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Prayer is a very important part of our ministry at The JOY FM. We pray for your needs each weekday. Note: Prayer requests will be approved and posted within 24 hours on weekdays.

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Anonymous posted on 12/04/2016 6:09:39 PM

Three weeks ago my husband caught me in a lie and after 24 hours of drinking, he hit me and wound up in jail. We are not even able to talk on the phone and are only allowed to email. We want to get help for our marriage and we want to heal our family, but the courts are standing in the way. They say they are protecting me from my husband, but I am not afraid of him. We hardly ever even argue! What happened was a one time thing and a result of too much alcohol. Christmas is coming and my heart is broken. I KNOW what a spiritual attack looks like, and my family is being attacked from all sides. The Bible says that "two become one", and I feel like half of myself is missing. Nothing eases the pain in my heart and the ache in my chest. I'm trying to be strong for my kids but I'm struggling. I just want my husband to come home.

Prayer Request

Kelly posted on 12/04/2016 12:57:01 PM

My mom died the day b4 T'giving. Just as I kinda knew would happen, everyone has returned to their normal lives. My daddy died when I was 9, so I kinda figured they would. It still hurts tho. And I'm trying to put everything in God's hands, wait on His timing, but I took care of her since daddy died...43 yrs..literally. Never married, took care of mom. But I don't know what God wants me to do now.

Prayer Request

Louie posted on 12/04/2016 10:50:55 AM

From Granados family: Our dog snoopy develope a lump between his neck and head inside , when cant afford to take him to the vet,we ask that ,Father-God that You might do a miracle of healing for him.Thank You Father-God

Prayer Request

Louie posted on 12/03/2016 1:57:52 PM

Help my boy Yeshua get better. He's got a bad cold. Pray he gets respiratory help and that he gets better, Thank You.

Prayer Request

Janice posted on 12/03/2016 10:00:24 AM

I am in a desperate financial situation faced with losing my home and am behind on my other debts. I'm self-employed and have experienced a reduction of income this year. I am trying to maintain a positive attitude but feel the intense pressure of things spinning out of control. I believe God answers prayer and respectfully request you join me in praying that God will supply a supernatural answer to my situation. Thank you so much.

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 12/03/2016 08:39:34 AM

Please for my children that are not saved and they just will not listen to the word from us. Our grandchildren go to church with us and we are teaching them and they understand and always asking why there parents won't go. Please pray for my husband and I to have the strength to do what we need and say the right things. There are some addictions involved.

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 12/02/2016 4:47:26 PM

Please pray for relationship restoration for M & L. Pray M overcomes his fear of commitment & his selfishness. Please pray the Lord heals them and reunites them in His name.

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 12/02/2016 4:31:19 PM

Please pray for healing for my son who suffers from mental illness and for wisdom for the doctor and therapist who are helping him. Our whole family has been struggling with this for over two years now and we are all so weary and beaten down. My son has turned away from God during this as well. Pray that he will come back to the Lord. He is very bitter over what has happened to him since being diagnosed with MI. Thank you and God Bless.

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Anonymous posted on 12/02/2016 1:19:19 PM

We need a prayer said for my mother in law, who lost her husband of 70 years in October. She came down with pneumonia and is currently in rehab and will be coming home for Christmas. She is extremely lonely and wants to go to Heaven.

Prayer Request

kim posted on 12/02/2016 08:20:41 AM

please pray for my sister. she is 54 years young. she has gotten confused when driving and is also a little forgetful. we have history in our family of dementia and alzheimers. she is going to a neurologist for further testing. please pray for total healing in her mind. thank you!