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Prayer is a very important part of our ministry at The JOY FM. We pray for your needs each weekday. Note: Prayer requests will be approved and posted within 24 hours on weekdays.

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Prayer Request

Calen Dees posted on 06/04/2015 12:23:46 AM

Hi, I am a recent graduate of Northside High School in Columbus, Ga. I am trying to attend Southeastern University in the Fall of this year. I HIGHLY value my walk with Christ and my academics as well as music, my major is Music Education. I am struggling to try to find money for my freshmen year. Southeastern is a private seminary school in Lakeland, Fl. If I go to Southeastern, by the Lord's will, I will not receive the HOPE Scholarship (where the government helps pay a good portion of college expenses) and I am currently as of right now looking at around $18 thousand in student loans for just my freshmen year. Myself and my family are in bad financial need, they can't help me much financially for school. I really feel a calling and have a strong desire to go to SEU, but the student loans are staggering. I am receiving a good amount of scholarships from the school, but they are not enough to come close. I am also trying outside scholarship websites, but nothing has come through yet. Time is running out on me to make a decision, but because I feel like there is a purpose for me to attend SEU, this is what makes the decision hard. I can stay in state and receive HOPE and go to college for a lot less, or go to SEU. I don't want to go against God's will anywhere that I go and do. I need prayer for God to open up a way for me and for his will to be done. That a miracle will happen. I know that this is happening for a reason and I am trusting in God, knowing that he will never fail me. Thank you and have a great and blessed day!!

Prayer Request

Heather posted on 06/03/2015 1:06:32 PM

Please pray for me to be able to balance being proactive (digging the ditches so that God can fill them with water) without trying to control everything and just being still and letting God fight for me and do His work. I struggle with this balance. I trust God completely and I want to get out of His way so He can work, yet I also want to obey and do my part (digging the ditches). Sometimes I feel so stuck and so frustrated. I know the power lies with God and not with me and yet I still struggle with this. Please pray in Jesus name, Amen.

Prayer Request

Jennifer Reitz posted on 06/03/2015 11:17:23 AM

Could u please pray for my boyfriend? Evil has entered him, he needs the evil taken out of him. He now gets headaches every day/night. He blames me for causing his headaches. I want him realize that I love him very much. Evil took over him. He used to be very good to me, now he acts like he hates me. Please could u also pray that he comes back in my life asap? He also needs Jesus asap. We both live in Milwaukee,Wi. Thank u very much.

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 06/03/2015 09:20:29 AM

My husband of 22 years recently told me he is no longer in love with me and wants a divorce. I was blindsided. I'm so heartbroken. Please pray.....

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 06/03/2015 06:51:34 AM

Need financial help so home want go into foreclousure by June 30

Prayer Request

Panay Owens posted on 06/02/2015 09:48:23 AM

My husband Jack has been diagnosed with Sarcoma cancer & has started radiation treatment. Your prayers are greatly appreciated so the radiation treatments will shrink this very large tumor located on his upper thigh. I also need prayers as well; will be going to have a mammogram regarding a cyst in my breast and hopefully will be benign. Your support and prayers for both of us will be greatly appreciated! Thank you & God Bless U All!

Prayer Request

CEL posted on 06/02/2015 12:38:10 AM

My petition is for healing family relationships and giving some family members opportunities to grow closer to God, be filled with The Holy Spirit, and have their eyes re-opened to see through God's Eyes and stop abusing our Mother's plans by living with some Entitlement mindset that our Mother would be so upset over if She did not suffer from Altzhiemers and is residing in a Memory Home. It is so sad and is ripping our extended family apart. I just pray that God would heal the untruths and mend their hearts, and not just of the main perpetrators but all who have heard pieces of information to know what is happening, and the rest need to pray for their repentance and forgiveness. It's breaking my heart. I am so grateful for your prayers and cherish them emmensely.

Prayer Request

Lisa posted on 06/01/2015 1:41:25 PM

Please pray for me I'm over whelmed with anxiety an I know that's from satan pray that I can be strong enough to overcome it I'm worried about my son an his alcoholism he says he's quit drinking an as much as I would love to believe him I'm afraid to all these things run thru my head about what if he hasn't an all he could lose if he hasn't he has a family an that would be gone in so tired of worrying dear GOD please help me to stop worrying it's over taken my life an my thoughts an I'm wore out thank you for your prayers I know prayer works an I'm in desperate need of prayer

Prayer Request

Sheila posted on 06/01/2015 12:32:36 PM

Feeling desperate with finances, family, and health. I am a born again Christian and have been praying for years for healing in all areas. At the time in my life does any of it really matter?

Prayer Request

Kiran posted on 05/31/2015 2:28:08 PM

Dear Beloved, Please pray god to have me a wonder full job which will settle all my problems and my life forever permanently at all times. Yours loving brother, Kiran.