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Prayer is a very important part of our ministry at The JOY FM. We pray for your needs each weekday. Note: Prayer requests will be approved and posted within 24 hours on weekdays.

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Prayer Request

Miranda posted on 04/03/2014 11:52:12 PM

I wrote a previous prayer request for my friend Katie who gave birth to a beautiful baby boy at 11pm on April 2nd. Please continue to pray for Katie, her fianc´┐Ż Colton & baby Carter. Baby Carter has HLHS which means he only has half a heart and will be going into surgery April 4th. Please pray for the doctors at Emory and strength for Carter, pray for peace for the parents and overall Gods will.

Prayer Request

sg posted on 04/03/2014 8:39:43 PM

I am very alone..and have had some terrible endings to relationships I ventured into after my divorce...which have left me more broken than I ever imagined. I want to move on but cant seem to do so...heard of engagement of man I cared so deeply for...and I need help. I am struggling in a way I cant put into words...and I wonder if God is near..and how this man who treated me this way is moving on so effectively and successfully...its terrible to admit...I hate it. and I cant handle the rejection. Please...I am having trouble in every part of my life..finances relationship..where is life has been rough..and I dont know joy or peace.

Prayer Request

stephanie posted on 04/03/2014 7:03:46 PM

I am currently 34 weeks pregnant with my second baby. His father has a lot of issues, ignoring better judgement and not quite understanding what Christianity really meant... I moved in with him last august... This is his fifth child and he really doesn't know any of the other ones due to a long prison sentence and a life full of bad choices also.. Well, I moved out in order to get my life right around 10 weeks of my pregnancy and to give him a wake up call that he needed to change.. He tried for a few months but the "other life" of drinking and other things was too hard for him to stay away from and breaking every promise to me he abandoned me and my baby... He barely has reached out and I had to let him go again because his heart is still the same.. I pray for him every night and I ask that you join me please... I really am hoping for some miracle before our baby gets here on may 5th. I know it may not be God's will so I have to accept that also.. but please pray for this emotional journey I am on and for the acceptance regardless of what happens.. I really do love him and care about him still and I pray constantly for God to change his heart. Please help me pray for him, I feel like God's not listening sometimes. thank you!

Prayer Request

Juan posted on 04/03/2014 3:01:56 PM

Dear Lord Jesus, come into my heart. Allow me to trust you. I need you my Lord, everything I own is yours. Please have mercy father and show me where is it that you want me to go or do. I am yours father. Please allow this company to stay in business...I need your provision to support my family. I love you Lord...please give me faith In Jesus name

Prayer Request

Tony posted on 04/03/2014 09:21:26 AM

Pray that my brother, Josh, trusts in The Lord and that everything he does, is from faith, hope, love, and grace. Pray that he has faith, belief, and confidence in the Lord and in the Lord's power, love and care for him.

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 04/02/2014 10:27:48 PM

Please pray for Katie & Colton. Katie is at the hospital going into labor with her baby boy, she found out at eight months pregnant that her baby it only has half a heart. Pray for the health of her and her baby and overall for the family

Prayer Request

glenda posted on 04/02/2014 10:10:52 AM

I request prayer for a relation break up after 14 years.he walked out will not talk to me he is running from God. Iam having a hard time.can't sleep. I do have a church.praying for closer. and him to come to Jesus. pray for my son Jason he was sent to prison for something he did't do. God knows the truth .thanks very much.

Prayer Request

Mary posted on 04/02/2014 10:00:59 AM

Please pray for my friend Gene who is battling cancer and not doing so well right now.

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 04/02/2014 04:28:23 AM

Please continue to pray for my husband, he is currently deployed and our marriage is struggling. He is unhappy and he said he doesn't love me anymore. I have turned my eyes back to God and have complete Faith and Trust in him. I began this journey heartbroken and lost and God has built me back up and showed me that my walk with Him is the most important thing in life and He is working on my husband. I have been in the word more now than ever and God has given me strength and peace. I pray that God opens my husband's heart, mind, and soul back to Him. Please pray for my husband's safety, open heart to God, and love and passion for me. Any encouraging words, verses, advice and of course prayer would be greatly appreciated during this trial which I know God is using and I am very thankful for this journey (although very painful). He is starting to come around, but he still has a wall up between us and is very unsure. Please help me pray for his doubts and fears to be removed and for God to give him peace and understanding.

Prayer Request

Nancy Keierleber posted on 04/01/2014 9:04:18 PM

Give us understanding why we dont get the jobs we interview for, the peace to understand God's plan not ours. We have faith in Him. What we need is the patients for His plan.