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Prayer is a very important part of our ministry at The JOY FM. We pray for your needs each weekday. Note: Prayer requests will be approved and posted within 24 hours on weekdays.

Our 24-hour prayer line is available at 1-877-800-PRAY


Prayer Request

Amy posted on 10/20/2016 09:03:48 AM

I am requesting that you please pray for me and my daughter. I am a single mom and always worry about my finances to be able to support the 2 of us. Her dad left me 12 years ago once I got pregnant and decided not to be in the picture. he doesnt always do the right thing by paying child support. Please pray that we will get through these financial struggles. I have had to move us AGAIN back into my parents house just to be able to provide her with the necessity things. Thank you!

Prayer Request

Patricia Padgett for Jaxon Lowry posted on 10/20/2016 12:51:29 AM

My grandson is in Scottish Rite. He was born at 6 months on June 23, 2016. He finally came home 3 weeks ago. But is now back in due to 3 viruses. Please pray for his healing. It's a very long story. He is a miracle. But is struggling. He stopped breathing 2 times today. My daughter Suzan was told she'd never have a baby. But here he is. They adopted a son and he prayed for a baby brother. I can't begin to explain this story. Thank you.

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 10/19/2016 8:33:01 PM

My daughter is trying to get a job at a library in Biloxi Mississippi. Would ya'll pray for her to get this job. She is in need of a job.Thank you so much.

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 10/19/2016 6:23:40 PM

Attacks from Satan at my place of employment. Desperate to find another job. I am a counselor and I have worked in the secular world for 20 years and I feel I am being led to Christian Counseling but cannot find anything. I want to help people like I have been doing for all of my working life but the longer I am in this position the more difficult it becomes. I am praying for peace and guidance but really hurt and unhappy. Thank you for your prayers.

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 10/19/2016 4:54:38 PM

My son has recently gone through a horrific tragedy and he is really having a hard time with this and he needs prayer for comfort, understanding, emotional support and strength. He feels all alone. Please pray for him.

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 10/19/2016 4:01:16 PM

My daughter has a serious and painful skin disease. Your prayers are very much appreciated.

Prayer Request

April posted on 10/19/2016 1:50:39 PM

Hedge of protection around my six year old daughter while she is with her father. That God's will be done in this situation. That God will give me peace until my daughter returns to me tomorrow afternoon.

Prayer Request

Frankie Etienne posted on 10/19/2016 10:33:48 AM

Recent graduate asking for prayer that I land a healthcare IT job soon so I can better provide for my family. I have been trying for years I really need God's favor.

Prayer Request

Robin Butts posted on 10/19/2016 08:52:16 AM

Please pray for my husbands job situation.

Prayer Request

Paul posted on 10/19/2016 08:05:50 AM

Praise God for answering prayer!!! Good news on the Morning Cruise this morning with one of the 30 Wishes. #19 was from my church. God is moving in their lives. I pray often for prayer requests here and ones unspoken for. Jesus was selfless choosing to serve others following God's perfect will. I found out last night that prayer has been answered for me. I got offered a job after an extended time without a full time job. I spent the time doing God's work faithfully and working several part time jobs. God does provide daily in many ways, if we have faith and are selfless, even if our faith is small as a mustard seed. May God be given all of the praise and glory for hearing our prayers and answering these prayers. The world needs to hear our praises and answered prayers by God. We are His hands and feet. Keep the faith my Christian brothers and sisters. God is always faithful and delights in answering our prayers. God really does. You are never alone my friends. I pray now for the prayer requests mentioned here and online. Lord hear their cries Lord Jesus. Fulfill them according to Your will. May God receive glory for there is only One True King! Bless the ministry of the Joy FM now as well O God. I pray for the DJs, producers, staff, and volunteers. Radio and video are awesome tools to reach the world that God created. God is on the move! Do not doubt! Thank you God in the name of Jesus! Amen. BTW, I listen to all the DJs and celebrate the entire collection. Kudos to Jayar and Benji for that line. Everyone, put on the full armor of God in all that you do. With Jesus Christ, all things are possible!