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Prayer is a very important part of our ministry at The JOY FM. We pray for your needs each weekday. Note: Prayer requests will be approved and posted within 24 hours on weekdays.

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Prayer Request

Crystal posted on 06/20/2015 10:39:05 AM

I have been in a destructive relationship for several years. It has taken a toll on how I care for myself and my self esteem is at zero. My children are young and seeing this everyday. I often pray and ask God to provide me with an open door to be able to move out. I often fear that I will not be able to pay all the new bills on my own but I tell myself God will make it happen. Considering I have not had the money to move, I often wonder if God is not creating the opportunity because HE wants me to stay and endure whatever pain I live in for HIS glory. I am very confused and would like prayer to help me during this tough time.

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 06/19/2015 11:38:54 AM

I am asking everyone to join me in prayer for my health. I began having GI problems last year around March and had to leave my position with the church due to the extreme issues and pain. Since then they have had me on medicine to help some.. but I am thinking that the side effects of the med. the specialist has me on is causing additional issues which is having the gen phy diagnose me and have me on drugs to take care of it... well when I try to take those it makes me really sick... so I tried take myself off the one the specialist gave me.. and for a week the other symptoms that the gen dr was trying to work with started to ease up and go away... Then since I had stopped taking the spec. meds... I then had major stabbing pains come back... I called the specialist and going back on Monday... I am just asking prayer that when I go back he will be able to figure out what is going on.... I am a young guy with kids that just wants to be back normal again with no issues of pain, nausea, etc. Please pray for complete healing... Thanks and God Bless

Prayer Request

Ed posted on 06/19/2015 12:57:16 AM

Dear all,, I need all of you to pray for me very urgently. Due to financial difficulties,I have no choice but to get some loans from some illegal money lenders last month. After paying them for a month, I have to default my payments due to the high interest and I have no more money left in my account . The money lenders started to send me life threats and nasty messages. They also threatened to spray paint on my house door and also my neighbours, send letters to all my neighbours etc. I have made a police report but the Police said that only when something happens then they can take action as they do not have the manpower to standby 24 hours to handle the case. I spotted some suspicious person and called the police but by the time the police arrived, those suspects already went missing. I am living in fear now, Please, I beg all of you to pay for me urgently that God will send Angels to protect me and my family and also my neighbours, I need miracle that the money lenders are not able to do ANY nasty things to me and my family. I need a financial miracle urgently. Only Thanks in advance for praying!

Prayer Request

Candace Foster posted on 06/17/2015 10:02:16 PM

Today my husband was given a judgement for a warrant for arrest for things he did not do on a testimony of lie from his sister who is mad that we helped her daughter to escape the abusive clutches of her mom (my husband's sister) It is a family axe she has been grinding against my husband for a year. He is a nurse and we moved to get away from her and protect our family and our niece. Today in court, she spewed lies upon lies and the judge ruled in her favor. My husband has literally risked everything - now to the point of his passion and job and lively to support us, his wife and two sons, because he saved his neice. The news tomorrow could be bad enough the nursing board won't allow him to work until he is found innocent or exonerated. I don't know why his family is so evil and unforgiving and abusive. I don't know how to protect my family. I would sacrifice everything for my family and they would save their own skin... And i can't save my husband. He is so angry and so hurt. SO MUCH HURT. My 9 year old is hurt too. I had a mother in law i loved tell me I wasn't family and spit on my soul. I wanted to love my mother like Ruth and Naomi of the Bible. I want to be a godly wife and love my family with all the gusto of the Proverbs 31 woman... so why are things so wrong right now... I need the HOLY Spirit to CONSUME like a HOT FIRE this rage and bring PEACE and sprinkle some wisdom and patience of the Lord's larger plan here. I need to feel protected in the Father's perfect hands.. but i don't right now. Can you please pray this for us? Pray for a hedge of protection and for listening ears and hearts of lawmen and for my in-laws and their hatred and evil actions to have a chink and for the Lord to pour into them...? Please cover the Foster family in so much prayer that we can rest tonight and have some kind of miracle or blessing tomorrow... something. Anything divine that says we are not his forgotten children... i feel kicked abused and forgotten tonight... i can't be strong enough for my husband and my sons.... pray for me.

Prayer Request

Lisa posted on 06/17/2015 9:33:42 PM

Life is difficult for me right now & I ask that you please pray for me. The struggles I'm having right now are: 1. Proving my husband is my most important (above my family); 2. Setting boundaries with my family; 3. Gaining strength & control over my anxieties (ex: finances, working, what people think); 4.Regaining myself & being the person my husband fell in love with years ago. 5. Pray counseling will help me with all the above... Already on stress/anxiety meds

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 06/17/2015 12:04:32 PM

Please pray for reconciliation for me and my husband. After 22 years of marriage he says he is no longer in love with me. He says he loves me and cares for me but just doesn't feel the kind of love he should to stay married. He says he doesn't want a failed marriage but he just cannot make those feelings be there no matter how hard he has tried. I pray that he will put God first in his life and God will fill him with love for me. I pray that my marriage will not end in divorce.

Prayer Request

John posted on 06/15/2015 10:37:03 PM

please pray for me (a father) and my daughter whose birthday is this coming Saturday. I haven't been able to see her for 3 years.

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Anonymous posted on 06/15/2015 3:46:28 PM

Please pray for my unborn baby boy to be healthy and strong. Also for my peace, I'm find myself very stressed and I'm afraid I may need to go on medicine in order to control my anxiety.

Prayer Request

April posted on 06/15/2015 2:45:04 PM

I am stuck in an unbearable domestic violence situation. I have called around and cannot find any legal help for my situation. My boyfriend and I have been together for 16 years. He hit me only once in those years, that was 2006,but that incident resulted in the loss of our child to DFACS and my 2 front teeth were knocked out. Since then, there has been no other physical violence. But 2 weeks ago, for some unknown reason to me, he started drinking and is fast becoming out of control. He has become emotionally abusive to me. I am physically handicapped with a back injury and broken arm. I have no medical insurance so I cannot afford medical treatment. Because I am of no use to him, my boyfriend has been constantly degrading me, ridiculing me, threatening me, and making me feel worthless because I am unable to walk or work or drive or provide for myself. He is trying to make me destitute completely at his mercy. He has told me to leave, he has cut me off from our bank accounts so I have no money, he refuses me any help. I feel stuck. I have no way to leave. This is my home and I dont want to leave it. I dont know what to do. Please pray for help to come to me. Please help me survive this. Please help him stop drinking and realize that I am wonderful beautiful child of God and deserve to be treated with respect and compassion.

Prayer Request

Wren Jordan posted on 06/14/2015 4:55:24 PM

please pray for my precious daughter Angel. Angel was born with cystic fibrosis. And recently developed cirrhosis and diabetes.We need to go to Scottish Rite very often but my car is getting a little old. I adopted Angel when she was 1 year old and was only less than 10 lbs. God has been so good to us , Angel is now 5'3" and 130 lbs.We love the JoyFM thank you so much. Angel want to see the beach but my money does not go that far. Please know you are a blessing to us. Thank you--- Wren Jordan