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Prayer is a very important part of our ministry at The JOY FM. We pray for your needs each weekday. Note: Prayer requests will be approved and posted within 24 hours on weekdays.

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Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 09/09/2015 3:16:50 PM

In a world full of mediocrity and garbage I'm asking for prayers for God to do something impossible for man, but possible for Him. I'm asking The Lord for both of my son in laws (C.C & A.C.) to be some of the most faithful, devoted, loving, romantic men/husbands to my two daughters (S&A) that have ever had the blessing of walking this earth ! Lord protect them, & my two daughters & our fam/their future fam now& forever, in every way & in all aspects of their/our lives, including marriages & relationships, deliver them/us continually from every evil,harm,temptation, adultery, perversion, separation, loss, illness, curse, enemy, bad fruit... Now & forever, praying all this & more in Jesus our Savior and King of kings Name, we pray, & praise, Amen!!! Matthew 19:26 Jesus looked at them and said, "With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible."

Prayer Request

cedric white posted on 09/08/2015 10:54:42 PM

Lord I demand let not my heart be trouble; Prayer for Mother Angela I demand let her heart be troubled

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 09/08/2015 3:39:33 PM

Please pray for a friend who has been battling health challenges and now is in need of prayers for her daughter's health as well. Christian prayer warriors - please pray for courage and strength of mind and body and healing for these amazing ladies.

Prayer Request

therese posted on 09/07/2015 03:30:53 AM


Prayer Request

Judson E posted on 09/07/2015 12:04:16 AM

I am asking for my fellow prayer warriors to join me in prayer for my friend Carrie. She just keeps being tested over and over, and I am worried about her. Her car broke down today, she just left an abusive and controlling relationship, is struggling badly with depression and anxiety and is in school on top of that. I pray that God brings her deliverance from these unfortunate events that keep happening, and that she learn her true worth. Her faith is really being tested to the max. I have faith that Jesus can deliver her, and I beg you to pray for this woman. I pray that she be protected from evil, that her anxiety attacks would stop, that her depression would be healed and that someone could fix her car. Thank you, and God Bless every single one of you!

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 09/04/2015 11:01 PM

Lord Jehovah, instantly,fully and permanently re-ignite strong, heavenly agape love and romantic sparks between CC and SJR right now and for good, Lord fuel their agape love, devotional fire for each other and of course for You, Lord, and no one else ever. Lord sustain, strengthen & protect their lives & their deep agape love , romance,endurance, faithfulness and devotion for each other and for You,Christ, right now and always. Lord Jesus, drive immediately and permanently away from CC and SJR every evil, temptation,seductress,harm,illness, sneakiness, doubt, lack, and loss, & please Lord Jesus, do it right now and for good!! Lord rebuke, destroy and block all that come against them and their love, romance, devotion, passion, endurance, relationship and marriage together.cancel all plans of the enemy, stop all attacks against them now,no weapon formed against CC and SJR (or families) shall prosper, in Jesus Christ our Savior and King of kings Name, we pray a nd claim all these blessings, immediately and forever, Amen!AMEN!AMEN!!! All praise and glory to God Almighty, Most High God! Hallelujah!!!

Prayer Request

Shelly Booth posted on 09/04/2015 09:41:30 AM

Please pray for my daughter, Her boyfriend doesn't work much and he has (2) girls that he has been served child support papers on. My daughter is struggling already. Pray that he stands up as a man and does what he needs to do for his girls as well as my daughter and her kids.

Prayer Request

Tina posted on 09/03/2015 8:17:22 PM

My husband has been out of work since June and I am currently working 10+ hours a day to make ends meet. God has been faithful this far, but I'm starting to buckle under the pressure. I need all the prayers I can get for strength and to keep my faith strong. Thanks.

Prayer Request

Sean posted on 09/03/2015 02:47:33 AM

09/02/15 Request for prayer support / agreement from Sean in CA, USA. 1. Please pray for the Lord's full household salvation, peace, rest, mercy, grace, love, strength and comfort, help, truth and light, complete healing and good health, good quality of life, blessings and provision, safety and protection, and all that's good from God for all of: Israel, Jerusalem, the USA, California (Santa Clara County and Los Angeles County - even L.A. and Hollywood) and New York, the Body / Church of Christ (all who belong to the Lord), the Hollywood Prayer Network, Act One Inc., the entire World-Wide Entertainment Industry in fullness, and me (Sean) and all my family / relatives / loved ones and all who are with us. -- Pray that the Lord would physically, mentally, and spiritually heal and restore us all; remove from us all our pain / sicknesses / infirmities / afflictions; grant to us all our prayers, needs, and desires of our hearts according to His good will; deliver us from all oppression, evil, and the Evil One; and keep us safe and free in Him. Thank you. 2. Please pray to the Lord that He would have mercy and compassion on the United States on America. Even that He would deliver us from all evil and the Evil One and from our backsliding, so that we may turn to Him and back to Him so He would grant to us His free gifts of grace, salvation, forgiveness of sins, healing, repentance, eternal life, and resurrection unto eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord and God and Savior and Healer and Redeemer. Amen. Thank you.

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 09/02/2015 10:42:40 PM

My husband will be having heart surgery on 9-17-2015 or could be sooner the Dr.said today and prayer the emergency medical insurance comes through to pay for the surgery and the hospital stay .And the Dr bills before and after . Prayer that the kids and I can handle the stress of the time away from my husband and thierfather during this critical time