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Prayer is a very important part of our ministry at The JOY FM. We pray for your needs each weekday. Note: Prayer requests will be approved and posted within 24 hours on weekdays.

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Prayer Request

Christina Love posted on 02/13/2015 08:34:57 AM

My husband is undergoing open heart surgery right now. Please pray.

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Anonymous posted on 02/12/2015 10:13:36 PM

Please pray for Naomi the god enlightens her, touches her heart, draws her to him, and she has a real relationship with god. In Jesus name.amen

Prayer Request

Carrie posted on 02/12/2015 8:52:59 PM

I'm tired of being lonely. I have been a part of a women's bible study group for years and still have not made any friends that really care. I want someone to "do life with" not just some who doesn't really care. I have tried to invite others to do things but no one ever wants to. Also please pray that God will change my heart. I do not want to continue being the ugly hateful person I am inside (that no one sees). Everyone thinks I'm a nice person but on the inside I'm mean, negative and judgmental. I have prayed over and over for God to change my heart by I don�t see any difference. I want and need someone who will hold me accountable for all the things I do.

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 02/12/2015 8:12:31 PM

Asking y'all to pray for Ashley Jones she has been missing for a week now.Her family is worried about her.She has 3 little girl.

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Leo posted on 02/12/2015 09:39:36 AM

diagnosed with prostate cancer, going to get bone scan Mon, need that bone scan to be clear...that it has not spread in body....

Prayer Request

Linda C posted on 02/11/2015 08:01:32 AM

We ask for God's protection over my brother who is currently serving time in prison. That he will remain focused on Christ and healing. For his wife and children during his incarceration. That our siblings will resolve to support and encourage him instead of convicting him further.

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 02/10/2015 10:17:41 PM

Please pray for us. Eight months ago I checked on an attorney in California with Better Business and the Bar Association. After excelent reports we payed them $8000. to work with our mortgage company to refinance our loan at 2% interest. Today I found that the attorney is a scam and now we are set for foreclosure on March 3. I am devistated and don't know what to do. I am 68 and my husband is 69 and confined to bed most of the time. Now it looks like we will lose our home of 20 years. I don't know where we will go or how we will be able to move if it becomes necessary. God Help us.

Prayer Request

Christina Love posted on 02/10/2015 1:37:46 PM

My former husband has been taken to the hospital for a left heart catheterization due to chest pains he has had off and on for a few weeks. Please pray that the procedure is successful and for a speedy recovery. Also please pray for me and for our son.

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 02/10/2015 09:58:24 AM

I AND MY HUSBAND NEED PRAYER, PLEASE PRAY BEFORE DURING AND AFTER THIS MEETING. My husband is going to seek "coaching" through a faith based place for the issues that have arose in our marriage and the demons he said have resurfaced, which have resulted in an affair. My husband has a meeting on Thursday, Feb. 12 at 1:30pm, please pray that God is able to reach his mind, body, and spirit to heal and the demons be removed so that our marriage can be healed, restored, stronger, lasting, happier, all from the works and grace of God. Please pray for my husband and our marriage. I do not want to get a divorce, but work through this and with God's strength and prayer, we can get through this, God will see us through this struggle in our marriage. In Jesus Name I Pray, AMEN!!!!

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 02/10/2015 12:33:57 AM

My home is for sale, and I need the right buyer to come along at the right time. I am also asking God to provide our next home for my husband & I to buy or rent, that will allow us to have my elderly in-laws to move in with us so we can assist them with their care. We need room for six adults as we also have two young adult daughters who live with us, plus we need room for all our grandchildren & other adult children to visit for family meals on Sundays. We are also looking for a church to call home, been looking a long time.