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Prayer is a very important part of our ministry at The JOY FM. We pray for your needs each weekday. Note: Prayer requests will be approved and posted within 24 hours on weekdays.

Our 24-hour prayer line is available at 1-877-800-PRAY


Prayer Request

Chuck posted on 09/16/2013 09:39:43 AM

Please keep me in prayer having some health issues

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 09/16/2013 02:11:04 AM

Please pray for my friend and her boys. They don't have a family support system and are on their own. Please pray that the job position she is hoping for comes through soon so that she and her boys will not be without insurance.

Praise Report

iona posted on 09/16/2013 01:19:12 AM

I want to give the Lord praise because of who is and what he has done for all people. HE is awesome, great is His name. I think back in time about my life, not a good life in the pass. I'm so glad GOD, never gives up on us, even though we don't deserve his love, grace, and mercy. I thank You LORD for saving my life, redeeming me, and opening my heart to You. Love Iona

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 09/15/2013 10:58:30 PM

Please help me lift up my friend in prayer as she looks for a job. Her family is going through some financial problems.

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 09/15/2013 7:31:51 PM

Please pray for a man name Bill to be able to quit smoking for good. He is trying, and is on the medication to help him quit, so please pray that it will work.

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 09/15/2013 7:29:12 PM

Please pray for my daughter, that God's will be done in her life and she will find some place to use her God given gift of musical talents.

Prayer Request

Don Elliott posted on 09/15/2013 3:27:24 PM

I ask for prayers for my mother-in-law (who has stage 4 terminal cancer), my wife, and sister-in-law. The past 10 months have been very hard. My wife and her mother both share the same birthday this month, September 30th, and I've been trying to make this one of their most memorable birthdays together ever. I pray something great comes from this.

Prayer Request

Tony posted on 09/15/2013 3:10:13 PM

Pray that my wife, Rosie, comes into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ. And that she truly believes that He died for her. Pray that He heals her brokenness.

Prayer Request

ethan posted on 09/15/2013 03:45:03 AM

Please pray for my family to stop smoking all things and drugs im ethan age11

Prayer Request

Tiffany Napier posted on 09/14/2013 7:15:40 PM

Please pray for my upcoming interview that would allow me to live closer to my husband.