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Prayer is a very important part of our ministry at The JOY FM. We pray for your needs each weekday. Note: Prayer requests will be approved and posted within 24 hours on weekdays.

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Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 08/02/2016 1:22:15 PM

Please pray for God to send a qualified buyer for our home; quickly would be ideal. Also for His blessings upon our business. Pray that God gets the customers to us and they will buy things in our business when they come in. Need a major sales boost today. God please fix things.

Prayer Request

Alicia posted on 08/01/2016 11:49:54 PM

My husband and I will be in divorce court in one week from wedensday. ( Aug. 10th) He cheated a few times and is caught up really bad with drinking and infidelity. He got kicked out of ministry after his affairs came out and since then he's on a bad cycle. I love him, I want freedom over his life, I want restoration in my marriage. Ive been fighting so hard for our ministry and union. He's just running from God and making really bad decisions. We've been separated since March. No change has been made with him. He still works with the woman I found him with in our home. But through it all I've held on, prayed, fought and tried everything... Im tired and I really feel like its over. :(

Prayer Request

Marsha posted on 08/01/2016 9:33:41 PM

My sons girlfriend left with their baby a few weeks ago. She does not believe in God. I want the best for my grandson including taking him to church and teaching him about Jesus. They have a custody hearing in a week. I feel an overwhelming love for the baby's mother. I wish they could work out an agreement. I am requesting for God's will alone to be done. I pray for his protection for the baby, my son and the baby's mother. Please help me pray for them.

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 08/01/2016 3:14:50 PM

Financially, my husband and I are just barely keeping our heads above water. we have 3 kids and have been through such a hard year, so much worse than what we could have imagined. We are in need of a new car, and can't currently pay for baby items or our older son's school clothes. My husband works all the time, but his salary does not cover everything. Please just pray that God will make a way where we don't see one. We are still being faithful with our tithe, which is difficult some weeks because I know we could use that money. thank you.

Prayer Request

Diana posted on 08/01/2016 2:27:52 PM

Please pray for God to bless my sales day with enough to pay my 3 month old bill that needs to be paid. ALso peaceful sleep at night. Thank you

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 08/01/2016 08:44:59 AM

I cannot pray anymore. I have asked God for direction, and I feel like He has given me that direction, but the direction He has given me is contingent on another person's actions...and this person isn't doing anything. I am mentally, emotionally, and even physically drained at this point. I cry out to the Lord for help and resolve - but there's nothing. I truly cannot pray anymore because it always ends in the same thing: God telling me something is 'right' and to go this way, but that way not being an option. I'm His daughter - I don't understand why He isn't helping me. I'm also beyond the "just because you aren't seeing it doesn't mean He's not working on your behalf"...I'm just tired of being pacified by that. I'm human - I need help, and I'm not getting it. So please pray for God to show up and help me.

Prayer Request

Adrian Evans posted on 07/31/2016 10:10:47 PM

My name is Adrian. Me and my fiance Demarcos have two daughters ( 1yr & 4yr) Since the beginning of the year we have struggled paying our landlord. I work full time and try to earn any extra income. My fiance is in and out of work and isn't working right now due to the kids not being able to go to daycare because we owe them too. We currently owe nearly 5k and it's a blessing that our land lord has worked with us this long. We never received taxes due to a audit that we are still trying to figure out. We have by the end of this month to figure something out. Please keep us in prayer.

Prayer Request

Rob posted on 07/30/2016 8:09:04 PM

Please pray for God to heal my family and our relationship with each other. Pray for God to help me be a better husband and father. Pray that he will heal my wife's back. Pray that he will guide us to a church to become active in. In Jesus name.

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 07/30/2016 10:56:28 AM

Very urgent financial needs and favor; wisdom; miracle income to come forth.

Prayer Request

Diana posted on 07/30/2016 10:32:43 AM

Pleas pray for financial breakthrough in a big way. Wisdom; great needs.