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Prayer is a very important part of our ministry at The JOY FM. We pray for your needs each weekday. Note: Prayer requests will be approved and posted within 24 hours on weekdays.

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Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 05/20/2015 9:38:26 PM

I am being harassed at work. There are 3 women that just will not leave me alone. I have 6 more days with them and they are moving to different jobs. I ask for a prayer of protection from their further attacks and that my boss continues to see through them to the truth.

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 05/20/2015 7:27:56 PM

Please pray for my stress level. I'm graduating high school next Friday and the weight of finals, college and many other stresses is driving me crazy. Thank you.

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 05/19/2015 9:34:08 PM

Please pray for my 28 yr old son. He has 5 kids and a wife and will not hold down a job to suppport his family. No place to live right now. Pray that GOD will put someone in his life that will help him make a change. Also has anger issues and his wife has family issues. Also pray for me and his mom that we can be the strong parents we need to be to him.

Prayer Request

Danella posted on 05/19/2015 5:14:43 PM

Please pray for my marriage. It's about to end and I don't want it to. He wants me to sign the papers and I really don't want to. He has shut down, closed his heart off to me. I started this by saying I was gay but woke up and realize I know I am not gay, and how worth we are to fight for this and now I just pray he wakes up. He's says he's not in love with me anymore. God help us

Prayer Request

Ed posted on 05/19/2015 07:51:45 AM

Dear all,, I need all of you to pray for me very urgently. Due to financial difficulties,I have no choice but to get some loans from some illegal money lenders last month. After paying them for a month, I have to default my payments due to the high interest and I have no more money left in my account . The money lenders started to send me life threats and nasty messages. They also threatened to spray paint on my house door and also my neighbours, send letters to all my neighbours etc. Please, I beg all of you to pay for me urgently that God will send Angels to protect me and my family and also my neighbour, I need miracle that the money lenders are not able to do ANY nasty things to me and my family. I need a financial miracle urgently. Thanks in advance for praying!

Prayer Request

aubrey posted on 05/18/2015 7:45:25 PM

I need increase in my finances. I have so many bills and very little money. By the time i pay for haircut put gas in my car and pay bills i am out of money. I don't make enough to buy myself something to eat or get a apartment

Prayer Request

michelle posted on 05/18/2015 6:09:41 PM

please pray for my family were being kicked off our home land for 21 year because of greed and selfishness we need help moveing I have no job my husband is disabled my child is only 14 I cant do this by myself lord please interviene with a miracle lord jesus name I pray amen

Prayer Request

Ruben posted on 05/18/2015 1:17:20 PM

I am really not sure if I am saved. Either I am and severly backslidden or I need to be saved. I think I may have been the seed in the parable of the sower that believed but the cares of this world choked it of it. I am deep in sin, the world,pride, a wicked sinful lifestyle that I need deliverance from,and the flesh. Please pray for me and thank you. I am so dead and cold and indifferent inside and my heart is a rock. I think I am a reprobate from The Willful sin I am in.

Prayer Request

ruben posted on 05/18/2015 10:43:30 AM

Please pray for my salvation.

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 05/18/2015 08:02:42 AM

I need prayer this morning. Years ago my ex husband brutally raped, beat and tortured me. This included suffocation, choking, physical trama, mental emotional abuse he also tortured my puppy and made me watch. I have forgiven him completely, however there are things that I now cannot handle. This morning my current husband who is normally happy, caring and loving to everyone and everything, got woke up by the cat constantly meowing. He jumped up and grabbed the bat! I stopped it..but it triggered me to almost snap! I stayed in the other room to calm down, however when he got dressed for work he was smiling at me as though nothing happened. He demanded that I put the bat bsck and I did snap. I advised him that if he ever hurt me, my kids or my animals I would give him the bat in his sleep and introduce him to Jesus personally. This is not my nature. .I have never seen him like this and I've known him for 30+years..that demon will not reenter my home. Thank you for listening and for praying. God Bless