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Prayer is a very important part of our ministry at The JOY FM. We pray for your needs each weekday. Note: Prayer requests will be approved and posted within 24 hours on weekdays.

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Prayer Request

April McClendon posted on 09/18/2015 11:40:24 AM

I am feeling so discouraged and am in the middle of a DFACS custody case and it's not going well at all. I am trying to trust God and I've been praying diligently. I am being baptized in a couple of weeks. Please pray for guidance and peace of mind. I am beyond exhausted.

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 09/18/2015 08:36:28 AM

If you visit this prayer center often, you've probably prayed for my brother before. He is an alcoholic who has been self destructing for many years. I have asked for prayer for him and his wife, who has lived with his abusive behavior and refused to leave him and had become an alcoholic herself. I asked for prayer for her on Monday as she laid in the ICU after being found unresponsive. God called her home yesterday. I do not know what will happen to my brother now. I think this will either wake him up, or we will lose him too very shortly. Please pray for God to take over and carry him through this. His guilt is overwhelming, his addiction is overwhelming and I fear that he is totally lost. Please also pray for the rest of my family as we try to find a way to help him.

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 09/17/2015 11:49:01 PM

Please pray for me. Tuesday afternoon I gave birth to a little boy that is only 35 weeks(preemie).Please pray that GOD will watch over him and keep him strong and healthy so that he can go home tomorrow. This has been very hard on my husband and myself not only because of him being early but we also have other children at home that we are away from now. Also I have been experiencing severe depression and anxiety since this has happened and I ask that GOD heal me from all of that so that I can enjoy t jg en beautiful blessing that he has given us. Thank each and everyone of you that prays for us and GOD bless you always!

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 09/17/2015 9:09:44 PM

Please pray for my son. he is 26 yrs old and has a three yr old girl. He is going through a divorce,and has been missing for 5 day. we live in Columbus Ga and injoy your station. GOD BLESS.

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 09/17/2015 7:59:27 PM

We want to relocate to another state to be with my kids and grandkids. That means at 50 my husband and I need new jobs. We also need to rent or sell our home. We need clear guidance and help regarding this. Thank you!

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 09/17/2015 4:01:07 PM


Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 09/17/2015 11:42:02 AM

Tonight I am planning to go talk to my son and girlfriend concerning decisions they are making and my son putting his children first in all of his decisions. Things have happened that has caused separation between my three adult children. Please pray that God will go before me and give me the words that need to be shared. Pray that God will touch my son's heart before I even say a word. Give my family a peace that only comes from God. Pray that I can put all of my faith and trust in God and lean on Him and not myself. God is a powerful God and loves us so much. So much that He gave His son that we might be forgiven and have life. I know He's going to take care of us. Thank you for your prayers.

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 09/17/2015 11:03:05 AM

Hello, the last 3 yrs have been extremely difficult for me financially. I have had to crash at different people's home in order to find a place to sleep because I can not afford to rent. My bills are way more then my paycheck and I am so behind on almost all of them. At times I have to decide between eating for the day or using what I have for gas in order to go to work.Most of the times I end up using the funds for gas and just suck it up with eating for as long as I can. One day God miraculously allowed me to drive on E to work and back. By God's grace I have been interviewed for a position that can really change my life around. I am currently awaiting an answer. I know there is power in prayer, so please pray for me to get the position so that I may finally receive a break through.

Prayer Request

Erin's Mom posted on 09/17/2015 05:44:57 AM

Erin is in need of the Love and Peace and direction and grace of God. She suffers from depression and misguided thoughts. She feels unworthy of Love. She feels lost and sinks into depression. God has so blessed her with so much, she needs to feel his presence in her. She has slipped away from the Lord, as has so many young people her age. Please keep her in your prayers, help her to feel God's Love and open her eyes to all he has blessed her with so that she can reach her full potential and live in his light.

Prayer Request

Liz Freck posted on 09/16/2015 11:06:55 PM

Hello, I am not sure if I am sending this to the right place but we would love prayer and possibly an announcement on the air about a benefit that some amazing teenagers are holding for my son this Saturday. These loving kids are putting on a Fall Carnival to raise funds for medical equipment for my medically fragile 11 year old son, Tobey. He has mitochondrial disease, Seizure Disorder and Eosinophilic Esophagitis. He is at a point in his life where he is losing more muscle function and losing the ability to walk. In his life, he has lost the ability to talk, eat by mouth, use the bathroom and now we are desperately trying to improve the quality of his life with a new hospital bed and a handicap accessible bathroom. The Fall Festival will be held at Fideles Christian School in Cumming on Sat 19th from 12-6. There will be pony rides, cakes walks and some amazing concerts from local Christian Artists. Please pray and share anyway that you can. the flyer for the event is here Thank you so much for your time and prayers. This is so huge for my son's life and we are desperate for prayers for God to bless our efforts to raise money for him. Liz Freck