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Prayer is a very important part of our ministry at The JOY FM. We pray for your needs each weekday. Note: Prayer requests will be approved and posted within 24 hours on weekdays.

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Prayer Request

Stephanie posted on 11/17/2014 12:18:18 PM

I am asking for prayer over my new relationship. We both have a "PAST" of not listening to god and have some baggage to bring to the table... BUT, it seems like maybe god put us through all that be ready for each other. Just pray for me and him. we both have our issues that need to be worked out and only thru jesus. We are chosing to do things right and need gods blessing If its his will. Please just pray that god helps us both to grow close through the lord, to be patient and understanding. And that in his timing it would just click. Thank you! :)

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 11/17/2014 01:42:12 AM

Please pray that God will help my dad find a second job. I don't want my mom working two jobs, she already works full time and she really works hard for our family. Please God help my parents with financial struggles. I'm worried about money problems and I just ask that you take this matter into your own hands and take care of everything.

Prayer Request

Rick posted on 11/16/2014 8:23:11 PM

Blessed week to all of you! It's me , Rick again. Please continue to pray for me, situation is still the same, creditors are still threatening, stressing and harassing me and my family. I need God to soften my creditors' heart, (they are: SF, Joeline, Ivan, Jan, AY, Benson, Lena and a few more), there is also a Court case against my sister as she is my guarantor, please pray that the case will be adjourned and close miraculously. Please also pray for me and my family to have wisdom, good health and also a supernatural financial miracle. Thanks again in advance for praying.

Prayer Request

Jennifer posted on 11/16/2014 6:14:35 PM

Please pray for my daughter Sealy. She has been battling a horrible intestinal condition for months. She is 14 1/2 and is a freshman in high school. Her illness has taken a huge emotional toll as well as the physical misery. Please pray for physician guidance and healing.

Prayer Request

Jennifer posted on 11/16/2014 12:37:56 PM

I need prayer for God's will to be done today in my life and my family, please lift us up and pray a special prayer for the Holy Spirit to just take control. We are in need of a spiritual revival in our family one that only God himself can administer through the blood of Jesus. Please lift us up for truth and clarity and Wisdom today.

Prayer Request

Debbie posted on 11/16/2014 10:45:08 AM

Humbly and respectfully, I extend to ALL my sincere thanks and appreciation for taking the time to hold me and Lil Man in thought and prayer. Having contacted the landlord, Lori, she advised that the $500 I currently hold was not enough to stop the eviction. Initially, I truly believe that her heart had softened. I then asked if a minimum of $1000 or close to 1 month of rent would be accepted. She failed to respond. Although I am still trusting and believing that GOD is going to show up in a MIGHTY BIG WAY! Last night, GOD blessed me with $1000! Please stand in agreement with me that I will be successful in raising additional funds in order to satisfy this outstanding rental deficit and avert the eviction. Also, please continue to pray for Lori that whatever monies I am able to acquire will readily be accepted. I know that there is POWER IN PRAYER and that GOD is an ALMIGHTY GOD. Thank you and may God continue to bless. -Deb and Lil Man

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 11/16/2014 08:56:13 AM

I am going through a hard time with my granddaughter and i am looking for a job please pray for me and for my grandaughter that God will help us and make a way fo us.

Prayer Request

Maegan Swiney posted on 11/15/2014 11:58:12 PM

Please pray for my mother who has a disease called crohn's.she is going through a tough time right now and it hurts and stresses me to see her sick.also for my heart problems.

Prayer Request

Kathy posted on 11/15/2014 2:45:15 PM

I still need a breakthrough my husband left me for another woman. I need surgery home yard and car repairs. He promised to help and so many other things. He chooses her and her family. Bring him to his knees and restore us

Prayer Request

brenda jordan posted on 11/15/2014 2:34:08 PM

I am in so need of prayers right now. I have 5 grandchildren that I love dearly and something has happened between 2 of the children that has broke our family apart. I am overwhelmed with sadness and brokenhearted....please pray for our family....thanks