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Prayer is a very important part of our ministry at The JOY FM. We pray for your needs each weekday. Note: Prayer requests will be approved and posted within 24 hours on weekdays.

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Anonymous posted on 08/05/2016 9:34:01 PM

I have dementia and don't know familiar faces anymore. Pray that God heals this.

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Anonymous posted on 08/05/2016 11:28:50 AM

Thank you in advance and for praying for wonderful above and beyond sales day today from morning through night. God to bring in balance of rent money and another bill we need to pay. Thank you and God bless.

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Shenea posted on 08/04/2016 7:23:29 PM

Hi Joy FM. We have a family that stays frequently at this hotel and they have received extremely sad news today. The family was notified today that their father only has 3-6 months to live because his cancer has spread throughout his body. There is nothing left for CTCA to do. They have two grandkids that are staying with them and a special needs older daughter and a son that has recently had a kidney transplant. The mother is still standing strong in spite of everything that is going on with the family. We just want to make their day or make them smile in some way. They are leaving back to Tennessee tomorrow morning and will be back in Newnan next weekend. The amount of pain they must all be in is past my understanding so prayers for peace and prayers for someone to come forward and bless them with a few memories in their time of need would be amazing. Thank you.

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Diana posted on 08/04/2016 5:28:22 PM

My husband greatly needs to make some decent size sales before the end of the day today. God please send the customers in to buy today. Thank you

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Rachel posted on 08/04/2016 11:40:10 AM

My airconditioner went out a week ago. We don't have the money to even have it looked at. Please pray that God provides enough for at least an estimate.

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Michelle posted on 08/04/2016 11:12:23 AM

Please pray that I receive an employment offer from the university that I applied to in July. It's been three weeks. I believe that this is where God wants me to be.

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Anonymous posted on 08/04/2016 10:32:27 AM

Please ask God to help my friend be still and hear Him. He is a workaholic who has gotten very good at filling up his time so that he doesn't have to face anything personally challenging or anything that could lead him to potential emotional pain. Please ask God to sit heavily in my friends heart, mind, and spirit, and ask God to show him the way to go. Please ask that God tears down his walls and equips him with whatever he needs to do God's will. Please ask that the Lord reveals to him what is most important in life, and let that message motivate him to pursue all God has placed in his sights.

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 08/04/2016 09:26:16 AM

Father, I need help. There are so many things going on right now. Please open a door to end all of these court hearings about my son being forced to do visitations with someone he is scared of, someone You have seen is dangerous and cruel. Please help me to find a job suited for me and the disabilities I have. Help me find a place to live. And please help me reconcile with the one I love. Soften his heart. He is the first man I have truly loved. We found something very special in one another. I am asking that You lead us back to one another, renewing what we had, and helping it to grow into a relationship of love and strong lifelong commitment. Bring our family together again. In Jesus Name, Amen

Prayer Request

Natalie posted on 08/03/2016 9:50:18 PM

I am tired of my life. Everyday is always the same and I am so bored. I feel like my life is never going to change. I would love to be married. I am tired of my season of singleness. I desire to be a wife and a mom. Why has God not blessed me with a husband yet? Has God forgotten about me? Does God not want me to get married? Why has no man ever noticed me before or asked me out on a date or wanted to kiss me? Pray that the right man comes into my life soon and he has lots of strength and courage to ask me out on a date. I want a new season of my life: marriage. Why does God want me to keep waiting? My life isn't fair. I would love to go on a date and would love to have my first kiss soon. I am tired of waiting. I feel like it will never happen to me romance, love, sex, marriage, having a baby, first date, first kiss. Nothing romantic ever happens in my life. I feel like I am so invisible and no man will ever want to marry me or notice me that I am alive. I feel like I am ugly and not beautiful. I feel like no man will want me as a vegetarian. Why is God doing this to me having me be in this waiting room? I don't like it. It hurts so much that I am 26 and never been kissed. I desire to know what a kiss feels like. Why does it feel like others around me are getting married before me and I am still single? I feel like the only girl in the world who has never been kissed or been on a date. Is there something wrong with me? Where is my future husband, my prince charming at? When is God finally going to bring us together? Patience is so hard for me. I don't think I can wait anymore or be single my whole life. I feel like just giving up on ever getting married and that God just wants me single my whole life. Thanks.

Prayer Request

Deborah posted on 08/02/2016 6:47:18 PM

My family hasn't had the best of luck lately. I'm a stay at home mom of two. My husband works, but hasn't been given the hours. My son starts kindergarten next week. Bills are starting to pile up, and I've almost lost hope. Things have been on a decline all year. Just asking for a small pray to find some peace in this hectic time. Thank you and God Bless.