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Prayer is a very important part of our ministry at The JOY FM. We pray for your needs each weekday. Note: Prayer requests will be approved and posted within 24 hours on weekdays.

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Yakini Wisdom posted on 03/23/2015 10:06:54 AM

Hi I am going through a difficult divorce, two years now to be exact. I have spent a lot of money on attorneys and wasn't the one to initiate the action. April 21st is suppose to be our final and I am believing God for victory an favor. I work two jobs and go to school, so its been intense. My son was recently in an accident so we have no car and I need believers to agree with me that a supernatural miracle will happen for me. We have a rental for about another week. I am trying my best to make it for the kids, my son received a football scholarship in the midst of all this chaos. God is good and I am just asking for agreement . Thank you

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Susie posted on 03/23/2015 09:39:02 AM

Please pray for God to move me to a better job at my place of employment. I am trying for a new position in a whole new building and I believe it would be a fresh start for me from where I've been working for the last 26 years. Pray the hiring manager would be open to offering me the position and be willing to give me a chance. Thank you so much for your prayers and for all you do!!!

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Lindsay Purdy posted on 03/23/2015 08:32:17 AM

Praying for the Caldwell Family.

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Hailee Robinson posted on 03/22/2015 11:10:53 PM

March 2014 was the worst month ever (or so we thought), we found out that my father had cancer and we were told that if we had brought him in a day later to the E.R that he would have been dead. He was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma cancer, which attacks the plasma as well as well as destroying the rest of your body. When my dad went into the E.R last year he was already in organ failure. He went to chemo for months on end. My father who had always had long hair since before I was born, I watched him lose it falling out in clumps. I watched this huge man all my life, the man who I would be in awe of as a child because my daddy could hurl engine block like they were baseballs. I watched my father who was as big and strong as a bear wither away to the point where he had no muscle left on his legs. I watched my big strong and stern father change to a gentler person. I watched him suffer internally because he didn�t ever want us to know how much he hurt. I watched him struggle to provide for us, and even after I got a job to help out when he saw that it was effecting my grades HE gave me his blessing to quit so I wouldn�t lose my future. That takes a special kind of man to acknowledge that my education outweighed the present struggles we are in. In last September my father had under gone a stem cell transplant. He was doing so well his hair and bread was growing back. He was stronger and it showed. He got his personality back. I am getting married in May and he is so excited. We have been planning it for a month now and in the midst of it all my father fell ill. He felt drunk all the time and he was tired, so he made an appointment for the local clinic thinking it was nothing serious. Well the doctors took note that his calcium levels were high, and they sent them to his cancer doctors. They called my mom last week and told her to rush my dad into the E.R because his levels were deadly high. No my father is lying in the hospital bed of Emory strung up like some puppet, because his cancer is back!!!! His levels were so high that they were already affecting his kidneys and organs. I am so scared and I pray for God to heal my father permanently this time. My daddy is a good man who has worked so hard all his life to provide for his family. He has always gone to work wither he was sick or if it was below zero he would go so we could survive. I pray that my dad will be here to watch my little sister go to prom, graduate and to watch her get married herself. I pray that my dad can watch his son achieve his goals and feel pride in his son. I pray that my dad can grow old with my mom and that he will be here to celebrate their 80th anniversary later on in the future. I pray that he gets the chance to live in his very first home he owns. I pray he can spend the rest of his days fishing. I pray so hard with all of my being that my dad will beat cancer for good this time, because if he doesn�t he only has one more chance at a stem cell transplant and after if it doesn�t work my dad will have an expiration date. I pray that my faith and proclamation that my dad will beat cancer for good this time will come true. I proclaim it because my dad even though he has cancer he is a strong fighter. He handled cancer last year so well that he even shocked the doctors with how quickly he took to the transplant. I know this time it will be no different, except that this time his cancer will be beaten into remission for good. Please pray for his healing, and please lend him your strength. Thank you so much for praying for my dad he means the world to our family.

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Michelle posted on 03/22/2015 09:28:04 AM

I feel selfish in asking, but please pray for me. I am 31 and have been trying to conceive for a while now. I have always loved children and babies since I was a teenager. I wanted to grow up, get married and have a big family. I have been married for over two years now and ready to start that family, but there have been no results. My husband thinks I am rushing, but this is something I have dreamed over half of my life. I have been praying really hard, but I feel God is not listening as nearly everyone around me is falling pregnant. I have cried so many tears and have been so stressed over it. My health is better and so is my husband's. Please just pray for us we are blessed soon with a little angel. Thank you

Prayer Request

ruben posted on 03/20/2015 3:34:15 PM

Please pray for my repentance and faith unto The Lord Jesus Christ. Please pray for my deliverance from satanic strongholds and bondages.Please pray that I focus on The LORD, His Word, humble myself and pray and seek His face and repent and return to The Father with all my heart mind soul and strength. Please pray that The LORD helps me to return to Him. Please pray that The LORD helps me with my depression. I know all that has happened to me including the depression is due to my serious backsliding and giving place to the devil. I just dont want to do anything but sleep or watch TV. I need to get a job and move out of my folks place. My life and soul is ruined and I need to repent, fast, pray, and seek The LORD but then I dont. Please pray that I am not double minded and I stay focus on The LORD. Thank You and God bless you.

Prayer Request

Heather posted on 03/20/2015 09:55:36 AM

Thank you Jesus for fighting for my family. Praise God for all He has done and continues to do! I ask for prayer that we will see redemption win. Like the song says, we are tired and worn, we need to know the struggle ends. Please pray for our struggle to end. Thank you God for your provision and protection. In Jesus name, Amen.

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Kacy posted on 03/19/2015 08:31:04 AM

Hi, my name is Kacy and I would like to request Prayers for my Uncle's Sister-in-law. She has had a difficult life thus far and they are trying to make her dream come true. May God move people to help this young lady get her dream. God Bless everyone and have a great day.

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Karen Meredith posted on 03/18/2015 7:42:56 PM

For my husband and his health, they have found a mass near his heart. A lot of uncertainties right now. And for our marriage and family.

Prayer Request

john posted on 03/18/2015 7:26:36 PM

please pray for someone who has a mental disorder please pray for her healing and sound mind.