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Prayer is a very important part of our ministry at The JOY FM. We pray for your needs each weekday. Note: Prayer requests will be approved and posted within 24 hours on weekdays.

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Prayer Request

Darlene Hudnall posted on 12/12/2015 12:31:45 AM

Got in hit an run accident totaled my SUV, now I need a replacement, looking to find one I can afford or praying to be blessed with a used reliable good auto, I can't afford payments, a widow on fixed income, I have prayed many times for others to get a great auto and they did, so now I need one. With low miles, MPG 30 -38, thank you Lord for meeting the need.

Prayer Request

Mark posted on 12/12/2015 12:08:40 AM

Hey my name is Mark and I want to help and pray for a family in my church their mom is sick with cancer and is going through a very hard time she has kids and they need a mom and she needs a prayer to help her Thank you

Prayer Request

Joan posted on 12/11/2015 09:57:56 AM

Please pray for my husband's boss's wife who was in a head on collision last night. She has multiple injuries. The other person was killed. Thank you. They are a wonderful Christian family.

Prayer Request

Jayesh posted on 12/10/2015 5:39:01 PM

please pray to the Father for my friends Larry and our coworkers in the industries affected most during this time of year to finally get some R&R this holiday season, in Jesus name amen

Prayer Request

Tammy posted on 12/10/2015 2:30:25 PM

I have worked at the school almost a year now, but the funds have ran out. So today is my last day of work. Please pray for God's guidance and show me when he wants and needs me to be.

Prayer Request

Lillian Vardase posted on 12/09/2015 9:07:33 PM


Prayer Request

Reynold posted on 12/09/2015 12:23:38 PM

My mother passed away on Nov 30 from cirrhosis of the liver. I've been under tremendous stress with my work, trying to find the money for funeral arrangements, and my parents were foreclosed on. My job is not going good; I was deceived about conditions. I just really need something to go right.

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 12/09/2015 08:15:15 AM

Please pray for our family. My cousin passed away on Thanksgiving of an overdose. She was only 41 and left behind 2 boys. Please also pray for me because I am so angry at her for choosing that lifestyle and I'm angry at myself for not trying harder to help her!

Prayer Request

Jamal Cheatham posted on 12/08/2015 8:20:37 PM

Please pray for my daughter-in-law because she keeps meeting different men on social media and she do not be knowing these men and she�s bringing them in to her house around my six year old daughter and her two sons. My daughter shares the same bedroom with her mother. She will put a man before her kids and shall mistreat her kids for a man. The devil is attacking her weakness, that�s men and she have spiritual strongholds on her life. Pray for her spiritual life because she doesn�t know the Lord Jesus Christ for herself yet and pray that God will open her spiritual eyes. Pray that she will stop meeting these men on social media and that she stop bringing different men around her kids especially my daughter.

Prayer Request

Shelby H. posted on 12/08/2015 5:08:14 PM

My prayer is that someone would help me with my three children for Christmas. I am disabled and unable to work & I do not get any assistance of any kind. My children are the greatest gift Jesus has blessed me with & it breaks my heart that I cannot afford to get them anything. I am very humble & any help would be greatly appriciated. My children are very good students & work hard everyday, to see a smile on their face on Chritmas day would be the greatest joy for me. Their daddy abandoned us three years ago due to my disability & I feel so guilty & heartbroken, if anyone could help us it would truly be a prayer answered. May God bless everyone this Christmas & New year !