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Prayer is a very important part of our ministry at The JOY FM. We pray for your needs each weekday. Note: Prayer requests will be approved and posted within 24 hours on weekdays.

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Prayer Request

Judson posted on 10/23/2014 9:18:40 PM

A friend of mine is in need of some prayer to find housing. She was denied public housing and is not sure what she will do. If you would please join me as I lift her up in prayer... Lord Jesus, I lift up Carrie in prayer, I pray that you help her get suitable housing. I pray that doors open for her that she never imagined possible. I pray that you put people and resources in her life that would enable her to obtain stable housing. I also pray that she be given peace and serenity, letting her know that you will never leave nor forsake her. I pray these things in your mighty name Lord, Amen.

Prayer Request

ro posted on 10/23/2014 6:12:10 PM

My friend's Aunt died last thursday. My friend looks like it doesn't bother her much. when it really does hurt her a lot.Please pray for her and her family too.

Prayer Request

ronald micthell jr posted on 10/23/2014 3:05:06 PM

i need prayer for me to find a good job, and for me to become a better Christian.

Prayer Request

Kim posted on 10/23/2014 11:02:18 AM

Having a very difficult time financially. Filled with worry -- and I know that's wrong. I know He will provide; He always does. Just hoping for a miracle.

Prayer Request

timothy posted on 10/22/2014 10:21:05 PM

I ask pray the last couple of weeks since my dad passed away things having gotta an better i just wish god take me home to heaven so i be with my dad mom and everyone who was close i just don't won't to go on anymore please Jesus give me a reason to live thank you for me

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 10/21/2014 8:22:34 PM

I need a special prayer for my family and my aunt who is sick ... I need a financial blessing please pray for me

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 10/21/2014 7:28:29 PM

This is more of a testimony than a request. Several weeks ago I posted a request for my niece. She was informed recently that the baby girl she is expecting in December has a hole in her heart. I know that many of you made time to lift her and her baby up in prayer, and I just wanted you all to know that your prayers have worked! The pediatric cardiologist says she can find no evidence whatsoever of a hole in little Ivy Rose's heart!!! Thank you all so much, but the greater glory goes to God, for holding this precious new life in His hand. Thank you again, and God bless :-

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 10/21/2014 3:39:21 PM

My husband and I recently separated, I am living in GA and he is in AL. Though we thought this is what we both wanted, I am now feeling unsure. Please pray that God's will be done in our lives, our children's lives, and in our marriage. Thank you.

Prayer Request

Jason Towns posted on 10/21/2014 12:40:28 PM

I need prayer and my and my finances I have been out of work for a whole year.. My house is set for foreclosure on 11 - 4. I really need my house for my family of 5.. Please pray for a breakthrough for my family . I really need a job or a career. I have been stressed and depressed lately. I really need help. We really need help. I love my family

Prayer Request

Janet posted on 10/21/2014 08:35:31 AM

My name is Janet I am a single mother of two daughters that are my world, my oldest daughter was born @ 22 1/2 lbs weighing 1lb 12 oz. Three Two 1/2 years ago she started having grand mal seizures, Praise God that they have stopped but she still has break thru seizures which at times are very bad. We have been to specialists and they just keep changing her meds. She is not a candidate for surgery because they say that it is generalized epilepsy. My prayer request is that God heal her from these seizures so that she can be a "Normal" 15 year old. My 12 year old worries about her all the time and I fear that she is not allowing herself to be a 12 year old. I on the other hand would like prayer because I met a wonderful man who at the time I didn't know that he was addicted to prescription meds. I had to ask him to leave my home for the well being of my girls, he went to rehab and came back home only to start using again. I had to ask him to leave again, during this time he had no job, and no where to live. I paid for hotel rooms for him but I had to stop because I just couldn't afford it. He was forced to live in his car. This has laid so much guilt on my heart. He is now living with his mom but that environment is not good for him but it is his only choice. I feel like God placed this man in my life as a life partner, I feel that he is my soul mate. I see myself spending the rest of my life with him I am still very much in love with him but he is choosing to move on with his life and see other people. I know that I did the right thing by putting my children first, but I keep asking God to help me to lead me in the direction he wants me to go. I am asking for healing of my heart. But most of all peace in my life. I am 48 years old and I know that God has a plan for me, but I would just like to have that peace so if God choses to send someone into my life that is a good Christian man that I will be able to open my hear to him because right now, I have lost all hope of a forever love. My girls are the most important thing and if it is meant for me to just have them in my life then I can accept that. I just pray for peace and healing on my family and the family & souls of the man I am in love with. The most important thing is that my children be able to live normal lives. I pray for the healing on Logan that God's hands will heal her from the seizures and for Makenna to have peace in her life. Thank you so much. God bless you all and thank you for having this prayer center.