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Prayer is a very important part of our ministry at The JOY FM. We pray for your needs each weekday. Note: Prayer requests will be approved and posted within 24 hours on weekdays.

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Prayer Request

Rick posted on 03/30/2015 11:42:06 PM

Dear all, This is Rick. I posted many prayer requests since last year asking all of you to pray for me and my family, in terms of financial miracles and also my sister's court case to be closed and withdrawn. I have good news ! The court case has been miraculously withdrawn and the case is closed. Praise the Lord and thank you all for your prayers and unconditional loves and cares and also encouragements. Please continue to pray for me and my family, we need a financial miracle. My creditors are still threatening me and my family asking for payment. Please pray for a huge financial miracle . Thanks again !~ Rick

Prayer Request

Carla posted on 03/30/2015 5:22:47 PM

Prayer request for guidance in my job search. I am claiming God will meet each and every need that I have. I have experienced God's unfailing grace so many times and I know God will provide now. Thank you so much for your support and the awesome work each of you do for the kingdom!!

Prayer Request

Ashley posted on 03/29/2015 7:24:29 PM

I need prayers for my current financial situation. My car is messed up and I cannot afford to fix it or get a new one. I also need prayers for my marriage. My husband is untrustworthy and not dependable. I feel like I am doing everything alone. He is also an unbeliever so please pray for his salvation.

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 03/29/2015 12:09:42 PM

I would like to pray for a car and a job. I would like to pray for friends and a good relationship with my family. Also, that God would lead me where I should go, and help me to find ways to serve and encourage others.

Prayer Request

Anthony posted on 03/28/2015 10:19:40 AM

I need prayers for my marriage, last year I was unfaithful and it stopped after 2 and a half months, as a result, my wife was unfaithful to me, we're still married and in February I became born again after 10 years away from God, my wife isn't quite where I am, I pray that God continues to touch her heart and see that I'm not the same person I was last year, we do love each other, there is just a lot of healing that needs to happen. After 8 months, it's still raining, I'm praying God shows the rainbow soon. April 10th will be 12 years and I love this woman with all my heart.

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 03/28/2015 02:16:03 AM

Please pray for strength in my family. The lord recently put this broken family back together. We have started going back to church and trying harder then ever to live right and keep God 1st. Since so many great things have happen the devil is trying harder then ever to break us down. I need a prayer team to keep my family strong. I am feeling so lost and broken. I know God will build us back us and make us stronger then ever. I trusting and believing. I'm asking you to do the same for us. Please lift us up high in your prayers.

Prayer Request

Drew Davis posted on 03/27/2015 11:03:29 PM

I have 2 prayer requests: 1. I am currently working part time for Fayette County Public Schools in the After School Program at an Elementary school in Peachtree City. I enjoy working with the kids...but at the end of the school year I will be looking for a Full-Time job. I feel like I am at a cross-roads and don't know where to go. I am 26 years old and I am still trying to figure out what I want to do long-term for a career. Please pray for me that God will clearly show me what I am supposed to do with my life and that he will bring me to a full-time job. I am turning it over to him. 2. Having just moved back here to Atlanta(which is where I was born) this past summer(Summer 2014) after spending 21 1/2 years in Florida, I don't really have any friends yet and spend most of the time with family and extended family when I'm not working, and also looking still looking for a church. Please pray God will direct me to the right church and that I will be able to make new friends. Thank you so much for taking the time to pray for me. I LOVE listening to the JOY FM!!

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 03/27/2015 3:26:24 PM

I am praying for a God-sent mate. I have made so many bad choices with men due to self-esteem issues. I am praying to get one of two jobs I applied to at Harvard University. I am praying for my parents and their business. I am praying that my medicine for my mental illness works and eliminates my paranoia like it is supposed to.

Prayer Request

Sonya weeks posted on 03/27/2015 1:48:35 PM

Please pray for my dad. He is on critical condition with kidney and liver failure. He also had cancer and a broken leg. Please pray for healing.

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 03/26/2015 9:32:33 PM

Please pray for my daughter Nicole, she is not living a life that we raised her to live. She is 21 and thinks she is grown and does not want any advice from her parents who love her dearly. She moved out Fall 2014 to attend Auburn and has been on the wrong track since then. Now, in Nov 2014 she met a guy in the Army from North Carolina and has been lying to us continuously and secretly going visit him. I love my daughter dearly but truly believe this guy is not God sent. Please help me pray that this relationship will end and she can get back on the right track. Thank you.