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Prayer is a very important part of our ministry at The JOY FM. We pray for your needs each weekday. Note: Prayer requests will be approved and posted within 24 hours on weekdays.

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Prayer Request

Louie G. l posted on 11/01/2016 10:02:38 PM

Help us Father-God that we can repair gas stove hose hookup so we can use the stove to cook with help of the landlord were renting from Thank You

Prayer Request

Louie G. posted on 11/01/2016 9:55:52 PM

Granados family Help us Father-God to be able to pay our rent and be able to catchup with our utilities,which we have fallen behind even if the payment is not enough when we pay. Thank You friends In-Christ for your prayers

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 11/01/2016 8:45:56 PM

I'm tired of my dad! I can't take it anymore and his disrespectful, bad attitude every time he comes home from work! Please continue to pray for him and me. He's like a child who always wants attention! It's annoying. He has too much pride especially with his siblings. He doesn't even talk to his brother anymore, how sad. He should be ashamed of himself! I need a regular dad back!

Prayer Request

S posted on 11/01/2016 2:20:08 PM

I need prayers for my husband and I. We have been married almost 2 years and have been trying to get pregnant for about 18 months now. I have some health problems that have made this a struggle but I know Gods will will be done. I know God will one day bless us with a child but would appreciate prayers until that day comes. Thank you all. God bless you!

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 11/01/2016 12:13:55 AM

Please pray for Gods will to be done in my life. I am so tired. I have been trying to pray for what I think should happen in my daughter's life. I couldn't have children then a miracle happened I got pregnant. I was abused and I couldn't let that happen to her so I divorced him. I remarried a man that I thought at the time was a good man but he tried to make sexual advances to my daughter. I divorced him to. After my daughter was grown and about to start her own family I meet my husband whom on our second date took me to church and that was my sign that I had ask God for. My daughter has since divorced. She has 3 beautiful children and has struggled ever since the divorce. That's been about 3 years ago. She can't see the man she is dating has an evil presence about him. Please pray with me for her eyes to see and be opened like never before about him. Just as God did for me so long ago. I pray that God will send an Angel to her that will open her eyes and help her through this evil world. She is saved and in a battle like no other. I pray this not just for me and her but for her children and ex husband. May God lay his hand on her In Jesus Name Amen and Amen

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 10/31/2016 11:45:15 PM

Need special prayer for my daughter, her children and her ex husband. For a healing of hearts and souls. Let Gods will be done !

Prayer Request

LaTorris posted on 10/31/2016 4:39:27 PM

Hello, Joy 93.3 Family I worship with you all day long 24/7. This ministry has been a unique blessing in my life. When ever I needed prayer you are there. You prayed with me for new employment and God moved opening up the door for me!!!! Praise the Lord. Please pray with me against generational curses trying to attack me,my healtth and my DESTINY. I LOVE YOU ALL very much!!! I will pray for you. Thanks, LaTorris

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 10/31/2016 12:17:12 PM

I am getting over a breakup, and I'm having a really hard time. I trust that the Lord will take care of me and my future, but it still hurts. My ex is a GREAT guy who hasn't dated anyone other than me since he was 21 (he's 30 now), & he told everyone I was "the one," then out of no where, he said he "isn't ready for a relationship" and he "doesn't see a future with anyone because he's not ready to" obviously I have to let go. I say all of that to ask you to please pray for him and his heart and mind. He is filled with some sort of fear, and it breaks my heart for him. Please also pray that I can move forward and be happy. I still believe the Lord "supports" our relationship, so please pray that if it is His will that we be reunited in His time.

Prayer Request

Megan posted on 10/31/2016 07:10:56 AM

Please pray for my little brother Mike that he would surrender his life COMPLETELY to Christ & for his protection from himself and harming anyone else. Please pray for the restoration of his relationship with my Nana. Please pray for my older brother Matthew who needs to come back to Christ 100%. Please pray for the restoration of his marriage to his wife Liz & for her to come back to Christ & for them both to be physically, emotionally and spiritually healed. please and thank you!!

Prayer Request

Rachel p. posted on 10/31/2016 06:59:26 AM

Please pray for me to be healed. I have been sick for three years now and recently it's gotten worse. I don't have insurance and am afraid I have some form of cancer. I am 33 years old with three kids. Please pray for God's healing touch on me. Thank you and God bless you.