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Prayer is a very important part of our ministry at The JOY FM. We pray for your needs each weekday. Note: Prayer requests will be approved and posted within 24 hours on weekdays.

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Mr.Kempdon posted on 09/11/2015 9:42:09 PM

Need prayers for my marriage. We are in a struggle right now with waiting for our new house to be ready & staying with family, had really taking a toll on us. I pray everyday for strength to keep fighting & for things to start looking up. Seems that every time it looks up we get knocked back down

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Jon posted on 09/11/2015 2:49:14 PM

Please help me pray for my finances. Right now its hard on my wife and I.

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Anonymous posted on 09/11/2015 1:41:54 PM

Please pray for a miracle to save my sister in law. she has just been diagnosed with an aggressive ovarian cancer. I know God almighty that you can make all possible.

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Kathryn Miller The Holy Cross posted on 09/11/2015 1:39:37 PM

Holy Psalm91 Holy John17 Holy Ephesians 6 Holy 2Timithy2:1-13 Holy GAl6:1 Holy Hebrews12:29 God's loving will ideas for Phil Zach in Music and other interestsHoly True in Holy Jesusname Holy crossamen

Prayer Request

Kathryn Miller The Holy Cross amen posted on 09/11/2015 1:26:50 PM

Holy Psalm 91 Holy John 17 Ephesians 6 Holy 2 Timothy 2:1-13 we are soldiers Holy Gal6:1 holy right amount ***God's loving will ideas what he is in to and with his friends and family Jesus friends of saints and sinners= learning in Holy Jesus name Holy crssamen

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Donna G. posted on 09/11/2015 11:24:17 AM

Thank-You to all who clicked the "prayed for" button. 2 weeks ago I asked for prayer because I was so depressed that I just did'nt see a way through my pain and brokeness when zi should'nt be feeling sad or broken about anything because I am married with kids and make good money. I looked back at this page to see if anyone even cared enough to pray. When I saw that 12 people had clicked the button I felt so much gratitude and I felt some of my aloneness lift and not so broken inside and God took care of the rest. I am not 100% but I am a good 85% better and that makes me able to get back into the fight. God truly does make us stronger in our weakness. Please continue to pray for me and Thank-You!!!

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 09/11/2015 09:42:31 AM

thank You Jesus for immediately, fully and permanently rebuking and blocking Kassidy and Robin from Cody and Sarah. and their relationship together and life and faithfulness together. Lord put up a chasm between them and rebuke and block all adultery out and away from their love & life together. Lord please protect, strengthen and bless the relationship/soon to be marriage between Cody & Sarah 100%,now & forever. in Jesus Name, we pray, Amen. Hallelujah!!!

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 09/11/2015 09:22:43 AM

Please pray for all those families that lost loved ones or friends on 9/11. My heart still breaks that our nation went through a terrible moment that will remained forever stained on our hearts.

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Anonymous posted on 09/10/2015 9:29:32 PM

I have been suffering with sexual addiction and have been seeking help. It has finally taken a heavy toll on my family. Please pray that my family will find salvation and strength and for me to continue on my road to recovery

Prayer Request

Heather posted on 09/10/2015 10:47:14 AM

Our family is in need of fervent prayer to help get us through this storm. The devil has horribly attacked our family. We know God is working and we praise Him and trust His way. In about 8 weeks a huge barrier should be lifted that will allow my husband to come home and our family be reunited. However, there are people with power who have been saying one thing and doing another (lying to us) about getting him home. I pray that God will convict these people with "power" to just let my husband come home to his family. We know that only God has the true power. In Jesus name, Amen.