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Prayer is a very important part of our ministry at The JOY FM. We pray for your needs each weekday. Note: Prayer requests will be approved and posted within 24 hours on weekdays.

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Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 01/04/2014 8:14:52 PM

Please pray for me. I am having terrible back pain. I just went through back surgery in Nov. and i have given in to the opposite side of my back more since my surgery, and have got it aggravated very bad. I am due to get an epidural on Tues., Jan.7th. Please pray that it will give me the relief that i need and that the epidural will last a lot longer than my last one did. Thank you so much for your prayers.

Prayer Request

Christy Fenn posted on 01/04/2014 6:13:15 PM

This prayer is for my brother-in-law Steve Rightnowar from Georgia. For all his life Steve has struggled with a weak heart. Just this year they told him this may be your last. But this october we got good news. The FDA just approved a procedure to help close apart of that valve called mitra chip or clip. If the procedure goes well he will go on a transplant list. This surgery will take place around the 16 or 17 of January at Emory in Midtown. We pray for the doctors,and his recovery.May God's will be done.

Prayer Request

Tony posted on 01/04/2014 2:52:24 PM

Pray that I cherish, treasure, and prize Christ with all my heart. That I'm devoted to Him, worship, praise, revere, and honor Him. Pray that we all prosper in every way. And that grace and peace be given to us in increasing abundance.

Praise Report

Anonymous posted on 01/03/2014 10:21:51 PM

I'm currently a homeless vet going through a divorce from a truly amazing woman that reached her limits, found a boyfriend and filed. I'm here to praise God because this unfortunate situation is a storm, but it's also a blessing. I'm learning to praise Him regardless of the situation and to walk by blind faith. Praise God for His incredible ways of wisdom that transcends our simple views. I'm being pushed to become something more for the kingdom of God.

Prayer Request

Ray Parham posted on 01/02/2014 2:35:08 PM

I just hurting deep inside and heart broken after my girlfriend Toni broke up our relationship after 19 months on Nov 21. We started back talking a little but nothing about working things out. Now we are not talking at all and it's sad because she was my best friend and I miss her so much. I don't know what to do but pray to God about but it seems like my prayers go unanswered. Please keep praying for Toni and I.

Prayer Request

Greg Jones posted on 01/01/2014 10:29:25 PM

Dear Lord, Please open doors for me so that I may serve you in full-time ministry. Make it clear the direction I should take. My heart is to share with others about your Son, Jesus, and His saving grace. I also want to care for the poorest of the poor and provide for the unwanted children that are so in need. Lord, please guide me and make my path clear. Help me to bring all the glory to you through serving you. Help me to serve you in faith, but by your strength alone. In Jesus Name I pray, Amen!

Prayer Request

David posted on 01/01/2014 1:30:56 PM

Pray that my wife would find emotional healing and that she would be willing to work on restoring our marriage. Please pray that I would have the strength to let go and allow God to work.

Prayer Request

Paula posted on 12/31/2013 08:13:56 AM

My home is about to be foreclosed on I ask for guidance from the Lord to stop the foreclosure or a way to pay it off.

Prayer Request

Martha Henderson posted on 12/30/2013 10:20:34 AM

My Aunt Kim Trull in Birmingham suffered a brain aneurysm yesterday morning. Please pray for her and her family.

Prayer Request

Sarah posted on 12/30/2013 09:10:42 AM

Hello. I am writing to ask for prayer regarding our foster daughter who we've had since she was 3 days old. She's almost 8 months old now. We are the only parents shes known, however her birth-parents like the care we've given her, and her birth-mother has expressed a desire she stays with us if they cannot get their lives in order. We love this baby very much. A petition for custody of her has been filed from another family member. The parents, and friends of their family have warned us this would be a bad environment for the baby, and may even cost her a relationship with her siblings who live in another home. Please pray that this petition is denied. Please pray we will adopt this child if God wills it and if not, that He will protect her from situations that may hurt her. Thank you.