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Prayer is a very important part of our ministry at The JOY FM. We pray for your needs each weekday. Note: Prayer requests will be approved and posted within 24 hours on weekdays.

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Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 06/15/2014 2:38:45 PM

Please pray for me. I love my family very much. I have always tried to be there for them when they ask. Very seldom do I ask them to do anything for me. Just recently I ask them to go with me to a family reunion and told them how important it was to me because I wanted everyone to meet my sweet and only 6 year old grandson. A few days before this event they said they had something else todo. I am crushed by this. It is causing some strain on our relationship. I ask for very little as I said. But this has happened the few times I have ask for anything. Maybe I am giving too much and they don't see how they should give back in return. Not just for me but others also. This is not a good ex sample for my grandson either.I need God to guide me in this. Thank you for this request.

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 06/14/2014 6:23:55 PM

Please pray for my granddaughter and all my grandchildren,that GOD will save them and protect them. Please pray that GOD will save my family members that are not saved. Thank you in JESUS precious name!

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 06/14/2014 09:10:46 AM

Please pray for my husband of 41 years. He has always been a wonderful provider. But over 15 years ago he hurt his back and has since been disable. Along with being addicted to prescription pain meds. he has become very depressed. The effects of all this has really put a strain on our marriage. I pray and ask God for the healing on our marriage. I have always tried to be there for him. But the strength that I have is growing weaker and I feel like I can't handle much more. I know I can't do this without God in my life. But he needs Him too and it does not appear to be reaching out for Him. I thank you so much for your prayers for us and many others.

Prayer Request

bb posted on 06/14/2014 08:51:39 AM

I need prayer for a job in the evenings or flexibility with insurance benefits. I am about to start school during the day & need to be able to support myself and my autistic child.

Prayer Request

Roy posted on 06/14/2014 05:50:48 AM

Please pray for a co-worker of mine. He is having problems in his marriage. He is working on the problem and with chrisian counseling. He is a good man and I hate to see this happen to him, so please keep him in your prayers.

Prayer Request

Bradley posted on 06/13/2014 8:17:28 PM

Please pray for me and my dad to find a job. Especially my dad because he is 68 years old and has been in the healthcare business all of his life, therefore since the last company he started went bankrupt, he's not able to retire. He also has had cholesterol and heart issues. Please pray for my dad and I to be financially stable. Also, I am renting a room from a lady and I have to find a place by sometime in August. People please pray that I will be able to find a place and / or establish my own living quarters. Also, I used to be addicted to pornography and I find myself looking at it here and there still. I haven't been to church in over a year and I can't seem to get the motivation to go for some reason. I have a son who is now seven years old through my marriage and I haven't seen him since November 2011. My ex fianc� moved my little girl who just turned one year old in April to Sarasota and haven't seen her since last July. Also, please pray that the Lord will give me patience to wait for him to bring me a wife. I'm 33 years old and have been divorced since 2009. I find myself trying to find someone on my own through dating sites. Please pray for my two brothers, Greg and Troy and my sister Michelle. They do not have a relationship with Jesus Christ. Same goes with troy's wife and my sister Michelle is a lesbian. My aunt which is my dad's sister, doesn't have a relationship with Jesus Christ either, same with her husband. Please pray for my dog Chico. He just turned 15 in February and seems to be healthy. Please pray that God will continue to bestow good health in him. One last thing. Please pray that God will introduce me to some new Christian friends. My social life is horrible. I don't really know anyone who would be a good influence to hang out with. Thank you so much for your time, prayers,!and a great music! May the Lord continue to bless the Joy FM abundantly!! <')))><

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 06/13/2014 7:33:25 PM

My son has been in rehab for 5 days now and we are praying that he will aline his life with God's will. He has a very high IQ and can do anything he wants with his life. If he can only stay clean. Please keep him in your prayers.

Prayer Request

Jilian posted on 06/13/2014 01:18:56 AM

Heavenly father THANK YOU because YOU love me, Father I cannot bear any more pain. I cry out to YOU forgive all my sins but restore my 19 years of marriage. Father mentally & physically I am completely broken & become very weak since 3 years. Father take complete control of myself, heart, mind, thoughts, body so devil may not touch me till I come to YOU. Father touch my cruel husband crushed his heart, convict him to confess his sin of adultery & repent. Father protect me & my daughter in YOUR arms. He may not touch my earnings. Shower YOUR blessings of love, joy, peace, happiness. Father show his sister & her son that YOU are with me who hurts me & my daughter. Father YOU know the truth. Hide identity. IJN Amen

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 06/12/2014 12:07:55 PM

I am writing to ask prayer for our foster daughter who my husband and I have had since she was 3 days old. She's a year old, now. We love this child more than our lives themselves, and have been praying for a long time to adopt her.It�s not over yet, but please pray with us to give God praise for what He has already done in this journey. We are asking for help to pray that the parents' eyes will be opened to the importance of unselfishness where their child's future and best well being, are concerned. We love this child so much, and want the best for her. This includes stability, her future, her spiritual well being, emotional well being, psychological well being, and her physical well being. Please pray that God will move into all hearts, help us to cooperate with her family as she grows up, and that we will be able to adopt this baby very soon. Thank you, so much. God's blessings. Your help to pray for this is very, very appreciated.

Prayer Request

Bruce posted on 06/11/2014 4:41:32 PM

I do believe in the power of intercessory prayers when lifted up in faith and in agreement [Matt 18:19]. Please continue to pray regarding my final court sentencing this month that God�s Favor[Psalm 5:12; Psalm 119:58] and Deliverance[Psalm 34:17; Psalm 107:6] will be upon me and that He will work mightily through His grace, love and mercy that the judge will be lenient and merciful in her final sentencing decision. This is a first time offense and I do not have any prior record. If possible, PLEASE PRAY for me UNTIL [JUNE 25] which is my sentencing date. Thank you and God Bless You! In Christ, Bruce