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Prayer is a very important part of our ministry at The JOY FM. We pray for your needs each weekday. Note: Prayer requests will be approved and posted within 24 hours on weekdays.

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Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 10/30/2016 12:57:30 AM

Pray it is God's will to bless me with excellent personal relationships, working relationships, and more vocal support for my work, especially the teens I work with. God because I'm Your child and I need You, please come through and bless my work according to Your riches in Christ Jesus, grow my reputation, line up many supporters to put in a good word for me to those who hire. I want to be a Proverbs 31 woman.

Prayer Request

Debra West posted on 10/29/2016 10:46:21 PM

I am in need of prayer. My husband and I are both disabled and having a hard time keeping up with bills and keeping food in the house. I am getting food stamps but it just does not seem to be enough. We both have health problems and I have trouble getting around due to my lipedema in both legs. I am asking for prayer to help us get thru each day and to remember that the LORD is with us. Thank you for reading my request.

Prayer Request

Michelle Dixon posted on 10/29/2016 7:53:29 PM

I was working at a hotel in stockbridge. manager was very cruel to me. I asked for Sunday's off so I could go to church. she had me work Sundays anyway. I started figuring it out with my co-workers and getting them to cover for me so I could still go to church. when she realized that, she cut my hours to only 3 days a week Thursday Friday and Saturday. I had a job offer at another hotel. I took that this past Monday. Friday evening I was told I was fired. now I'm left jobless this all happened yesterday evening really struggling right now, very upset. thank you for your prayers.

Prayer Request

Nancy posted on 10/29/2016 11:26:48 AM

I am asking that would you please lift me up in prayer.I claim healing over my body.I know what the Dr.s say but I know what my bible says! I am healed by his stripes.Please lift me up to have& return to my home.I am a child of the one true king!!

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 10/29/2016 01:00:58 AM

Please pray for my dad! Still in a awful bad mood! It seems like it's every Friday and we don't know why!! My mom tries to ask him and he gives an attitude! He's like a little kid who wants attention and it's so annoying! Sometimes I'm so embarrassed by him!! I give my mom props for having so much patience with him! But I'm tired of It and I don't care if he knows it! All he cares about is himself! He needs help! He needs Jesus! I pray so hard for him! I can't take it anymore! It's bad! Sometimes I just want my mom to leave him already! She's already threatened him about it!

Prayer Request

Kathleen posted on 10/28/2016 11:31:19 PM

Please pray for my daughter. Her heart has been broken by her daughter. Right now she is angry, and very depressed. She is a Christian, but feels as though GOD isn't there for her now, and doesn't love her ...because of the hurt and pain she is going through. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will show her the situation thru the eyes of GOD, and that the end result can suddenly turn around for her and her daughter. Thank you so much, and GOD bless you all for ....all that you do.

Prayer Request

Shirley posted on 10/28/2016 11:04:59 AM

Prayers for my husband that his sister will do the right thing and settle their mothers will as she wished and without so much hatred in her heart.

Prayer Request

Anon posted on 10/27/2016 10:03:25 PM

Dear Prayer Warriors and Intercessors we Must Pray every day until for the right person is President of the United States of America will be, that this country needs and will benefit from greatly it does the will of of people and let not the voter be deceived by the liberal media, let the people discern deception and truth when they vote early voting or on voting day. Thank You We must Pray this everyday until voting day. Prayer of righteous man avails much JAMES 5:16

Prayer Request

Theaster posted on 10/27/2016 3:43:50 PM

My husband died last year on December 11. I have been trying very hard to adjust to this new season. Thank you so much for talking about the different subjects you talk about. It makes me feel like I'm right there with all of you.One of my struggles also is also to stop drinking.I was free for 20 years but found myself going back. Last your music...when I think of both strongholds..began to pray like God is ministering to me...songs like I Will Trust In You... Through your eyes...Through the Storm..Through my tears I see hope...Thank you

Prayer Request

Sherry posted on 10/27/2016 09:10 AM

My family and I need prayer for my dad. He has had pneumonia. The doctors took off over 1 liter of fluid off his lungs. Then, they found he has stage 3 lung cancer. He is very sick and we ask for prayer for him and our family at this time. He went home for 3 days and now is back in here with chest pains, so now they think the cancer is putting strain on his heart. He is saved, and I know that is more than I can ask for. I just want him to not be in so much pain. Thanks for the prayers for us as well! We need strength!