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Prayer is a very important part of our ministry at The JOY FM. We pray for your needs each weekday. Note: Prayer requests will be approved and posted within 24 hours on weekdays.

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Mallory posted on 02/28/2014 9:23:18 PM

Prayers for everyone hurting for the loss of their dear friends Daniel and Kayla Garcia in Temple.

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sherry posted on 02/27/2014 11:14:43 PM

There is something wrong with my gums and teeth and I do not have the money to go to the orthodontist please pray that God would heal me..Thank you for prayer

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Chrissy posted on 02/27/2014 10:05 PM

Yes, please pray for me. I need to have tests done for my heart and I don't have enough health coverage to get the right tests done. I'm 35 and a wife/ mother of two. I live in Cumming Georgia. I homeschool so we only have 1 income. I'm really trusting God will provide. Thank you!

Prayer Request

Rachel Cooper posted on 02/27/2014 8:30:39 PM

Please, please pray that God will heal my mother Lynda Cooper. She has stomach cancer. She is the sweetest most loving mom to my sister and i and we need her. Please pray the Lord will heal her. Thank u so much!

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 02/27/2014 6:56:50 PM

Please pray for a group of Shorter University students that are traveling to Africa to do the Lord's work. Please also pray for a group of Christians from West Rome Baptist Church (Shorter Students) that are going to Costa Rica to do the Lord's work.

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Shawn Mac Lean posted on 02/27/2014 1:05:39 PM

Bank taking our house in March. Please pray that we just have complete trust in Jesus for all this and more. Thank you and God bless.

Prayer Request

Kelly posted on 02/27/2014 12:45:21 PM

I humbly desire the prayers of God's people. Satan is attacking my family. 4 years ago I became self righteous and slowly slipped away from God without even realizing it until too late. I unfortunately hurt my family horribly as a result. I repented and by God's grace was forgiven by God and my family. But there is always consequence to sin and now I am reaping those. I am seeing my teenagers slip away from living for the Lord. Our family struggles to get along. I know they say they have forgiven but I also know the hurt is still there and only God can help them let it go. I still struggle with the guilt daily, even though I believe His promise to cast my sins far away. When I came back to God I vowed that I would stay close to him and not allow satan to ever get his claws in me again, so I see now he is going after my family. My precious children. Please help me pray for the protection of their hearts and minds from satan's deceptions. And that their father and I could be the parents God intended for us to be.

Prayer Request

Carissa posted on 02/27/2014 08:20:59 AM

My mom, Cindy, is losing her eyesight slowly and needs surgery but she doesn't have health insurance. She and my dad have tried signing up for health care but the website keeps kicking them out. They can't afford the $200 monthly premium either. My dad's job, as an aid at a veterinary clinic, took away his health insurance when Obamacare came out so now he is looking for a better job, and one that pays more to cover healthcare premiums. If my mom doesn't get surgery she won't be able to work any longer - she is a home health aid for the state of TX but does not get benefits and only gets paid minimum wage. If she loses her job though, they will be in even worse financial trouble. They barely make enough to cover their mortgage, utilities, and groceries. I had hoped they could come to my wedding in April but they won't be able to travel with her failing eyesight and their money problems. Thank you for your prayers.

Prayer Request

debra harris posted on 02/27/2014 07:12:45 AM

I have a young girl living with me and I don't wanna put her out because she's got a 5 yr old daughter. please pray that she'll find somewhere else to live soon. thanks so much for your prayers

Prayer Request

September posted on 02/26/2014 11:24:11 AM

My arraignment has been postponed till April 3rd. I have to get a home and get my furbabies out of animal control. The dogs 6 out of 8 have kennel cough. The cats are now getting sick. I want to move back to Carroll County. God provided everything I needed to take care of my furbabies. I am asking for prayers for a home so I can get my furbabies back. That God sells or trades the land my sons own so I can get a place to live. That I can sell everything we were able to save so I can get a lawyer and have gas, pay my PO Box and storage unit. God knows what I need and He knows what He wants to happen. He knows I'm innocent of the untrue charges. Praying the pound and judge see this too. Praying my witnesses tell the truth. Praying I hear God clearly and have the wisdom, knowledge, and ability to do all He wants me to do. I praise God for each day. He shows me His Love.