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Prayer is a very important part of our ministry at The JOY FM. We pray for your needs each weekday. Note: Prayer requests will be approved and posted within 24 hours on weekdays.

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Anonymous posted on 06/08/2015 9:54:34 PM

Please pray that The Lord will heal me from pulmonary fibrosis and my breathing will be normal.

Prayer Request

sherry posted on 06/08/2015 4:40:12 PM

Can I ask for prayer please having a situation where people in my family (that the enemy has been using to bully and intimidate me for years) are coming against me..Hard to explain it's a big huge mess..Please pray for protection and victory from the plan of the enemy working through them.

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 06/08/2015 2:05:11 PM

My daughter left her family at the age of 20. Now her husband convince her she does not need her family. Please pray she will have the desire to visit and become part of her family again.

Prayer Request

Ruben posted on 06/08/2015 1:24:04 PM

I have been backslidden for months now and have been drifiting further away from The LORD. I have been getting worst by they day and it;s my fault. I have fallen back into homosexuality and have been living in sin, the flesh, and the world. I am under deep demonic bondage and have been going back and forth with The Lord Jesus Christ. He has been reaching out to me but I havent been listening. I have been full of pride and myself. I am dead inside. I am so depressed and sad and I need to humble myself and repent, pray, fast and get back into The WORD but I havent. I know in addition to my foolish pride and carnality the enemy is at work here.I need Godly sorrow to flood my heart and mind and soul like psalm 51. I need the flood gates of Holy Ghost Conviction to pour down upon me and crack open my heart like a walnut. I get so lonely, no friends, no family, no church. I am just so tired of everything. Even yesterday and He was reaching out to me but I didn't listen. The LORD delivered me before for this wicked lifestyle and He could do it again. Please pray for humility to flood my heart and soul and for my repntance toward God and faith toward The Lord Jesus Christ. Please pray for the Lord to deliver me from this bondage and demon and for Him to help my backsliding and for my return to Him. I need to do my part and repent and submit to Him and resist The devil and draw nigh to God and return to my first love. Sometimes I feel like giving up but I know nothing is impossible for The LORD and that He loves me and I have been treating Him horribly. Even part of me is tired of putting up prayer requeest. I am deep in sin and am a double minded man. I need to stop playing games with God. Please pray for me and thank you all and God bless you.

Prayer Request

rebecca posted on 06/07/2015 7:22:16 PM

please pray for me to have financial blessings so I may pay all my debts off and have extra money for food for me and my family.

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 06/07/2015 10:25:24 AM

Please pray for a friend battling a rare form of cancer.

Prayer Request

Rick posted on 06/07/2015 08:23:53 AM

Please pray for my sister urgently. She applied for a house renovation loan, for her case, she is definitely not eligible to get the loan, BUT with God , all things are possible. Please pray that her loan will be approved miraculously . Please also pray for us as we need a financial miracle urgently too.

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 06/06/2015 3:15:37 PM

Please pray for me. I have been in complete isolation for many years. I work alone, live alone and have trust issues with people and God. I don't talk with family and distanced myself from all friends long ago. I can't even remember the last time I had a conversation with someone other than speaking to someone checking me out at a register or asking someone in my company a question. I don't like people much including myself. I am not sure if I want people in my life a lot of times even though I know deep inside I crave that. My heart hurts and the only way I have found to cope is to harden/numb it... try to feel nothing but I know that is not good. I need a true miracle.

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 06/06/2015 08:07:19 AM

Please pray for my Granddaughter who is 17. Her Dad died of a overdose and she went to live with his family up north. She is exposed to things of this world and has very little contact with her mother. Please pray for her safety and that she will see that GODS way and follow it. w

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 06/05/2015 08:18:41 AM

Please pray for my son. He just turned 18 and moved out of our home. He has a rebellious spirit and is going to live an alternative lifestyle. He has been raised in church and is a Christian. He just feels like he can't fight the spirit any longer. I ask for deliverance, that his Faith grows, his heart is softened, mind cleared and that all people that are not speaking truth in his life are removed. In Jesus name. Anen