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Prayer is a very important part of our ministry at The JOY FM. We pray for your needs each weekday. Note: Prayer requests will be approved and posted within 24 hours on weekdays.

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Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 01/17/2016 12:19:26 AM

Please pray for my children, each has different needs. One needs to choose the best suited major and minor in college for her...lord God speak clearly to her heart so she understands. Another child needs much help in making eye contact with us and smiling more--he may need healing from RAD. And our youngest needs a bunch of things related to the season she's currently in God knows....

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 01/17/2016 12:03:54 AM

Please pray for God's peace to be upon our home. Pray our family makes wise choices for sleeping enough, making healthy food choices, good exercise, making and maintaining heathy friendships-working relationships.... And that by God increasing our health, we will serve God and live vibrant lives for Him.

Prayer Request

Tim Holloway posted on 01/16/2016 10:22:11 AM

For my self and my Family plz,, having a hard time,,

Prayer Request

Marceline posted on 01/15/2016 12:35:33 PM

I need your prayers to be able to find a job, I sometimes discouraged because it's been more than four months that I sought but I know that God is faithful, it is high I remain confident. Thanks in advance

Prayer Request

Laureen Rumph posted on 01/14/2016 8:12:40 PM

I am in need of a job to take care of my bills. I am today 3 months behind on my mortgage since losing my job in October. I have no more room on my credit cards to buy food, gas or pay car insurance to go to interviews. I need a miracle

Prayer Request

Roberta posted on 01/14/2016 4:20:19 PM

Please pray that we will not have to sell our home! Lord, you know our situation, and our needs. Our future is in Your hands. We ask that You take care of our family. We ask that You keep my husband comfortable and ease his pain. We ask that You lead us to the path that will allow us to remain in our "forever" home. Lord, we know You hear our prayers, and will lead us in the right direction. Amen

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 01/14/2016 10:37:59 AM

Please pray for my family as we mourn the loss of my 19 year old sister. She was the passenger in a fatal car accident. We need as many prayers as we can get. We have financial struggles now, but most of all, we are just mourning the loss. Thanks.

Prayer Request

Mary Brannon posted on 01/14/2016 08:43:39 AM

Please be in prayer for my friend Carla. She is caring for her husband, aging parents, 3 college age kids, and her students at school. She has little energy left for taking care of her home and the money she brings in isn't covering everything. I am concerned for her mental and physical well being. Currently, I don't think she even has time for worship on Sunday. I don't know how else to help as I don't live close-by.

Prayer Request

Frankie posted on 01/14/2016 08:38:42 AM

For my sister who needs to pass her CDL class A road test in order to get a job. Thank you Joy FM family!

Prayer Request

Elizabeth posted on 01/13/2016 8:38:32 PM

I need a job with good pay and benefits to I can pay my bills, get back into my house, keep my 14 yr old son. Repay the person who has helped me and help others.