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Prayer is a very important part of our ministry at The JOY FM. We pray for your needs each weekday. Note: Prayer requests will be approved and posted within 24 hours on weekdays.

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lavelle brinson posted on 11/15/2015 12:31:26 PM

pray that I get myself of being myself that l use to be, finicial, so that I can pay to go doctor

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Melanie Morgan posted on 11/14/2015 11:49:31 AM

I'd like to tell you about my friend Tenora--who was in my bible study group. We met her when her wounds were still scabs. When this 43-year old single mother of 2 told our group her story . . . she wept. We wept too. This young woman named Tenora had endured more in one year than all of us had in a lifetime. She told us about her two children Kameron age 10 and Kaleb age 7. She told us that in 2011 she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She told us about the many weeks of aggressive chemotherapy treatments and how she had tried so hard to be strong for her boys. She told us how overwhelming it had been to do it all alone � to manage doctors appointments, handle all the side effects, continue the necessity of full-time work, and still be a present and loving mother to two children who needed her desperately. It was overwhelming. She recalled to us a time when she remembered not caring if God took her life. The disease that had invaded her body was taking a toll on her mind and heart. Instead of giving up, Tenora decided her only option was to turn her eyes and attention to God. She knew there wasn't a way out of her situation without His help and His strength. She could not survive this journey on her own. She prayed and He answered her prayers by lifting her up and carrying her through the pain and dark shadows that cancer so often casts. Slowly she healed. Slowly her hair grew back. With time, she could see her boy�s faces without looking through the tears in her eyes. She told us how as painful as the cancer had been in her and her family's life, it was all worth it because of what she gained as a result of getting up close and personal with God. Tenora praised God for bringing her through the storm and she was able to clearly see His mercy to her. Our group was there when Tenora was baptized professing her faith in Jesus Christ. We listened and encouraged her when she talked about her dream of starting a nonprofit organization called "Rays of Hope Foundation" which would help single women like her going through cancer. And we were there when she recently told us that the cancer was back. The double mastectomy was scheduled just a few days later. While she was still recovering from one surgery she was scheduled for another. The doctor informed her that he would implant a port, a small disc about the size of a quarter, surgically inserted just under the skin between the collarbones. This port would provide an opening to her bloodstream for 12 weeks and the poison would run wild and wreck havoc on her body and her life. She knew this chemo monster well and it isn�t welcome again in her body - in her life. We had no words. So we pray. We pray that the kids don't go to sleep at night worrying about whether their mother will be there for them in the morning. We pray that her bills will get paid eve though she can't face opening them. We pray that God will show up bigger and better than He did before. We pray that you will be moved to make a difference in Tenora's story. We appreciate your prayers,

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Debbra posted on 11/14/2015 08:21:33 AM

I would like for you all to pray for restoration for my family since my husband walked out on me I have been standing in the gap for him and I 5 grown a=children and now our 6 grandchildren,God is good and I know what he promised in Jeremiah 29:11.Please pray in agreement with me for restoration and healing of the Wiggins Family.God Bless you all

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Anonymous posted on 11/14/2015 08:00:23 AM

Taking a very important test that will change me and my families life. I put 3 years if my life to go to school and I need to pass this test. Thank you

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Carmen posted on 11/13/2015 1:08:54 PM

My grandma is dying slowly and she's a nonbeliver, mostly heretic. It's big time sad actually, and my grandpa (a difficult person to deal with) is suffering a lot, he's nonbeliever too. Pray for the salvation of my entire family. The Lord will listen.

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 11/13/2015 11:10:24 AM

Please pray the skin disease that is infecting my kennel and cattery will be completely eliminated and never come back. Please pray it be gone so I can make a living and pay my taxes. Thanks and God bless you people who pray to help others.

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Anonymous posted on 11/13/2015 08:16:03 AM

Foster Mom plus 4,God will for me and the 4 girls.

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Anonymous posted on 11/13/2015 05:08:37 AM

These last few months have been some of the most difficult months of my life. One comment made by someone has completely messed with my peace. I do not want to be fed a lie, nor do I ever want to believe that which is not true. I ask for prayers of peace and affirmation, both in the truth of God and the truth of my life. I need confidence to completely destroy that which has been said to me. Thank you, and God bless!

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Anonymous posted on 11/12/2015 10:09:37 PM

That my husband will take his place as the spiritual head of are family.

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Vicki cupertino posted on 11/12/2015 12:02:45 AM

Prayer for less depression during the holidays .Christmas is very hard without my husband he was Mr. Christmas ,himself. He past last October an that first Christmas but for some reason these past two months have been exceptionally hard an I would like prayers to get through this season!