Wish 9 - Nicky & Family

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30 wishes - Wish #9

Nicky & Family - Target Shopping Spree

April 2016

Wish 9 was a surprise for second-grader Nicky and his family. Nicky's teacher wished for groceries, new clothes and toys for the family. The family of six has struggled with homelessness, yet they have been dilligent in school, even when work and school required taking the City bus.

After a celebration with Nicky's entire family, we hopped into The JOY FM van and headed to Target for a shopping spree for clothes, toys and a few more surprises!
Dave, Bill and Carmen meet Ms. S and Mr. G Listen>
Dave, Bill and Carmen meet Nicky and family, and go shopping. Listen>
Behind The Scenes, A little Hitch in our Get up! Listen>

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