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Prayer is a very important part of our ministry at The JOY FM. We pray for your needs each weekday. Note: Prayer requests will be approved and posted within 24 hours on weekdays.

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Prayer Request

Andrew posted on 01/04/2015 07:48:09 AM

Father, please use Your word to speak to my wife's heart. Whether she is at church, on Facebook, texting or watching TV remind her of her wedding vows and Your word on marriage. Fill her with the Holy Spirit and convict her for walking away from our marriage and family. Speak to her with Your still, soft voice and bring her heart to repentance. Make her more like you Father! I pray Psalm 38:4 over her today: My guilt overwhelms me - its a burden too heavy to bear. Please, soften her heart and open up a means of communication!

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 01/03/2015 3:56:53 PM

My mother Mary has been in the hospital for months and has stopped eating. Please pray that the lord gives her the strength to eat and to heal her before it is too late. Thank you, Praise Jesus

Prayer Request

Kathy posted on 01/03/2015 2:50:25 PM

Lord please heal and restore my marriage

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Melissa Fullington posted on 01/03/2015 10:34:36 AM

Please pray for my family and I my father passed away December 19, 2014 this has to be the hardest thing we have ever faced. His birthday is tomorrow the 4th he would have been 71 he lost his battle of cancer the Dr. gave us to the end of the year when we found out it had spread to his brain. Thank you

Prayer Request

Andrew posted on 01/03/2015 08:55:27 AM

Dear God please isolate my wife from the people and distractions of this world. Surround her with your presence and speak to her soul. Soften her heart and restore everything the enemy has killed, stolen and destroyed. Reveal yourself in her life and our marriage. Please move mountains and bring my wife home today. Praying for a miracle!

Prayer Request

Chelsey posted on 01/02/2015 2:24:35 PM

This week was a complete blessing talking to the woman I love and getting closer. I know she was really sick recently and just got back home so she needs her time to settle in and catch up after being gone for 3 weeks. I ask that God continues to break open her heart and pour my love in there and show her that I love her uncontionally and haven�t given up and here waiting for her. I ask for prayers that God takes out the bad influences and people from her life who say they love her but don�t mean it truly and those who don�t push her daily to be the best she can be. Pray that God gives me the strength to waiting and also the patience to wait till she is ready. God bless all of you and pray that God answers your prayers

Prayer Request

stephanie posted on 01/02/2015 10:32:46 AM

Please pray for my new marriage. We have both been married before. We want to make sure this marriage never fails and that we always stay true to god and put him first. Please pray for god's blessing on that and that he helps us make a STRONG family. Please lord keep away the past keep away any attacks against us from the enemy. We are new Christians and newly married. Please pray for anxiety and worries, for god to take care of us and for us to clearly see his hand in all this. To create a love and intimacy for each other we have never felt before in our lives. This world is so corrupt and we need help keeping on this narrow path. THANK YOU.

Prayer Request

Andrew posted on 01/02/2015 08:26:29 AM

Holy spirit correct my wifes heart and bring her to true repentance. Give her wisdom and discernment over the people and things she allows in her life. Father place Godly, married women in her path to speak the truth of your word as it relates to marriage. Place in her heart the desire to prioritize and pursue our marriage. Heal and restore what the enemy has taken... Please, don't allow him to steal another day.

Prayer Request

Robin posted on 01/01/2015 4:10:50 PM

Prayer desperately needed for former pastor, Ben, who has turned his back on God. We were married for 32 years, but after forgiving many "slip-ups", then an affair (and finding out there had actually been another affair with someone else before), I divorced him in Oct when I found out he was again in contact with "the woman." He was recently diagnosed as bipolar but is not receiving medication because he is doing drugs now. PLEASE pray that God will get through to his muddled mind. Then our 3 sons Daniel, David, and Jonathan all need to surrender their hearts to Christ. David is bipolar and has addiction issues but is in denial. Jonathan is seeking help for alcohol addiction. I have been praying for them for years and am now asking everyone I know to join me. NOW is the day of salvation! I need a boost of strength and encouragement - it gets dark and lonely at times.

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 01/01/2015 05:40 AM

Father god in heaven please help my family please save them and show them the way and keep them safe and healthy always, I need you so much please help its making me so sad they need you to set them free from strongholds and inequities. Please make it all better only you can. In Jesus name I pray amen.