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Prayer is a very important part of our ministry at The JOY FM. We pray for your needs each weekday. Note: Prayer requests will be approved and posted within 24 hours on weekdays.

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Prayer Request

Beth Ennis posted on 02/17/2017 09:21:29 AM

Please keep Alexis Dewberry in your prayers. shes the student from troup county with possible meningitis. Please pray for God to work through every nurse and doctor on the pediatric ICU floor in Atlanta and help them figure out what's wrong and for her to be able to come off of life support.

Prayer Request

Hadrian Sourdiffe posted on 02/16/2017 11:11:13 AM

pray for me and family that we move forward and with the grace of God we will get home again so we can have our own home

Prayer Request

Hadrian Sourdiffe posted on 02/15/2017 11:24:43 PM

please pray for me and my wife to move forward and help us to be able to have a home again and be a family

Prayer Request

Kim posted on 02/15/2017 10:28:33 PM

Please pray for my boyfriend Matt and I. He is having a hard time getting a permanent job and home expenses are getting to him. It's putting a strain on us and keeping him from taking us to the next level in a Christian relationship. Pray for his courage and strength and my patience. Thank you.

Prayer Request

Amy Reyes posted on 02/15/2017 6:14:57 PM

My prayer is for a family friend named Austin. My husband has known him for 10 years, 8 of which he was with a young woman that recently destroyed him emotionally. This young woman was his fiance a year on Valentine's Day. He found out on the 12th that she had been sleeping with a co-worker for the past 8 months. During these 8 months, Austin bought her the house she wanted. This house was one of the places this infidelity was committed. Austin is beyond torn up emotionally. He is stuck with this house, which is a constant reminder not only of her, but her actions. He needs prayer more than anything else.

Prayer Request

Misty Fagan posted on 02/15/2017 2:42:36 PM

Please pray for my father. He is 65 years old living on the streets & is a heroin addict. He is in bad health and is also a heavy drinker. Please pray for his safety & that he turns his life over to God.

Prayer Request

Rick Croley posted on 02/15/2017 11:39:54 AM

Please pray we are approved for a rental house we have applied for so we will have a place to live. Thank you.

Prayer Request

Darlene Ballard posted on 02/15/2017 08:10:34 AM

I've had severe shingles in my scalp, forehead, in between eyebrows and my right eye since the end of January. Please pray that I will have complete healing. All of these areas are completely numb. Please pray that my energy will return (coming off heavy meds), no damage to my eyes, no more headaches and my right ear would be healed from hurting. Thank you so much and God Bless You!

Prayer Request

Louie posted on 02/14/2017 10:42:07 PM

Help us Father-God the Granados family move from an apartment to house we are renting, we need your help to move to house that for sale Even though we're renters , that we can qualify to move to the house on Douglas Ave. Thank You Prayer Warriors

Prayer Request

Connie Hamby posted on 02/14/2017 5:30:46 PM

I posted a prayer request for my son about 2 years ago and I am thankful to say, God listened! Thank you for those that prayed for him. Now I am asking for prayer for his older sister...I know I should have come here first before reaching out to Dr Phil, but I didn't. I know in my heart prayer to the Father, will produce results before any other counselor here on earth. My daughter, Michaela is going on 20 years old. She was diagnosed with ODD (oppositional defiance disorder) and ADHD at the age of 3. Throughout raising her she has put our family through a lot. (physical and verball). she graduated high school and has been through 7 jobs. She has no respect for anyone and has been living in the streets for almost 2 years, hanging around crowds that can only pull her down. She admits to smoking weed, and I'm afraid it will lead to more. She has been home a few times just dropping in for laundry. I ask that you pray for God to change her heart, give her direction, respect for authority, and for her to mature. I am afraid she will end up pregnant or on a path to serious drugs.