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Prayer is a very important part of our ministry at The JOY FM. We pray for your needs each weekday. Note: Prayer requests will be approved and posted within 24 hours on weekdays.

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Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 12/26/2013 3:35:16 PM

My oldest son is getting married. My son questions the existence of God and his fiancee accept but does not follow God's desires. Neither myself or my son's father have not provided good role modeling for a marriage. Please pray these two wonderful people find the way to form a marriage based on God's way not man's. Thank you for all the hope and encouragement you provide to so many.

Prayer Request

Nakia W posted on 12/25/2013 12:46:30 PM

I pray that this year will be a good year. I need a high paying job to take care of my four children, as an single parent. I pray that God fulfil all our needs and prosperity. I need God to bless us with warm loving home, financially stable, open a family business (my kids and I), become rich to be able to help the homeless.

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 12/23/2013 7:35:46 PM

I am a mother of 3 children. 15, 12 and 9. The past 6 months have been the worst we've ever had. We lost our home of 7 years to foreclosure in March, it was the only home my kids really ever knew. My husband had lost his job the previous year and tried to keep the foreclosure from happening with no luck. He found work here and there so we could find a rental home. Unfortunately, he couldn't find permanent employment, so we lost our rental within 3 months. My wonderful father, who fought Alzheimer's for several years, lost his battle in April. This was devastating to me and my entire family. We are both out of work but trying and didn't know where to turn or who to turn to. We've prayed and handed it over to god. I know he will provide through prayer. Please, pray for my family... For strength, healing and work. Please pray for my kids... They have no Christmas presents to wake up to on Christmas morning. Every prayer is needed and appreciated. God bless!

Prayer Request

Kim Wilson posted on 12/23/2013 09:19:49 AM

I asked that you bring Jeff a job where he can glorify God and bring money into our home so we may live warmly with power and provide us food for the table and gas in our cars. Money has been so tight for so long and we have always been covered. But I really want Jeff to be happy in whatever job you give him, it makes him so happy to be able to provide for his family. I so want this for him. I thank you for the new found faith Jeff has found in Christ you this Christmas season. I pray for a job for him swiftly, thank you!

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 12/23/2013 07:26:31 AM

Please pray for my family. My son has made some bad decisions and he probably will not be with us this Christmas. I know God is working in his life to open his eyes. I feel that God has a job for him in the church, he just has to accept the calling. I love my family so much but I know God loves us more and knows our future.

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 12/22/2013 09:58:07 AM

My family and I have gone through so much over the years. It has always been a struggle to keep our heads above water, but we have always had our faith. Things are now at the point we are loosing our home, with no finances to be able to move. My marriage is failing and I have come to realize I have now lost my faith that I once stood so strong on. I am thankful my children are now grown and are out of the house, so it is just me that will be on the streets. I just don't understand why we are where we are. We always have tried to do the Christian thing in every situation. We have taken others in when they had no where else to go. We took on 3 other children, that are now grown, from a drug infested home style and the parents couldn't or wouldn't take care of them. All in the name of Jesus. I never could turn anyone away, as God said "As you have done unto these, so you do, also, unto me." Please pray for my family and our situation. I am so tired of the struggle.

Prayer Request

Ray Parham posted on 12/21/2013 9:57:54 PM

Tonight I dedicated my life to Christ. I pray that God will lead my life and to protect me from sin. Please pray for me to keep God first in my life and put God's needs before my own needs.

Prayer Request

Bruce Bolen posted on 12/21/2013 8:01:57 PM

Brothers & Sisters, I find myself no closer to resolution in my marriage days before Christmas. I was hoping and praying for some kind of resolution but as of right now nothing has changed. I am trying with every ounce of energy to focus on me and draw nearer to Jesus but I feel as if I have hit a lull. I know I can not change anything on my own at this point but Jesus can do anything if I stay close to HIM and continue to draw even closer to HIM. I miss my wife Marla and our daughter Sydney beyond words to express. I feel so utterly alone and hopeless but the other side of my brain knows that isnt true. That doesnt mean I still dont feel the gut wrenching feeling of missing my family. I hate to keep asking you all for prayers for my family but I honestly have no other outlet other than Jesus and as I know he is working on myself and my wife I just have the hardest time dealing with HIS timing. Im doing my best. Just to wake up and face my day is a challenge by itself. So I humbly ask you once again for prayer that Jesus gives me the peace and joy to make it thru this week which my wife and I looked so forward to every year. Jesus please draw into me as I draw into you for your comforting peace and joy this week. I so desperatly need to see your presence and feel your touch in my life right now. I praise YOUR wholy name during this heart breaking period in my life. Jesus I need you so! Thank you my friends, Bruce Bolen

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 12/21/2013 2:27:29 PM

Recently I moved to a new city to get away from an unhealthy 5 year on and off relationship. He was never abusive, and wasn't a mean person, but he never wanted to commit. His parents divorced when he was 19, and it is something I don't think he's dealt with. He always told me he didn't want a committed relationship and may never get married, but if he did, it'd all be with me. I stayed for so long because I wanted to show him that he deserved someone who would never leave him. Finally, I knew I had to get away for my own sake and for his (as I realized I was only enabling him). I've been gone about 7 months, and I found out last week he has a girlfriend. I am heartbroken. Please pray that God gives me peace--whatever that looks like. Please pray that God will use this time to rebuild what has been broken in me. Pray that God uses this time to help him grow in ways he needs to grow. And, if you will, please pray that this relationship he's in now only last if it's genuine. Pray that God restores our relationship, because I still love him very very much. I believe when believers come together and pray for a cause, God will hear our prayer and give us the desires of our hearts. I need your help! Thank you for your prayers!

Prayer Request

Susan posted on 12/21/2013 05:09:45 AM

I was fired from my job yesterday for a post my husband made on facebook. I loved my job and I love my husband. I am so angry and I don't know what to do next as far as our relationship is concerned. I agree he should not have posted it the way he did. He was trying to prove a point following all the hype about duck dynasty. I also learned that pointing the Biblical truths about certain subjects could misconstrude as anti- "fill in the blank". Please pray for me and my family since i was the sole provider.