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Prayer is a very important part of our ministry at The JOY FM. We pray for your needs each weekday. Note: Prayer requests will be approved and posted within 24 hours on weekdays.

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Prayer Request

Scott posted on 07/12/2015 3:53:49 PM

Recently i have been married to my best friend in the whole world. We got married in 2008 she is a minister and her dad is a paster of a assembly of god church. So during the 7 yrs together we grew up with jesus together the lord blessed us with 3 beautiful kids. On June 3 2015 she called me asking for a divorce. Im puzzeled why? I have asked god to show me ive cried out I dont know what else to do? She has hidden my kids from me for 1 month now. Havent seen or heard from them. She is a preacher and minister but i know my bible talks against what she is doing. Her paster which is not her dad, is backing everything she is doing. Im not mad at god or jesus for doing this butim hurt so bad to the point i dont want to go back to church. She doesnt know or anyone how this really feels. Im to my breaking point. please help me pray thanks all love the station...

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 07/11/2015 11:19:45 PM

Please help lift my heart up in prayer. The guy I was seeing abruptly left me for his ex and I am feeling heartbroken. Please lift him and her in prayer as well I really do care for him and hope God brings us back together but until then please help me be strong and heal my heart thank you

Prayer Request

Ruben posted on 07/11/2015 1:51:13 PM

Please pray for Kyle and I to return to The LORD. We have severly backslidden and fallen away from Him. Please pray that all The works of the enemy against us are confounded. Please pray for our deliverance from any and all satanic strongholds. Please pray that we smash the idols in our lives and sever ungodly ties with anyone or anything that hinders our return to The LORD. Please pray that The LORD heals our backsliding and for our repentance toward God and faith toward The Lord Jesus Christ. Please pray for humility, Godly sorrow, and Holy Ghost conviction to flood our hearts and minds. Please pray for my deliverance from homosexuality and for a broken heart and contrite spirit. I need to repent and draw nigh to God but drift further away. I am demonically oppressed and depressed and double minded I am sure my friend Kyle is too. We need to do our part but then get distracted or lazy nd get caught up with The Things of the world. We have severly fallen. Please pray for us. Thank you all for praying before and for the notes. God bless you. - R.C

Prayer Request

Paulette posted on 07/11/2015 12:03:06 PM

Hello Joy FM family. I'm asking for prayers for myself and family. My husband was in Kuwait working as a contractor with the Military for three years, when he had took that job we were in debts where are you? over our heads, every credit card we had were all maxed out. I had prayed for God to give us another chance, that's when my husband got the contract. We were blessed to payed off almost all our debt, unfortunately his contract came to an end two years now. Needless to say he's not getting a job and we are back right where we had started off only worst, my bills are piling up and now I have debt collectors calling me at my job. Those days I feel like crawl into a hole and disappear. I cry myself to sleep every night and in my shower where my 8 year old son cannot see me. Right now I have to find $890.24 for the bills this week and all I have is $70.00 . Please don't misunderstand me I'm not asking for money. I'm asking for prayers for my husband to find a job and a miracle to pay our bills. It breaks my heart when my son says to me if he can have subway because he's hunger and I says to him that we can make our own when we get home. I ask for all my fellow Christian brothers and sisters to please pray for us. I don't know how long I can keep up without going crazy. But each day I have faith because I still give my tithes and know that Jesus will not give me more than I can bear. Looking at my 8 year old son give me strength to get up and go everyday. Especially when he says to me " I love you mom, it's going to be ok". Tears form in my eyes but I hug him and says " I love you too , and yes it's going to be ok. Please pray for us. Thank you all in advance for praying for my family.

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 07/10/2015 08:09:55 AM

Please pray for my 15 year old son to stay on a Godly path. Ungodly things are pulling at him and I am trying to steer him in the right direction but he is a typical teenager who thinks Mom and Dad are "lame" in their beliefs.

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 07/10/2015 07:42:02 AM

I need prayers for peace and understanding. I'm having difficulty coping with 2 situations in my life. First, my grandmother is in the late stages of dementia. She's stopped eating (maybe 1 or 2 bites occasionally but spits out her food most of the time) and stopped walking 2 months ago. I'm having hard watching her waste away and accepting that Jesus will be calling her home in a matter of time. I love her and I'm having a hard time letting go. Second, I'm fearing a diagnosis of PCOS. I'm only 31 and I desperately want to get married and have a family someday. I have a doctor's appointment on Monday and I'm really scared. Please be in prayer for these 2 situations in my life. Thank you.

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 07/10/2015 03:21:12 AM

I would like to be added to your prayer list, requesting for the prayer team to stand with me in faith that my family and I do not feel weak or forsaken, but be strengthened in the Lord and in his mighty power so that we can take a strong defensive stand against the devil�s schemes. And if the things we are going through is a test from God, we feel His PRESENCE, PEACE, and COMFORT surrounding us, while keeping us covered in His dew from heaven. I have been calling on warrior angels to slay the enemy and his nymphs extinguishing all the flaming arrows of the evil one, and healing angels to remove all sickness, disease, and infirmities from my family. Thanking God for healing Omari, and providing a hedge of His protection while going through the process. Last, the Holy Spirit tells me to trust. I ask prayer for the hardened things in my heart and soul be broken up by the pouring of God's Sprit in ordered to allow a total surrendering and trust in these situations that God is true to His word and His word will come to pass so I can rest. Amen I�d also like to add Dr. Isaeff for prayer, for strength, peace, comfort, and healing and Evan for healing. May God bless the Prayer Warriors who pray for us and others Thank you for your Love

Prayer Request

Richard k posted on 07/09/2015 9:20:03 PM

For my dad John that God blesses him with a job and shines his favor upon him

Prayer Request

Jackie J posted on 07/08/2015 9:39:35 PM

My name is Jackie, am in need of pray that God will bless me with a job opportunity I have being out of work foe tha past eight months now nothing seem to be coming in only the bills just keep piling up fear plays a part in my thinking I know that bad, I need hope and trust in the Lord, please say a pray for me to over come this thing call fear, I know the Lord is working behind the scene thank you so much God Bless.

Prayer Request

Brent posted on 07/08/2015 9:06:01 PM