pray , healing and restoration and to prosper in many ways

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 08/11/2016 12:16:39 PM

Please ask the Lord to give us answers this week. We need Him to intervene and give us direction. Please ask that He gives us the strength to communicate what He has/will put on our hearts. This will affect the rest of our lives.