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Prayer is a very important part of our ministry at The JOY FM. We pray for your needs each weekday. Note: Prayer requests will be approved and posted within 24 hours on weekdays.

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Anonymous posted on 04/30/2016 12:06:49 PM

Asking in the name of Jesus, for God to fully heal both of my parents from head to toe, and to extend their lives, filling them with peace, joy, more time with friends and family. Keep their minds alert! Don't let their lives be cut short before they are believers in Christ and have their names written in the lamb's book of life.

Prayer Request

M. Benterson posted on 04/30/2016 11:52:20 AM

God is so holy and unfathomably wiser than we could ever comprehend. PRAY PLEASE that Father God guide each of our children in all ways best for them, protect, heal, firmly establish them in God's <3 And for God to do that please in my life and my husband's life. Young daughter desires to play division 1 women's basketball and, unless God has something different in mind for her, please pray He firmly places her on a fast track for this and blesses her in every way necessary for this to become a reality. Right coaches, excellent playing time, confidence, injury free, right stats....actually, I really don't know all that would be needed, but God does. Pray her grandpa lives to see this reality and share in the joy.

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 04/30/2016 08:24:05 AM

Please continue to pray for teen and his family. He is a freshman at Northgate High School in Newnan. He had an accident while in gym class many months ago. He has been in and out of the hospital. He has been released from the hospital but still has his trach tube in. He underwent surgery this week to remove the tube but his throat is still very swollen. He will undergo another surgery in 3 weeks.

Prayer Request

Sean in Silicon Valley, CA, USA posted on 04/29/2016 4:09:18 PM

Please pray for the Lord's grace, mercy, healing, salvation, peace, protection, and all that�s good from God above for: the USA (Washington D. C., California, Sacramento and Silicon Valley, CA), Israel and Jerusalem, the Body of Christ, Valley Church Cupertino in fullness, all the Lord's churches / groups / ministries world-wide, for me (Sean) and my family and relatives, and all of mankind as the Lord wills. Amen, thank you. Please also pray for the Lord�s complete healing (even quick physical healing) and pain / anxiety relief for: me (Sean) and all my family and relatives, Walter O., Doe and family, John Jr., Judy A., Judy T., for all who belong to the Lord (all who are with us), and all of mankind as the Lord wills. Amen, thank you.

Prayer Request

Wendy Hill posted on 04/29/2016 10:56:04 AM

Please pray for a broken father who's adult child was killed during road rage. He was shot in the head. As of today the killer is not in jail and is on the streets living his life. We are praying that justice will be done during the upcoming court hearings.

Prayer Request

Lori posted on 04/29/2016 07:26:29 AM

Please pray for healing for my husband Lee. He needs surgery on his leg to correct a serious problem. We are waiting on insurance to approve.

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Carmen Evans posted on 04/29/2016 07:25:52 AM

Seven-year-old Drew Brannan is in a battle for his life against cancer. During the last few days his condition has deteriorated and he is in urgent need of prayer. He was diagnosed with lymphoma several months ago and has been undergoing chemotherapy. Please pray and ask God to restore him to good health and to his family and friends.

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Anonymous posted on 04/29/2016 12:19:46 AM

Substance Abuse

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 04/28/2016 10:18:49 PM

Please pray for my family. My mom cheated on my dad , and even though it took a while , he forgave her and tried to start things over , but we know that she still texts and calls him(the man she cheated with) when we're not around . We're going through a rough time , and I don't know what to do . I am the oldest child, so when my brother and sister look at me I try to stay strong , but deep inside I'm heart broken to see my father suffer so much , he prays everyday, as well as us kids . We want our old mother back and a more united family . We want to see them back together and happy again, please pray for us , and may God bless you !

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 04/28/2016 06:37:20 AM

Please pray for my father, my sister, and my stepmom. My sister is 21, has a 1-yr-old son, and has been living with my father & stepmom since the baby was born. She's not getting along well with the family and emotions are high. Dad went to our church for counsel yesterday and it was decided that it was time to nudge my sister out of the nest and have her take on independence, as well as move out by Oct. 31st. The staff member at church offered to help present this information to her, and I strongly recommended that all three of them meet with him and just put every hurt and emotion out on the table so they can re-build the relationship and start to move forward. Please pray for wisdom and protection for all involved. We fear that my sister may make a decision out of anger that will push away those that love her and possibly put herself and her son in a bad situation. Thank you!