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Prayer is a very important part of our ministry at The JOY FM. We pray for your needs each weekday. Note: Prayer requests will be approved and posted within 24 hours on weekdays.

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Prayer Request

michelle posted on 01/15/2015 06:13:11 AM

dear lord please help me or help me to help cheyenne do the rite thing learn to take responsibiltys lord i keep trying but i am the one in tears amenw

Prayer Request

Joseph Funderburk posted on 01/14/2015 3:39:37 PM

My 2 year old Nephew Brantley is in Children's Healthcare of Atlanta at Egelston right now, he was rushed to the hospital last night because he has RSV and Pneumonia and on top of that both of those things are deadly for a child that has Cerebral palsy. Since last night he has gotten worse going from 1.5 Liters of Oxygen to 5.0 Liters if he gets any worse he will be put in ICU and hooked up to a CPAP Machine and Breathing Machine. I Need Prayer for this. My Brother and his wife are loosing hope. Please Keep my Nephew in all of your prayers.

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 01/14/2015 12:48:03 PM

As spring semester comes I pray to God that he'll get me through this semester with no problems. Give me wisdom and knowledge to understand what's going on in my classes. I have a Monday class from 12:45-5:50pm I ask that he helps me. I have migraine and anxiety problems and I ask that he'll take all that away and that he'll keep my calm and relaxed! Please help me pass all my classes this semester! And I pray my teachers are nice and that God will lay his hands in them! Amen

Prayer Request

Lori posted on 01/14/2015 11:24:02 AM

Ron King needs prayer; he is set to have a quadruple bypass on Friday and they found that his pace maker is infected; so now they have to fix that before they can do the bypass. His blood is to thin to do any surgeries now so they are currently working on that issue. The family also needs prayers, they have been through a lot over the past couple of years

Prayer Request

Joe posted on 01/14/2015 09:57:14 AM

This is for a friend of mine. Little Katherine Paige was born on Nov. 11th with a defective heart and kidneys. In her brief life, she has undergone 3 rounds of open heart surgery. She lives on a respirator. She needs an MRI now, but she is not physically able at this point. Dad lost his job and only works part time, so they have been struggling. This is one of those situations where, unless the LORD Jesus intervenes, this baby girl has next to no chance. But we do serve the Almighty God, the Creator and Sustainer of all. We know that all He needs to do is will it, and this little baby girl will be made whole. Please pray for this baby and her family..

Prayer Request

Debbie L posted on 01/13/2015 11:22:45 PM

prayer for the Lueck family to be restored. Soften hearts to stop the divorce process. Peace for our children Please share I need many prayers thank you Special prayer on my lawyers hands that he does his work to help

Prayer Request

Kelly posted on 01/13/2015 8:05 PM

Guidance and discernment in relationships, I have a friend who is not a christian, but we both like each other. I have distanced myself from him, but because of where I work I have to see him a lot. I want to ask him to come to church, but I don't know if I should just stay as far away as possible.

Prayer Request

Chelsey posted on 01/13/2015 5:46:21 PM

I really need prayers, since me and her have been together her ex was always around but as a friend. But last night I found out when she left 9 weeks ago to take care of herself he was more than that. She has tried talking to me every day and lately I have been just letting It go because I have been so confused. I asked her about it, and come to find out she is in a situation if she left him he would hurt her. Knowing this and knowing everything that happened with us these past 9 weeks now all makes sense knowing he has that much control over her. She told me last night she just wants to settle down and have a family with me but so scared. I ask for prayers that God gives her the courage to walk away from him, the strength to know she deserves better. I ask for prayers that God takes him out of her life and shows him the terrible hurt he is causing her and removes him and carries on his own life. I ask for prayers that God continues to break open her heart and show her the love I have for her and I am here waiting patiently for his because from church 2 weeks ago I need to trust God completely for my dream, and my dream is to spend my life with her and make her happy. She is amazing and doesn�t deserve this and deserves to smile every day because it is so beautiful. Please ask for prayers to let me trust God completely and have the strength to wait for her and be patient, good things take time. Thank you all for the prayers and God Bless

Prayer Request

Josie posted on 01/13/2015 4:28:14 PM

Please pray for my 34 year old daughter,mother of 5 as she waits on testing result for unknown body muscle pains.

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 01/13/2015 3:20 PM

Please pray for a 23 year old. He lost his dad about two years ago and he is so lost. He is looking for women to fill the void and he is making bad choices. Please pray for him. He is so lost and hurting and running from God.