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Prayer is a very important part of our ministry at The JOY FM. We pray for your needs each weekday. Note: Prayer requests will be approved and posted within 24 hours on weekdays.

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Worried posted on 08/28/2013 06:43:43 AM

My oldest brother has had a drug problem for a long time now. It has gotten outta hand and he has been threatening suicide. Please pray for him that he will find GOD and that the demonds in him will leave! He has 4 kids. Two in Ocala Fl and two in Ga. Thank you!

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 08/27/2013 8:30:07 PM

Please pray for my grandson, who does want to go to church because he blames God for his Mom and Dad's divorce. My daughter is trying very hard to try to get him involved in church, and in a youth group. He has accepted Christ as his Savior, and has been involved in church when they lived in another town, but not since he has became a teenager this year. His dad does not go to church at all. His Mom is a born again christian , raised in my home and was in church about every time the doors were opened. She accepted Christ as her personal savior when she was young, and was always active in all the activities going on in the church. She attended a christian school from 6th grade through high school. She tries very hard to keep her son living right, and his Dad goes against every good thing she tries for her son. He hopes his son will come live with him. If he does he will never hear about God. His dad never talks about God in his home and never, never goes to church. My daughter has had her son in all kinds of therapy for help because he has ADHD. His dad does not like to admit that his son is ADHD. The therapist has talked to his Dad and they tell him he needs to support his ex in all she tries to do for their son, because they know she has worked very hard to keep her son on the right track. The dad loves it when his son rebels against his Mom, because each time he hopes that will be the time his son will want to come live with him. He buys his son anything he wants, no matter the cost, to keep him on his side. When the son comes back home with his Mom after being at his Dad's he has a very bad attitude, and it takes her several days to get him straightened out again. Those are just a few of the problems she has to put up with because of his dad. The son has said that he does not want to leave his Mom's home and live with his dad, but his dad will not accept that. My daughter and her son's step dad have just found a new church that they think will serve as their church home and she had asked me for to pray that she will be able to get her son involved in this church, because they all need a church home. They had tried several churches since they have moved and this one seems to be the one. The son has not visited this church yet, because he was with his dad when they visited this church, and decided this is where God wants them. The last few times she tried to her son to go to church he got very with her and said, "why should i go to church, God doesn't care about me, look what happened in my life". He blames God for his Mom and Dad's divorce. And they have been divorced for years. This coming Sunday will be the first chance she has had to take her son to this church. So please pray that God will be preparing her son's heart that when she approaches her son about going to this new church Sunday, that he will be willing without putting up a fight with his Mom about this. And hopefully there will be other teenagers there that he knows and he will enjoy it so much that he will continue to want to go to church again. She needs this miracle to happen, and i am asking prayer for this situation. Thank you so much. Hopefully i will have a praise to share with you next week.

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 08/27/2013 5:34:50 PM

Please pray for my son and husband who are both on prescription pain meds. We are about to lose our home because of this. I have always tried to be a strong Christ centered person. My heart is heavy and I'm starting to have health problems due to the stress.

Prayer Request

Tony posted on 08/27/2013 4:40:34 PM

Pray for my brother, Jon. He's strayed away from Christ. Pray that Christ deliver him from his dipping habit. And that God brings him back to Himself and restores him in the faith.

Prayer Request

Karen posted on 08/27/2013 11:30:16 AM

Please join me in praying for my dead marriage to be restored on the solid rock of Jesus. I am standing in the gap for my "husband" and I just want him to come back to God and home to me. Thank you very much.

Prayer Request

BILLARD posted on 08/27/2013 03:53:52 AM

I would like to have support for the following prayer. Mom (Henriette Billard) who was 97 had to be hospitalized for distort food roads A pneumonia of inhalation was discovered. Failing to treat it or to feed mom by oral route the hospital where it was decided not to nourish her by any mean whatsoever and the hospital refused to let mom go back home until it was sure she would die. Mom was authorized to come back home within a hospital at home. She died 3 days later. Considering that every person has the right to live whatsoever their age and that there was an injustice of which mom was the victim which should repaired (Luke 18), I ask God in the name of Jesus Christ (John 14:13) to raise up mom from the deads for some extra high quality years of life because for God nothing is impossible (John 6:19, Matthew 17:20, Matthew 19:26, Mark 10:27, Luke 1:37). Many thanks for those who accept to support me for this.prayer. May God bless them. Philippe Billard

Prayer Request

j posted on 08/26/2013 10:16:29 PM

my husband and I are battling infertility and Im battling PCOS after several miscarriages. Im feel hopeless

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 08/26/2013 10:09:58 PM

Please pray for my 15 yr old son who is confused. I'm Praying and need all the prayers to have my son want to come back home. I've raised him as mom and dad the 15yrs of his life. I have done nothing but love this child unconditionally and got him away from all the drama. The things you don't want around your child and just recently the past month his dad finally spent time with him for 2 wks which is now turning into a month... I want him to come back to me without me resenting me since he craved and wanted his father's attention and now he finally has it. My only concern is honestly he is not a parent or, role model. As in anger issues and talking rudely to others.He is very manipulative and also has been arrested a few times(wasn't that way 15 yrs ago), last yr recently for not keeping his mouth shut to an officer and etc. Please pray for my family(my son and I) be reunited without me having to force him. God knows all my intentions are good and knows my heart. I hate to have molded this child to a principle honor roll student, with good manners, good heart and to have God in his daily life. I honestly feel if he strays to his father he will go the wrong way. As in not having daily talks and prayers of God. talking to people with respect. Possibly even headed for a ged.... Please please please pray for my family to be reunited as one as it has been. To clear my son's head and miss home(mom). I've lost 10 lbs in a wk and can't keep food down since I feel I have lost my child. I know the out come will not be good in general if I allow him to stay with his father. My child is my number one priorty, world and always has been. He is one of God's greatest blessing to have in my life. thank you so very much for your time!

Prayer Request

AJ posted on 08/26/2013 10:09:13 PM

my husband is trying to find stable employment. please lift us up in prayer. Also for please pray that my mother and my business picks up. we run a cleaning company in Atlanta- Two ladies with a broom

Prayer Request

Jessica posted on 08/26/2013 10:06:56 PM

I've been battling PCOS and infertility for years and also experienced multiple miscarriages. I started a healthy lifestyle of real food and exercise but sometimes the desire for a child wears me down. I want Gods will, but ask for prayer whenever I can get it. :) so please continue to pray for me and my husband, as well as another young couple in my church that are trying to conceive after a miscarriage. you can read more of my story on